The Brightwork Research SAP SCM Expert Witness Lawsuit Support

Executive Summary

  • We are the only research entity that provides SAP SCM expert witness services.
  • We provide the most knowledgeable SAP SCM expert witness support.

About Our Research Focus

  • We are both a research entity that focuses on SAP and is a provider of SAP SCM expert witness services.

About SAP SCM Lawsuits

  • Most of the lawsuits deal with the promised versus actual functionality of these systems or the competence of the implementation company.
  • Typically the consulting company bears the brunt of the lawsuit. This is the agreement between SAP and their consulting partners, even if many of the issues are related to SAP’s software and to inaccurate claims made by SAP’s sales force.
  • The focus of these litigations is figuring out what was proposed by both SAP and the SAP consulting firm and what actually happened during the implementation.
  • SAP’s business model is to lock in customers to buy more SAP products. One area they lock in customers is also with support, which ends up delivering inferior value as we cover in the article Amazing Support Percentage Revenues of SAP and Oracle. and has an enormous mark-up as we cover in the article How to Not Waste Money on Oracle and SAP Support.

Providing excellent SAP SCM expert witness support means understanding all of the areas of the SAP SCM system and the implementation understanding of SAP SCM systems.

The SAP SCM Systems

SCM or supply chain management software lawsuits deal with lawsuits over software that controls forecasting, supply planning, inventory management, production planning, etc. SAP’s SCM products include SAP APO, SAP IBP, SAP EWM, and SAP TM. We have some of the most significant quantity and most detailed research on all SAP SCM applications, and this is also the most accurate information available anywhere. The following is just one example of many articles on SAP SCM topics How to Best Get Around Deployment Problems in SAP APO.

What Is Our Accuracy Based Upon?

Our accuracy is partly due to our knowledge and first-hand experience, second due to our network, and third due to our independence and lack of financial conflicts or corruption. We know the ins and outs of these systems from all of the critical dimensions, technical, functional, implementation, user-based, testing, IT management, etc.

We also combine this with SAP SCM implementation experience and implementation experience of other enterprise applications.