The Islamic Requirement to Perform Taqiyya and Lie to Non Muslims

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Executive Summary

  • Muslims follow a strategy of lying to non-Muslims as laid out by Mohammed.
  • This lying strategy is common to many religions, but Islam may be the most explicit in calling for the practice to deceive non-believers.


Islam comes out and tells its followers to lie to non-Muslims. This is one of the many things that Muslims don’t want non-Muslims to know about.

This lying directive is called Taqiyya and it is one reason why the information provided by Muslims about Islam has such low accuracy.

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The Requirement to Perform Taqiyya

Lying to the Kafir is called Taqiyya, which is considered a virtue in Islam and is used to advance Islam’s cause. Islam has no concept of being truthful to non-Muslims. What is generally not understood why is that Islam is one of the most extreme forms of in group supremacy that I have researched.

Why Muslims Only See Themselves as Lying to People Who Are “Lower Than Dogs of Pigs or Dried Excrement”

Islam sees itself in perpetual jihad (struggle) against the Kafir. Kafirs are considered lower than dogs or pigs and it is protected under Sharia law to rape them, and even to murder them. Therefore, lying to them is of course small potatoes. This following quote shows the distain for the infidel.

Thus, a Muslim who kills an infidel, including a dhimmi, will not be killed in turn, when the Muslim is not a habitual killer of infidels. Wasa’il al Shi’a Vol. 19, pg 79-81

“It may even [be said that] they [i.e. dhimmis] are worse than dogs, pigs, or dried excrement and similar things; even if we [theoretically] deem it permissible for these objects to be allowed in them [i.e. mosques], but not these [i.e. dhimmis].”

If Muslims consider non-Muslims to be lower than excrement — then obviously it’s not much of a next step to lie to them. It should be said that I don’t think that all Muslims think like this on a daily basis. However, these are the teachings of Islam.

How a Kafir, Dr. Bill Warner Is One of the Best Sources of Information on Islam

The normality of lying about Islam by Muslims is why this video made by a non-Muslim is far more accurate than any video made by a Muslim on the topic of Islamic slavery. It is also why most Muslims are unreliable sources of information on Islam.

Being a non-Muslim, Bill Warner can far more accurately explain the history of Islam than any Muslim. Muslims do not want Kafirs to understand all of Islam as it is repellant. Muslims also face pressure and threats of violence to provide inaccurate and positively biased explanations of Islam’s history. 

This video is also very well explains taqiyya. Other videos that explain taqiyya accurately have been taken down from YouTube. YouTube considers videos that are accurate about Islam as hate speech and a violation of its community guidelines. It is amazing to see that Islam has been allowed to engage in censorship in countries where they are a tiny minority. 

Seeing Taqiyya in Action

Here is an example of Taqiyya in action. When the audience is non-Muslim, the Koran has only one version and has been perfectly preserved by Allah. However, when the audience is Muslim, the reality is that there are multiple versions of the Koran. 

Caught Red Handed with Taqiyya

Naturally, once non-Muslims discovered taqiyya, Muslims had to say that it was not true or “Islamophobia.”

Observe this quote from Buzzfeed.

Levant was referencing a false interpretation of an obscure Islamic doctrine that has become a bedrock belief among anti-Muslim writers and activists, alt-right trolls, and even by current Trump cabinet member and former presidential candidate Ben Carson.

It is not a false interpretation. There are not multiple interpretations of the taqiyya. Muslims do not want taqiyya understood as it is destructive to their credibility. So following the taqiyya — they also lie about the taqiyya.

Misinformation about taqiyya continues to surface in search results on Google and spreads widely on other platforms.

It is not false and not obscure, and it is not a misinterpretation; notice that none of the details of taqiyya are addressed in the above quote. Instead, the argument is simply a personal attack. Those who lie about taqiyya make sure to keep out the details from their contradiction. Furthermore, Muslims will always like Islam when the topic is something that will make Islam look bad. Therefore, taqiyya is not only part of Islamic documented doctrine, it is an easily observed pattern by Muslims. This would be a bit like a bank robber whose plans are uncovered about robbing his next bank, then being caught robbing the same bank they documented they planned to rob, and then critiquing the discovery of documented plans to rob the bank as being unfair.

How Core is Taqiyya to Islam?

The taqiyya is a bedrock principle of Islam.

What Ex-Muslims Say About Taqiyya?

Observe this testimony from two ex-Muslims.

It is stated in this video at the 27:45 minute mark that when both of these Muslims were children, they were taught that they needed to pretend they were friendly to non-believers, but that it was temporary, only until they would be able to strike out at non-believers. Islam teaches children to hate the Kafir. 

Amazing — how, according to Muslims, they are taught to practice taqiyya.

Both of these Muslims had the same experiences as children. Where did these ideas come from? We now have the following.

  1. Documentation from Muslims proposing taqiyya.
  2. Ex-Muslims who tell us that they are told to practice taqiyya.
  3. A repeated observed pattern of Muslims lying to non-Muslims about Islam.

Google Bends to Muslim Pressure to Censor Non-Muslim Explanations of the Taqiyya

Muslims have appealed to Google to push up Muslim false information on the taqiyya and to push down more accurate explanations of taqiyya, which Google has promptly done as is explained in the article How Google Censors Accurate Results About the Muslim Practice of Taqiyya or Lying to Non-Believers.

All of this is making it increasingly difficult to find accurate information about the taqiyya.

What Happens When Muslims Do Not Practice Taqiyya?

At the 1:00 mark in this video is a Muslim not practicing the taqiyya and telling a non-Muslim what they believe. That is any Muslim is only obligated to follow rules if they are Islamic, and any non-Muslim who promotes any rules can “go to hell.” Will Google delete this video — and the Muslim in that section of the video is saying something that makes Islam look bad. Google’s standards about what is available to be shown to the public have nothing to do with what is true, and everything to do with whether Islam is presented in the best possible light. 

This brings up another question for non-Muslim countries that have allowed Muslims to immigrate to their countries. Did the politicians in these countries know that Muslims do not feel obligated to follow the rules of that country as the rules are not Islamic?

Why No One Needs a Muslim to Understand Islam

The Islamic sources are available and translated into English and other languages. There is no need to go through a Muslim to find out what is true about Islam.

Let us look at Islamic sources.

Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold forbidden that which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. – Quran 9:29

Isn’t that curious?

The same thing that these two Muslims said they were taught is explained in the Quran.

Hmmm….are you getting the feeling that Muslims are lying about a number of things.

Let us go on with the quotes from the Buzzfeed article.

“I mean, 99.99% of Muslims don’t even understand what taqiyya is, but every alt-right Twitter troll is an expert on Islamic theology now, which is completely absurd,” he said.

Only One Out of a Thousand Muslims Have Ever Heard of Taqiyya?

That is what 99.99% comes out to — 1 out of a thousand Muslims.

Now, they may or may not know exactly, but what evidence is there that 99.99% of Muslims have no idea what taqiyya is?

In the earlier video, Yasmine Mohammed seemed to have been taught very well what the taqiyya is when she was a child. And her siblings were was well.

This deceptive argument seems to try to cope with the fact that what is stated in the Muslim documents about the taqiyya is incontrovertible, therefore, the only defense is that the taqiyya is not practiced because virtually no Muslims know what it is. Again, this is practicing taqiyya about the taqiyya.

But secondly, why does Islam need taqiyya when this is not a feature of other religions?

Naturally, the taqiyya will be presented as absurd, by Muslims who are practicing the taqiyya.

Question #1: What Else Would Explain The Constant Lying by Muslims Constantly About Islam?

One way or another, Muslims are constantly lying about Islam. And not only about Islam but about other religions.

For example, it is common for Muslims to refer to imperialism to describe European colonialism, but to frame the conquest by the Muslims as not conquest and not imperialism. When Muslims conquered areas and stole their intellectual accomplishments, they refer to this as the Golden Age of Islam, as we cover in the article How Accurate is the Standard Presentation of the Islamic Golden Age?

Why do I find unending lies by Muslims when I research Islam, and when I receive comments from Muslims who are unhappy with my articles if taqiyya is something only 1 out of a thousand Muslims have ever heard of?

The Nazis attacked a lot of countries and stole their art, but we don’t call this the “Golden Age of Nazism.” However, Muslims do this for their societies. The curious thing is how non-Muslims have allowed Muslims to frame their religion in such deceptive frameworks, without pushing back on Muslim falsehoods.

Question #2: Are Those That Describe the Taqiyya Alt-Right?

As for those that describe the taqiyya as alt-right trolls I am certainly not alt-right. However, you don’t have to be alt-right to be concerned about Islam and notice a pattern of lying on the part of Muslims. Any person who is not PC and has a functioning brain, and the ability to read should come to a similar conclusion.

Question #3: Are Those That Describe the Taqiyya Trolls?

The term “troll” is often used to apply to a person who provides information that one does not like and is just trying to instigate. If the information is truthful, then the person cannot be categorized as a troll. Muslims are providing false information, and “trolls” are correcting them. The use of the term troll is simply to personally attack the person providing the truth, but information Muslims do not want people to know. Personal attacks and emotional pleas are really about all that Muslims have to offer in terms of argumentation. Also, it makes little sense to spend time debating someone who considers anyone who does not share their religion to be lower than excrement. I don’t enjoy interacting with people who consider me lower than excrement and think that they have a celestial obligation and right to lie to me.

This is also why I recommend against traveling to Muslim countries. I have traveled to several in my life, and they are quite uncivilized. A few countries like Malaysia or Indonesia are okay to travel to, but overall, Islam is a negative for any country. If you look at the number one desire of Muslims around the world, it is to move to a Christian country that is run by whites. That begs the question of why that is the case.

Question #4: Does One Have to be an Expert in Muslim Theology to Understand the Taqiyya?

I am not an “expert in Islamic theology,” but I have performed much more research into Islam and know more about it than the vast majority of Muslims. However, one does not need to be an expert in theology to read verses from the Koran or Hadith and interpret them.

Secondly, those supposed experts in Islamic theology are constantly lying to non-Muslims about Islam. This is called a bias.

Therefore, non-Islamic scholars are far more reliable sources of information on Islamic sources and quotes because they do not perform taqiyya. This website, or the Apostate Prophet or the website The Religion of Peace has far more accurate information on Islam than any website created by Muslims.

More On the Taqiyya

Observe this quote from an Islamic scholar, which is also taqiyya.

Mohammad Fadel, an expert on Islamic law at the University of Toronto, described taqiyya (and its many alternative spellings) as “a doctrine of prudential dissimulation” that arose from a time when Muslims were minorities in hostile societies.

It instructed Muslims that hiding one’s faith could be permissible to escape persecution. It’s more closely associated with the Shiite branch of Islam, whose adherents are themselves often minorities within Muslim societies.

This is exactly what Muslims see in the societies they have immigrated to in the west. Therefore taqiyya applies. How are Muslims not a minority in western countries? How could western countries not be viewed as hostile to Islam. Western countries are opposed to everything Islam stands for, which is by Muslims performing the taqiyya.

And this quote completely leaves out that Muslims persecute non-Muslims whenever they have the opportunity. This is how Islam spread. This is more false information from a Muslim on the taqiyya.

The Circularity of Relying on Muslims or Muslim Scholars to Explain Taqiyya

There is a rather obvious circularity that these establishment journalists don’t seem to comprehend in quoting Muslims scholars when asking questions about the controversy or potentially damaging topics as it relates to Islam. This is the same thing as asking a bank robber if they did it, and then reporting that the bank robber said they didn’t. This shows how compliant western media becomes when writing about any Muslim topic. The journalist does not want to write that the practice of taqiyya is real and firmly established, and no doubt lets out a sigh of relief when they find a Muslim source that tells them that the taqiyya is “obscure” and “99.99% of Muslims don’t know what it is,” so they can publish the non-controversial article that they want to publish in the first place. 

Thus the journalists enable the Muslim scholars to lie to large numbers of non-Muslims, serving as their megaphone.

How Muslims Practice Unceasing Lying About Islam

In our research into Islam, we found that Muslims lie so much that we frequently hand out our Golden Pinocchio Award for lying to Muslims in our articles about them. Practically speaking it is not relevant whether these lies are driven by taqiyya or by something else. In fact, we have out another Golden Pinocchio Award to Muslims who lie about the taqiyya (taqiyya about the taqiyya) in this article. 

Ignoring What “Muslim Scholars Think”

The best way to understand Muslim reasoning and Islamic sources is to interpret it oneself or rely on non-Muslim sources. There is virtually nothing more meaningless than the phrase “Muslims scholars think.”

Zakir Naik is one of the most popular Muslim scholars in the world. However, this explanation of something that is not even Islamic but is an attempt to undermine the theory of evaluation is filled with enormous incorrect statements. 

There are multiple articles rated highly by Google, where the author did nothing more than take the words from Muslim scholars, without bothering to evaluate Muslims’ behavior. These are “high-quality sources,” according to Google.

Getting Real on Taqiyya

Now observe the following quotation.

Islam uses the notion of taqiyya, where Muslims, consciously or unconsciously, hide their true opinion as they are not in the majority. If I ask a Muslim in the street what he thinks about homosexuality, he will either remain silent or give a politically correct answer. As the number of Muslims increases, even when they are not violent, the ideology of Islam will become more prominent and society will change. – Muslims

The penalty for homosexuality under Sharia is death.

However, if the Muslim is in the minority, then he or she lies. They may say this is just a misunderstanding of Islam. Then, when they are in the majority, they say,

“the penalty for homosexuality is death.”

Therefore, what is the correct answer? To the Muslim mind, the answer depends upon the situation. If the Muslim needs to disarm the non-Muslim, then Islam accepts homosexuality. In any case, Muslims cannot enforce the death penalty when in the minority.

If the non-Muslim is in the majority, the truth then comes out.

Muslims, when questioned what the penalty for homosexuality or apostasy and they might admit that it is death, but then say it is not in the western country where they reside, and so it is irrelevant. But then, at the same time that they want Sharia implemented in that western country.

This technique is shown in the following video.

Observe in this video at the 3:45 mark, a Muslim is asked why we already know the answer to, which is under Sharia, will apostasy be a criminal offense? The answer is the penalty for apostasy is death — with the clarification that the person is allowed time to consider whether they want to come back to Islam. However, this Muslim defects the question. He knows that if he tells the truth, it will make Islam look bad. 

Observe the quote.

Here we are again, another all Islam is bad or evil discussion which has been done to death, unfortunately. I could say I became Muslim because I became educated. Its wrong to say I became educated, that is why I left Islam. I don’t accept the Victorian translation…I don’t.

At this point, another person on the panel states.

He will never admit to it.

He then states

There is no apostacy law in Islam.

Then another panel member states.

People are being killed around the world…there is something going on.

Then he states..

In post colonial secular states.


The only place where apostasy is punished is in Islamic states.

This Muslim is just lying as all Muslims will do, and are trained to do, and it is obvious and beyond the pale.

Is he performing the taqiyya? It sure seems like it.

He then lies again that apostasy means “sedition or treason,” and then states under that definition, he does not agree with the translation. However, it is considered sedition or treason to leave Islam.

This is all part of the nearly unlimited word games that Muslims will play with non-Muslims. It is only Islam that sees apostasy (giving up the faith) as sedition or treason (although many religions think that non-believers burn for eternity in hell), which is why it is only Islam that has the death penalty for apostasy. However, the term being discussed is apostasy, which is to leave Islam. This Muslim metaphorically tap-dances around the topic of apostasy because he knows that he does not want the Western audience to know that Muslims kill people who give up Islam.

He is then asked to disavow a Muslim he is connected to who states the blood of the non-believer is haram, that homosexuality and apostasy should be punished by death —- and he won’t do it.

Right at this point, another panelist brings up taqiyya. See this quote.

He will never answer that question (disavow) because he believes in a principle of tricking western audiences.

Yes, again, this is the taqiyya.

And this is observed later in the video at the 16:09 mark, by two non-Muslims on the panel.

Do you understand those concerns, when people (Muslims) say one thing very reasonable on TV shows, but quite a different thing on Twitter. When people don’t give straight answers to questions.

And then a second commenter says.

And that is absolutely true because the Islamicists will never come out and say, there is a concept called taqiyya.


Using the Taqiyya on the Topic of UK No Go Zones

In this video, Ali Dawah is caught practicing taqiyya multiple times, even denying no-go zones, which are exceedingly well-established in the UK and in Sweden. You can find the evidence for this on YouTube where there are multiple videos on the topic. It is part of jihad to section off areas of the Kafir’s country and prevent them from going there. This is how Islam spreads.

Muslims in the UK also have very high birth rates, and use the dole to pay for these children.

The UK is paying to have its country taken over by Muslims who after arriving serve as massive parasites on the UK social net. The thing that the UK government never figured out is that Muslims do not hold work to be a priority.

Muslims will lie in the beginning to get entry to a country, but the eventual goal is always the same, to convert the UK into an Islamic society. That is to convert it into a society these Muslims could not wait to get away from.

After this is accomplished, the strategy will be to erase the history in the UK before the Islamic takeover. This has happened in many societies that are now 100% Muslim. Islam eventually runs out all other religions and never stops practicing jihad until the entire area becomes Muslim.

The Constant Contradictions of Muslims

Muslims will frequently lie in a debate with a Westerner, and then go onto social media and contradict what they said when they see their audience as primarily Muslim. This brings up the question of whether there is even the concept of telling the truth as a virtue in Islam. According to the Prophet Mohammed (may peace be upon him), any lie that advances Islam is justified.

Muslims Call All Criticism of Islam Hate Speech

Referring back to the video, Tomi Lauren makes the excellent point that Muslims call criticism of Islam hate speech, however, the Koran and Hadith and Sira contain some of the most hateful speech you will ever read.

Time for The Infidel to Have a Mountain Fall on Them and Be Transformed into Monkeys and Pigs

According to Dr. Bill Warner, this Islamic Trilogy has more anti-semitic speech than Mein Kampf.

Here is just one example.

Allah will destroy them during the night and will the mountain fall on them, and he will transform the rest of them into monkeys and pigs and they will remain so until the Day of Resurrection – Sahih Bukhari 5590

How Can Muslims Accuse Others of Hate Speech?

The combination of extreme violence and violent speech is why Muslims never recommend non-Muslims read the Sira. At the end of one battle, Mohammed’s warriors chopped off the heads of 800 Jews.

All of this was endorsed by Allah — at least according to the Prophet Mohammed (may peace be upon him).

(Video Removed by YouTube)

Muslims have enormous power over YouTube. Google continually censors accurate content on Islam under pressure from Muslims and Muslim groups. This makes sense as Muslims believe that every society needs to agree with Islam. 

This violence continues to the present day. If you hear a story of a man cutting off his wife’s head and carrying it around with him and showing people, that event will have occurred in a Muslim country.

  • Did I have to be a member of the alt-right to call out decapitating people is a Muslim thing?
  • Does that make me a troll or can any normal person with a functioning brain figure this out?

Muslims Developing a Reputation as Being Liars

Muslims have been tricking non-Muslims for a long time now, and it is becoming noticed. Many people come away with the impression that Muslims either have low intelligence or they are completely deranged. Now that non-Muslims are beginning to become more aware of taqiyya, it is beginning to make more sense why Muslims are so quick to lie.

A Muslim brings up this point following the article.

I’ve since learned that the concept of “taqiyya” has taken hold in anti-Muslim circles to mean deception—that any Muslim can lie to non-Muslims if it means advancing some hypothetical Islamic global conquest. The term is often deployed to refute anything a Muslim tries to say. – Slate

Well…that makes sense, doesn’t it? Muslims have a doctrine of taqiyya, and then are caught practicing taqiyya — which leads to a reduction in credibility and Muslims becoming widely considered (although not by enlightened liberals) as dishonest. What part am I missing here from the natural events?

If you state that all Kafirs are lower than dogs and pigs and can be raped and murdered without consequence, and then that any lie that advances Islam is positive, then why should anyone listen to a Muslim on the topic if Islam?

Is the fact that Muslims have a specific strategy for lying to Kafirs so they can deceive them and cause them to lower their guard supposed to enhance their credibility?

What is Zakir Naik’s and Other Muslim’s Plan to Punish Muslim Critics

(Video Removed by YouTube)

Muslims have enormous power over YouTube. Google continually censors accurate content on Islam under pressure from Muslims and Muslim groups. This makes sense as Muslims believe that every society needs to agree with Islam. 

In this video, David Wood observes that according to Zakir Naik, Muslims should be jailed for the crime of criticizing Islam — when traveling to Muslim countries. How much further will Muslims take this strategy. Could Muslim countries lure individuals to countries with job offers or other opportunities and then have them arrested? Nearly all of the Muslim countries in the world have blasphemy laws with serious consequences. A man was just recently given 10 years in prison for making statements that question Islam in Egypt. I was sent a threatening letter by the government of Pakistan for the articles on Islam that I have on my site, even though I don’t live in Pakistan and I am not subject to the laws of Islam. 

In the above video, Naik explains the taqiyya, which means he advises that Muslims lie to non-Muslims and to “be nice to them” when the Muslim is in the minority. However, the Muslim would then report or record the statements by the non-Muslim. Then arresting the non-Muslim in the Muslim country where they would be punished for their earlier transgression.

Again, what am I missing here? That is the absolute extreme of deception and unethical behavior. It is absolutely vile — however, the more one studies Islam, the more it is made clear that Muslims are generally in favor of the most vile behavior.

Muslims receive a second Golden Pinocchio Award for lying to non-believers as a normal course of hiding Islam’s reality from non-believers. 

Muslims Tell Non-Muslims That Taqiyya Does Not Exist

This video was produced by a Muslim organization to try to deflect from taqiyya and call all people who talk about taqiyya Islamophobes.

This video never addresses the question of whether Muslims commonly lie. Instead, it states that others have also been accused of lying. That is not evidence that Muslims do not lie about their religion. It is exceedingly easy to find examples of Muslims lying about Islam. See this video. In it, David Wood shows how Muslim scholars change their answers to Muslim questions depending on how much the questioner knows about Islam.

(Video Removed by YouTube)

Muslims have enormous power over YouTube. Google continually censors accurate content on Islam under pressure from Muslims and Muslim groups. This makes sense as Muslims believe that every society needs to agree with Islam. 

When it is a kafir, they say that child marriage is forbidden in Islam. Then when it is a Muslim, they say that there is no minimum age for marriage. These examples are commonly found among Muslims.

This has ruined the credibility of Muslims with me personally. Muslims want to lie and to be caught lying, and then accuse those that call them out on lying as being Islamophobic.

How Lying About One’s Religion Unifies All Religions

All religions lie about their history. The Catholic church lies about what is contained in the Bible.

This video explains how in order to write a family-friendly game show that could be put on television, most of the Bible needed to be excluded. This is the same technique used by Christians of all denominations to provide their followers (and non-believers) with a highly inaccurate version of their original texts. 

The Mormons lie about how Joseph Smith was killed and why. Scientology lies about how it steals from its followers and how it teaches those that complete all of the levels of their teaching to travel the cosmos with just their consciousness.

Lying is the default position of religions because to be religious means that one rejects evidence. Therefore, it should not be surprising that religions lie so much. There is no evidence for religion, yet the religious person does not follow the scientific approach and responding to the lack of evidence declares “I do not know,” but rather seeks to elaborate on the position of ignorance that they do know, and then seek to convince others of one of several unsubstantiated stories.

A religious scientist, as in truly practicing, is rare, but who does have to twist themselves into a logical pretzel using evidence to support a conclusion? Mayim Bialik holds a Ph.D. in the sciences and undoubtedly has a high IQ; however, she lacks the thinking to recognize that evidence is required for all assertions, even religious ones. 

However, a major distinction between Islam and other religions is that Islam has specific advice to lie to the kafir. And this is told to all Muslims.


There is little point in listening to Muslims on Islam. Muslims often claim to have superior knowledge about Islam to non-Muslims and accuse them of being ignorant. However, first, most Muslims don’t know that much about Islam. But secondly, having domain expertise is not relevant if you are dedicated to lying to non-believers. Attorneys may know the law, but they are paid to advance their objectives and get the best possible outcomes from their clients. Defense attorneys are not good sources of information as to whether their clients are guilty, nor are prosecuting attorneys.

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