How to Add STO Order Data to the SNP Transportation Report

Last Updated on March 1, 2021 by Shaun Snapp

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  • Adding STO Order Data to the SNP Transportation Report

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Adding the STO Order Date to the SNP Transportation Report

This document is designed to explain a request to add a field to the List of Outbound Deliveries. The VLO60 List of Outbound Deliveries is a frequently used view. One issue with this view is that while it provides the Delivery Date, no Delivery Creation Date can be added from the selection criteria view.

Upon review, it became apparent that the planners used the custom SNP Transportation Report. Placing the enhanced field into the SNP Transportation Report has the advantage of being much easier for IT to perform as it would be an enhancement to report rather than to an SAP transaction.

This date already exists on the DRP Detail Report as can be seen below:

This same field would have to be added to the following report:

The business has requested this enhancement for several reasons:

Reason 1

The first reason is to summarize the number of loads created by the Transportation Department and the warehouses. This ensures they are looking at the correct number of loads for a given day.

Reason 2

The second reason is to allow planners to know which shipments to focus on, which may be held up at the location for whatever reason. Without this date, it is much harder to pick up on problems. One of the main benefits of this view is that it is comprehensive, but it is less useful than it could be without the date. The order creation date can be found with different, more detailed views.

However, if this field were added, a planner could easily scan the list without going into these more detailed view transactions. Therefore, adding this field is a matter of saving time and enhancing the visibility in the system.