References for Brightwork Articles on SAP ERP

Last Updated on March 15, 2021 by Shaun Snapp

Executive Summary

  • These are the references that were used for our SAP ERP articles.

Learn why so few entities in the IT space include references in their work. 


This is the reference list for the SAP ERP articles, as well as interesting quotes from these references at Brightwork Research & Analysis.

Reference #1: Article Titled:

How to Understand SAP’s Comments on the Issue with GR Processing Time

Reference #2: Article Titled:

Why MPS is Misnamed in SAP ERP and APO

“Production and Inventory Control: Techniques and Principles 2nd Edition,” George Plossl, Prentice Hall, 1985

SCM 240 Training Manual

Master Production Schedule Stability Under Conditions of Finite Capacity – Schuster, Unahabhokha, Allen

Reference #3: Article Titled:

Was the SAP MRP Type Field Named Correctly?

Reference #4: Article Titled:

How to Understand KANBAN’s Connection to Supply Planning and KANBAN in SAP ERP

Reference #5: Article Titled:

How to Best Use the Product View, Planning Book and the Stock Requirements List

Production Planning in SAP APO (2nd Edition), Keller Dickersbach, SAP Press, 2010

Reference #6: Article Titled:

How to Understand SAP APO with ERP Location Types

SAP Training Manual: SCM 212