The Importance in Hiding The Speed of Takeover of US IT By Indians

Executive Summary

  • One of the important factors allowing the continuation of the takeover of US IT by Indians has been in hiding its speed.


The Indian takeover of US IT has been remarkably fast. And one of the ways that Indians and the hiring corporations have kept a pushback from occurring has been by hiding how fast and total the takeover has been.

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The Importance of Hiding the Speed of the Transformation

Companies that become strongly Indian hide that fact from both customers and the general public, and this leads to a considerable underestimation of the degree to which domestic companies are becoming strongly Indian. IT media seems to think this issue is not worth covering, and they represent the interests of the employing companies over the workers. Indians see this massive takeover of the US and Europe IT as a very positive development and as a success. However, every job consumed by an Indian worker is taken from a domestic worker. The reason being that India primarily offers workers. There is close to zero demand generated from India in IT.

How It Really Works

  1. Companies like Accenture or Deloitte do not sell consulting projects in India; they use Indian workers to displace domestic workers in the primary IT markets.
  2. This is the same modality of commerce, as is found in the Middle East in construction projects. Indian (and Pakistan) construction workers come over to various Middle East countries and displace workers in those countries. However, in those cases, the workers do not become Saudi or Dubai citizens. They eventually go back to India.

There is little “trade” between the primary IT markets; the primary IT markets are either importing Indian workers, who eventually become citizens or outsourcing work to Indian firms in India.

There is no getting around. These are jobs that would ordinarily be performed by domestic workers. Indian workers in the primary IT markets do not “make the pie bigger” for non-Indian workers. They take a slice out of the pie, and an increasingly large slice. And once that slice is received, it grows to a larger and large slice.


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