The Islamic Requirement to Perform Taqiyya and Lie to Non Muslims

Last Updated on August 23, 2021 by Shaun Snapp

Executive Summary

  • Muslims follow a strategy of lying to non-Muslims.
  • This lying strategy is common to many religions, but Islam may be the most explicit in calling for the practice to deceive non-believers.


Islam comes out and tells its followers to lie to non-Muslims. This is one of the many things that Muslims don’t want non-Muslims to know about. This directive is called Taquiyya.

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The Requirement to Perform Taqiyya

Lying to the Kafir is called Taqiyya, which is considered a virtue in Islam and is used to advance Islam’s cause. This, in part, explains why Muslims constantly lie to non-Muslims about Islam. Another reason is that educational levels in Islamic countries are low, and many Muslims have a very tenuous Islamic history grasp. As Muslim countries do not stop Islamic influence/interference into their educational systems, many Muslims are themselves misinformed about Islam’s history.

All religions lie to their followers. In my estimation, Islam provides the least accurate information about itself and its history.

This is why this video made by a non-Muslim is far more accurate than any video made by a Muslim on the topic of Islamic slavery. It is also why most Muslims are inferior sources of information on the topic of Islam.

Being a non-Muslim, Bill Warner can far more accurately explain the history of Islam than any Muslim. Muslims also face pressure and threats of violence to provide inaccurate and positively biased explanations of Islam’s history. 

Here is an example of Taqiyya in action. When the audience is non-Muslim, the Koran has only one version and has been perfectly preserved by Allah. However, when the audience is Muslim, now the reality is that there are multiple versions of the Koran. 

Caught Red Handed with Taqiyya

Naturally, once non-Muslims discovered taqiyya, Muslims had to say that it is not true or “Islamophobia.”

Observe this quote from Buzzfeed.

Levant was referencing a false interpretation of an obscure Islamic doctrine that has become a bedrock belief among anti-Muslim writers and activists, alt-right trolls, and even by current Trump cabinet member and former presidential candidate Ben Carson. Misinformation about taqiyya continues to surface in search results on Google and spreads widely on other platforms.

It is not false and not obscure, and it is not a misinterpretation. Furthermore, observe this testimony from two ex-Muslims.

It is stated in this video at the 27:45 minute mark that when both of these Muslims were children, they were taught that they needed to pretend they were friendly to non-believers, but that it was temporary, only until they would be able to strike out at non-believers. 

This is a very odd belief. And both of these Muslims had the same experiences as children. Where did these ideas come from? Let us look at the Islamic sources.

Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold forbidden that which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. – Quran 9:29

Isn’t that curious?

The same thing that these two Muslims said they were taught is explained in the Quoran. Furthermore, Islam has a 1400 year history of conquering societies and converting them to Islam. What other evidence is needed?

Let us go on with the quotes from the Buzzfeed article.

“I mean, 99.99% of Muslims don’t even understand what taqiyya is, but every alt-right Twitter troll is an expert on Islamic theology now, which is completely absurd,” he said.

They may or may not know exactly, but what evidence is there that 99.99% of Muslims have no idea what taqiyya is. But secondly, why does Islam need taqiyya when this is not a feature of other religions?

If it’s not taqiyya, then we need to come up with some reason, be it space aliens, or some other reason — or it is that Muslims are just by nature dishonest. Because one way or another, Muslims are constantly lying about Islam. And not only about Islam, but about other religions. For example, it is common for Muslims to refer to imperialism to describe European colonialism, but to frame the conquest by the Muslims as not conquest and not imperial. 

And there is another issue with this quote. Taqiyya is not obscure at all but is a not at all difficult to find feature of Islam. What is the general knowledge of Islam if only 00.01 or 1 out of 1000 Muslims are aware of what this is? This appears to propose that most Muslims are quite unknowledgeable of the basic ideas of their religion.

As for being a troll, the term troll is often used to apply to a person who provides information that one does not like. If the information is truthful, then the person cannot be categorized as a troll. Muslims are providing false information, and “trolls” are correcting them. They are using Islamic sources. They may not be “experts in Islamic theology.” However, one does not need to be an expert in theology to read verses from the Koran or Hadith and interpret them. This is further enhanced because those that are supposedly experts in Islamic theology are constantly lying to non-Muslims. Therefore, non-Islamic scholars are far more reliable sources of information on Islamic sources and quotes because they do not perform taqiyya. This website, or the Apostate Prophet or the website The Religion of Peace has far more accurate information on Islam than any website created by Muslims.

Observe this quote from an Islamic scholar, which is also taqiyya.

Mohammad Fadel, an expert on Islamic law at the University of Toronto, described taqiyya (and its many alternative spellings) as “a doctrine of prudential dissimulation” that arose from a time when Muslims were minorities in hostile societies. It instructed Muslims that hiding one’s faith could be permissible to escape persecution. It’s more closely associated with the Shiite branch of Islam, whose adherents are themselves often minorities within Muslim societies.

This is exactly what Muslims see in the societies they have immigrated to in the west. Therefore taqiyya applies. How are Muslims not a minority in western countries? How could western countries not be viewed as hostile to Islam. Western countries are opposed to everything Islam stands for, which is by Muslims perform the taqiyya.

The Circularity of Relying on Muslims or Muslim Scholars to Explain Taqiyya

There is a rather obvious circularity that these establishment journalists don’t seem to comprehend in quoting Muslims scholars when asking questions about the controversy or potentially damaging topics as it relates to Islam. This is the same thing as asking a bank robber if they did it, and then reporting that the bank robber said they didn’t. This shows how compliant western media becomes when writing about any PC topic. The journalist does not want to write that the practice of taqiyya is real and firmly established, and no doubt lets out a sigh of relief when they find a Muslim source that tells them taqiyya is not being performed, so they can publish the non-controversial article that they want to publish in the first place. 

Walking Through the Logical Steps

If you have a philosophy that specifically calls for lying to non-believers, and you as a non-believer go to a Muslim source, that furthermore know that you are publishing for an audience of both believers and non-believers, guess what the Muslim source is going to do? Yes, they practice the taqiyya in their response.

Do these journalists really not consider the possibility that Muslim scholars do not want the practice of taqiyya known by outsiders? These journalists could simply look at the history of Muslims and Muslim scholars lying about Islam to observe the practice of taqiyya, and then stop relying on Muslim scholars. However, in their deficient logic, and inability or lack of time allowed to perform research, they consider these to be “official sources.”

Thus the journalists enable the Muslim scholars to lie to large numbers of non-Muslims, serving as their megaphone.

How Muslims Practice Unceasing Lying About Islam

In our research into Islam, we found that Muslims lie so much that we frequently hand out our Golden Pinocchio Award for lying to Muslims in our articles about them. Practically speaking it is not relevant whether these lies are driven by taqiyya or by something else. In fact, we have out another Golden Pinocchio Award to Muslims who lie about the taqiyya (taqiyya about the taqiyya) in this article. 

Furthermore, if there is support for lying in Islamic texts, but the behavior does not match the text, then perhaps one can say that the instruction is not observed.

However, just the opposite is true. In our research, we found that Muslims unceasingly lie about their religion — this is to the point where we do not consider Muslim sources reliable. The best way to understand Muslim reasoning and Islamic sources is to interpret it oneself or rely on non-Muslim sources. There is virtually nothing more meaningless than the phrase “Muslims scholars think.”

Zakir Naik is one of the most popular Muslim scholars in the world. However, this explanation of something that is not even Islamic but is an attempt to undermine the theory of evaluation is filled with enormous incorrect assertions. 

There are multiple articles rated highly by Google, where the author did nothing more than take the words from Muslim scholars, without bothering to evaluate Muslims’ behavior. These are “high-quality sources,” according to Google.

Now observe the following quotation.

Islam uses the notion of taqiyya, where Muslims, consciously or unconsciously, hide their true opinion as they are not in the majority. If I ask a Muslim in the street what he thinks about homosexuality, he will either remain silent or give a politically correct answer. As the number of Muslims increases, even when they are not violent, the ideology of Islam will become more prominent and society will change. – Muslims

The penalty for homosexuality under Sharia is death. However, if the Muslim is in the minority, then he or she lies. They may say this is just a misunderstanding of Islam. Then, when they are in the majority, they say, “the penalty for homosexuality is death.” Therefore, what is the correct answer. To the Muslim mind, the answer depends upon the situation. If the Muslim needs to disarm the non-Muslim, then Islam accepts homosexuality. If the non-Muslim is in the minority now, the truth comes out.

Muslims will say when questioned what the penalty for homosexuality or apostasy and they might admit that it is death, but then say it is not in the western country where they reside, and so it is irrelevant. But then, at the same time that they want Sharia implemented in that western country.

Observe in this video at the 3:45 mark, a Muslim is asked why we already know the answer to, which is under Sharia, will apostasy be a criminal offense. The answer is the penalty for apostasy is death — with the clarification that the person is allowed time to consider whether they want to come back to Islam. However, this Muslim defects the question.

Here we are again, another all Islam is bad or evil discussion which has been done to death, unfortunately. I could say I became Muslim because I became educated. Its wrong to say I became educated, that is why I left Islam. I don’t accept the Victorian translation…I don’t.

At this point, another person on the panel states.

He will never admit to it.

He then states

There is no apostacy law in Islam.

Then another panel member states.

People are being killed around the world…there is something going on.

Then he states..

In post colonial secular states.


The only place where apostasy is punished is in Islamic states.

This Muslim is just straight-up lying, and it is obvious and beyond the pale. Is he performing the taqiyya? It sure seems like it. He then lies again that apostasy means “sedition or treason,” and then states under that definition, he does not agree with the translation. However, it is considered sedition or treason to leave Islam. This is part of the nearly unlimited word games that Muslims will play with non-Muslims. This is so dishonest it moves into some bizarre category. It is only Islam that seeks apostasy as sedition or treason, which is why it is only Islam that has the death penalty for apostasy. However, the term being discussed is apostasy, which is to leave Islam. This Muslim is tap dancing around because he knows that he does not want the western audience to know that Muslims kill people who give up Islam.

He is then asked to disavow a Muslim he is connected to who states the blood of the non-believer is haram, that homosexuality and apostasy should be punished by death, and he won’t do it. Right at this point, another panelist brings up taqiyya.

He will never answer that question (disavow) because he believes in a principle of tricking western audiences.

Yes, again, this is the taqiyya. And this is observed later in the video at the 16:09 mark, by two non-Muslims on the panel.

Do you understand those concerns, when people (Muslims) say one thing very reasonable on TV shows, but quite a different thing on Twitter. When people don’t give straight answers to questions.

And then a second commenter says.

And that is absolutely true because the Islamicists will never come out and say, there is a concept called taqiyya.

In this video, Ali Dawah is caught practicing taqiyya multiple times, even denying no-go zones which are firmly established in the UK and in Sweden. Just search YouTube for multiple videos on the topic. 

Muslims will lie in a debate with a westerner, and then go onto social media and contradict what they said when they see their audience as primarily Muslim.

Tomi Lauren makes the excellent point that Muslims call criticism of Islam hate speech, however, the Koran and Hadith can also be called hate speech. Here is just one example.

Allah will destroy them during the night and will the mountain fall on them, and he will transform the rest of them into monkeys and pigs and they will remain so until the Day of Resurrection – Sahih Bukhari 5590

Muslims Developing a Reputation as Being Liars

Muslims have been tricking non-Muslims for a long time now, and it is becoming noticed. Many people come away with the impression that Muslims either have low intelligence or they are completely deranged. Now that non-Muslims are beginning to become more aware of taqiyya, it is beginning to make more sense why Muslims are so quick to lie.

A Muslim brings up this point following the article.

I’ve since learned that the concept of “taqiyya” has taken hold in anti-Muslim circles to mean deception—that any Muslim can lie to non-Muslims if it means advancing some hypothetical Islamic global conquest. The term is often deployed to refute anything a Muslim tries to say. – Slate

The falsehood here is that the non-Muslim only appeals to their knowledge of taqiyya. This is not true. After the Muslim is caught in the lie (as the previous video showed), it is then used to explain why the Muslim is lying. And if you lie, and if your Islamic source states that you should lie to the non-believer, it makes perfect sense to do this.

What is Zakir Naik’s and Other Muslim’s Plan to Punish Muslim Critics

In this video, David Wood observes that Muslims should be jailed for the crime of criticizing Islam — when traveling to Muslim countries. How much further will Muslims take this strategy. Could Muslim countries lure individuals to countries with job offers or other opportunities and then have them arrested? 

In this video, Naik engages in the taqiyya, which means he advises that Muslims lie to non-Muslims and to “be nice to them” when the Muslim is in the minority. However, the Muslim would then report or record the statements by the non-Muslim. Then arresting the non-Muslim in the Muslim country where they would be punished for their earlier transgression.

Muslims receive our Golden Pinocchio Award for lying to non-believers as a normal course of hiding Islam’s reality from non-believers. 

How Lying Unifies All Religions

All religions lie about their history. The Catholic church lies about its child molestation. The Mormons lie about how Joseph Smith was killed and why. Scientology lies about how it steals from its followers and how top-level Scientologists travel the galaxy at light speed.

Lying is the default position of religions because to be religious means that one rejects evidence. Therefore, it should not be surprising that religions lie so much. There is no evidence for religion, yet the religious person does not follow the scientific approach and responding to the lack of evidence declares “I do not know,” but rather seeks to elaborate on the position of ignorance that they do know, and then seek to convince others of one of several unsubstantiated stories.

Scientist who is religious is rare, but who do have to twist themselves into logical pretzel using evidence to support a conclusion. Mayim Bialik holds a Ph.D. in the sciences and undoubtedly has a high I; however, lacks the thinking to recognize that evidence is required for all assertions, even those that are religious. 


There is little point in listening to Muslims on Islam. Muslims often claim to have superior knowledge about Islam to non-Muslims and accuse them of being ignorant. However, having domain expertise is not relevant if you are dedicated to lying to non-believers. Attorneys may know the law, but they are paid lie to advance their objectives and to get the best possible outcomes from their clients.

Muslims are directed to lie to any non-Muslim explicitly in the Koran, and they follow this directive, and it is very obvious they are doing so. This directive not only exists, but Muslims normally are lying about Islam when talking to non-Muslims, and we have caught them doing this and have documented these lies. The major issue is that some non-Muslims have become aware of taqiyya, but that most non-Muslims have no idea how much Muslims are lying to them. Virtually nothing Muslims tell non-Muslims about Islam is true. Just read the other articles at the end of this article to see case after case. constantly

Muslims can either claim to be entirely ignorant of the Islamic sources, or they can admit to lying about Islam to non-believers, however, there is not a rational third option.