The Indian IT Survey Results on Indian Discrimination in IT Part 3

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Executive Summary

  • We have been running a survey on the website for some time.
  • Here are the results of the survey on Indian discrimination.


This is part 3 of the results of this survey. To see part 2 with the introduction, see the article at this link.

Comment #73: Indians as Inherently Discriminatory

The Indian Caste System and Tribal Disputes

The caste system, historical tribal disputes, the highest concentration of human trafficking in the world, even gypsies are Indian descent, and it just goes on and on. Their cultural biases are brought with them to western countries. They believe it is how to be/act. It sucks the damage they have caused. Indians have been enforcing the caste system in the US and in the EU.

Comment #74: Someone Pulling Our Leg?

I am white, but I admire the Indian community very much. I wish for my country (USA) to become majority-Indian.” H1B coworkers and greedy management, please don’t fall trap on their ‘niceness’. Understand that, management is not on your side (hopefully, our government would soon). Please don’t let them define who we are.

Comment #75: Moving Jobs Over to India?

I have just read a post from a guy who did not even have higher education, and the company provided training for him. This is the second team for me already that is disbanded and then recreated in India.

Low Quality Indian Development?

Everything developed there is terribly low quality, but because the US management is Indian too, they hide it from the board of directors. The tech companies grow on a promise fueled by monetary stimulus, and everybody is happy. But when you look at it from inside, you see how the industry is rotting.”

Comment #76: Indian Recruiters?

Our of Control Recruiters?

When I have actually worked with Indian coworkers at various jobs, the experience has been fine overall. There have been some exceptions, but they have generally been good-natured, friendly people, who are competent, if not exceptionally so. What really bothers me is that lately, most of the recruiting contact emails I seem to get have been from people from India (the name is Indian, even though the contact details claim that they are located somewhere in the U.S.). Most of the time, the job description isn’t anywhere close to my resume or experience, often with a completely different job title. Even if it is somewhat close, the email doesn’t pass the smell test. Information missing.

Emails From Indian Recruiters

It looks like a generic script where the person didn’t even fill in their name, i.e., “”Hello, my name is, and I am working with XYZ talent recruiting firm.”” I can’t believe that a legitimate recruiting company with actual job offers would be so sloppy. I just made my profile on Monster invisible because every single contact I was getting from there is garbage. Now I’m even beginning to get them from LinkedIn.

It is so discouraging. I cannot believe that there is not some way to detect these fraudulent operators and filter them out. I can’t figure out how or why a company like Monster, once the biggest of the online job search giants, would benefit from all of this nonsense that destroys their credibility. It seems as if there is no motivation to preserve any integrity in the recruiting industry as a whole. It makes the process of trying to find work all that much more painful and frustrating.”

Comment #77: Don’t Let Indian In?

Don’t Let Indians Into Countries?

Should NOT let the Indians 🇮🇳 into the international Jobs Communities. Ban all Indians 🇮🇳 & South Asian Countries from entering any Country around the world 🗺️ .

Comment #78: Indians as a Type of Pandemic?

I have worked in IT since 1992, this issue is a pandemic unto itself.

Comment #79: Infiltrating Multiple Areas

Indians Infiltrating Multiple Areas?

Unfortunately, it isn’t just IT they have infiltrated and made developed countries reliant on their manpower. In Australia and Singapore, its f&b, IT, professional services, medicine, etc. If they can get a job in any developed country of their choice, they get in and pave the way to bring in their dependents (who also take jobs away from locals), parents (free childcare), and relatives.

No Attempts at Integration?

There also has been a superficial level or no attempts at integration made by such waves of immigrants as they seek to form their communities.

Must Speak Hindi?

Many jobs also require Indian languages like Hindi not because clients are in the Indian market but because staff cannot speak English at a functional level. Even language proficiency degrees are faked.

Cheating Academically?

They get into local universities (another entry path for settling in the developed countries) such that 25% of uni placements go to foreigners, predominantly to Indians in Singapore. It is pretty hard to believe a domestic graduate is underqualified or less skilled than an Indian from an unrecognized university (some are tuition colleges run by self-proclaimed tutors…another domestically run Indian scam). Honestly, these universities aren’t ranked in the top 100. They are not even full-fledged universities in some instances, and they produce the most highly skilled labor? You’ve got to be kidding me.

India’s Real Strategy

India’s strategy is exporting its manpower to developed countries through trade deals that allow India-favourable intercompany transfers and lack of tariffs (easier for them to import their goods into the American market for their consumption). The entitlement and arrogance they exhibit in a host country are unbelievable. Past waves of immigrants had diffidence and a willingness to integrate. What bothers me is, can a domestic worker change things on an individual level? Do we build communities of our own to perpetuate the very unmeritocratic way of hiring and work practices to gain our foothold in industries overtaken? Governments and corporates don’t want to hear us.

Indians to Start Yet Another Scam?

I would love to see more on what the domestic worker can do. But not in the public domain. The Indian worker will merely use that to start a new scam! I have such a deep distrust of Indians it is toxic to have that negativity without a sustainable solution at the worker level. Thanks for taking the time to write this article.

Comment #80: Indian Degree Mills?

Indians are not only discriminating against domestic workers, they are also using questionable degree mills to obtain their job. Besides Indian HR tend to be biased and hire their own nationality.

Comment #81: Do You Know Indian Recruiters??

Yes! I know about the Indian Recruiters…

They have screwed me over 8000 times since 2009!!!

60 to 80 Correspondences from Rabid Indians?

I get 60 to 80 calls, e-mails, and texts every day from Indian Recruiters!!! Do you know about the Indian Recruiters? There are 14,000 Call Centers in India, with about 550 Indian IT Recruiters in each one. 🙂 Share this information with your Management and your Fellow Indian Recruiters. They will understand WHY the Hang-ups continue when they call people! 🙂

If you are an IT professional, you probably want to be aware of this situation. Unfortunately, I have to deal with these people up to 60 to 80 times a day. The documents at these links below tell you how they operate. Please read!!! We know your Game!!!

Stealing Domestic IT Resumes and Skills to Paste on Indian Resumes?

There is a 99.99% Chance Indian Recruiters are contacting American IT Workers to steal their resumes for Indian IT Consultants and Indian IT Consulting Companies. This is Identity Theft. They are also using these stolen resumes to show the U.S. Department of Labor that they did their Due Diligence and placed the Best Candidate, who happens to be Indian. This is fraud and deception.

Fake Resumes!

Are there too many Indians living in the US who forged or faked their work experience or educational certificates to get a hold of a US H1-B visa? If yes, how different are they from illegal immigrants?


Indians Do Not Place Domestic IT Workers?

After over 8000 contacts and interactions with Indian Recruiters, Not One Single INDIAN Recruiter has ever helped place me in a job after getting my resume. That is because you are ALL hate-filled Deceptive, Disgusting Racists!!! Are Indians RACISTS? Do they believe they are SUPERIOR???


Lessons From My Stay In The US – Indians Are Probably One Of The Most Racist People! #Yuge!

Maybe some of you need to just read up on this very interesting facet of the #ITIndustry: These are interesting articles & videos, and all by Indians.

Why Dealing with Indian Recruiters is Futile for Domestic Workers

H1B-Episode 88 Indian Incs and fake Resumes


TCS, Infosys & Wipro – The Market Makers–wipro—the-market-makers.html

Why do Indian consultancies in the US fake resumes and market candidates for IT jobs? Why has this practice continued?

Indian recruiters, the new trend!

Indian Recruiters are SCUM!

Over 50 fake call centers in Delhi-NCR duping job seekers: Delhi police

Indian Recruiters? What Is Wrong With This Country?

Low-Rate Recruiters – the Bane of My Existence

Recruiter Hall of Shame – List of “”Bad Egg”” Recruiters and Recruiting Firms

Also, read this book: Ants Among Elephants It explains very well why India has so much potential with a population of 1.3 Billion people, but its Annual GDP is only $2.8 Trillion.

In the United States, our Economy has an Annual GDP of $20.8 Trillion, and we do that with a workforce of only 158 Million People. Maybe they should sell your wonderful services to places like Bangladesh, Pakistan, and China. Americans don’t like doing business offshore anymore. By the way, the Indian Spammers make our online lives miserable here in America.


Fraud and Proxy Interviews – They Have No Shame H1B-Episode 88 Indian Incs and fake Resumes


Amit Vij !?!?!?!? =========== #Yuge!

#ImmigrationFraud Sting News!

ICE Sting Triggers Outrage from #Progressives A skewed news report triggered many progressive politicians, activists, and journalists to declare outrage towards the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) deportation of more than 200 #IndianStudents — even though the #ICE operation was launched under former #PresidentBarackObama to block commonplace #Fraud against U.S. college graduates. [ Excerpt ] Newspaper buried the facts in the sixteenth paragraph, which explained why the #Indians were #BreakingTheLaw when they signed up at a no-show university to get fast-track #WorkPermits. The Indians used the work permits to grab #WhiteCollar jobs sought by #American #CollegeGraduates.

== #FraudScheme is deeper than most know: #H1B-Episode 88 Indian Incs and fake Resumes, AMERICANS MUST WATCH

#TCS, #Infosys & #Wipro – The Market Makers–wipro—the-market-makers.html


#USCIS #CIS #Trump #Immigration #Deportation ===================================================== Long Live the Wonderful Indian Recruiters!!! ============================== Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!!”

Comment #82: Too Much Power Given to Indian H1-B Workers?

There is too much power being given to Indian H1-B workers when it comes to assessing the technical skills of a domestic applicant, even when there are many domestic workers involved in the interview process.

Comment #83: Indians Racist Views Begin to Spread?

Indians Racist Views Begin to Spread?

I am from Singapore, we are suffering from Indians coming to Singapore and converting the entire department or company into Indian firms. No need to look further, Accenture is 80% Indians in Singapore. More restrictions or blocking them from easy access to H1B or Singapore Professional Permit. They don’t just make the environment hostile but their racist views begin to spread.

Bullying People In the Office and Outside of It?

They not only bully people in the office but their family members bully people in the neighborhood they live in.”

Comment #84: Lying Frauds?

Lying Frauds Who Know Nothing, Lie to Your Face, Stab in the Back, Lie about Skills, make life hell.

Comment #85: A Lack of Professionalism?

Seem to lack professionalism. Some take shortcuts.

Comment #86: Being Breadcrumbed While All Positions Go To Indians?

Well. I am being ‘breadcrumbed’ and lied to by my Indian boss. He came in as a developer, then quickly promoted to mgr and now Director. I applied for his mgr job, and he had it removed, created a director position, and hired his ‘friend’ male Indian from California. I have three years of electronic evidence of discrimination and outright lies. OH. and they are advertising for my job that I currently hold for eight years. I was told my job description would change as I got ALL MY Professional certifications and experience at my company. The evidence is.. my current job title EDI Developer will be Sr Integration Developer .. the job that is currently posted on LinkedIn! the company went from 10% to 99% in less than four years as the Director outside a non-Indian CIO and took his job. All in IT in hiring positions are Indians. I even have evidence of retaliation and HR shrugging it off.

Comment #87: Unprecedented Levels of Toxicity and Dishonesty and Ostracism?

In addition to discrimination, Indians bring a level of toxicity and dishonesty never seen before in other countries. When an Indian claims that he has a degree, it is highly likely that it is a fake degree or a worthless piece of paper bought from a degree mill. An Indian applicant’s resume is very likely to be fake and they have paid contacts back home to “verify” should any company decide to check. They can’t be trusted at work, they are known to overpromise and under-deliver. To make things worse, they will “twist your words and blind-side you to make themselves look good. As highlighted in this research, Indians will form and bring their own village and ostracize anyone who isn’t Indian. All in all, it is to the benefit of the world that Indians stay in their own country. Trust and welcome Indians at your own peril.

Comment #88: Fake PhDs?

I live in Singapore and have attended two separate IT courses taught by Indians. They couldn’t answer qns by students and I knew more than the teachers did. One of the instructors had a PhD from Malaysia, which is a whole other can of fraudulence and corruption.

Comment #89: Indians Hiring Indians Only Because They Are Indian?

Indians notoriously promote mediocracy not only in IT but in the education sector also. Universities like the University of Texas, Arlington, California State University hires substandard faculty of Indian origin because Indian occupies the leadership position. They follow regional affiliation when hiring and promotions rather than merit.

Comment #90: Non-Indian Resumes are Thrown in the Trash?

I have very much been a victim of this menace having applied for many jobs in the past 2+ years and still searching. I fully endorse the survey results and comments associated with each survey. The issue is not just not all kinds of malpractices the recruiters do, it is also the Indian origin staff who in many companies have proliferated the talent acquisition positions in many large organizations and provide market intelligence to the IT companies back home. The deserving candidate resumes get trashed in the hiring process without any fear of accountability and traceability making the justification for off-shore recruitment. Likewise, if you look at the advisory departments of the big 6 like Delloite, PWC and others. They are dominated by Indians who provide market intelligence to the IT companies in India as well as promote Indian products and services. I have faced so many job rejections from different US corporations and decided to engage lawyers. But so far without success. I understand there are lawyers in the US that can pursue a “failure to hire lawsuit” but has to find one yet. If you can recommend me one would appreciate it.

Comment #91: Keeping Most of the Hourly Rate?

I think they are keeping a significant portion of my rate.

Comment #92: Decline the Indian Right to Represent?

I am requesting Direct client info only these days. If a RTR is required, then I decline – previously I conceded to RTR recruiting but realized that there is zero integrity to follow regarding this resume / candidate phishing pipeline

Comment #93: Bringing Down the US?

Indians will bring down US, looked at Boeing, Intel

Comment #94: No Job Offers Through Indian Recruiters?

As a job seeker, I speak with several dozen Indian recruiters a month. I have NEVER had any job offers through them. As a hiring manager, I have verified proof of credential fraud from Indian applicants through agencies like Infosys and HCL..

Comment #95: Confirming Previous Experience?

The article just confirms what i already know and experienced myself. The hostile environment they create is worse than one can image.

Comment #96: Continually Laid Off, But Not H1-Bs?

I have been laid off in tech over 10 times in the past decade. I honestly lost count. Not once did I see any H1B worker laid off, only Americans. I’ve also had a new Indian boss who one by one, fired every American on the team. He hired all Indians to replace us. I lost a career in defense work due to discrimination from military men because I reported harassment. I quickly started taking classes to switch into tech thinking it would be better. I’ve been in tech 10 years now and the H1B scams are overwhelming. They get hired for a big job and only know 1 software package. Corporations coddle them though and fire Americans with real experience and degrees.

Then there’s the Indian recruiters who lie about hiring and I never hear back from them. Indians have destroyed the tech field and salaries are getting lower and we are treated worse because of them. Why would a company pay to train us to get a cert if Indians have every single one on their resume already? Now I’m so enraged at corporations and Indians I just flat out lie all over my resume because I have to! They’ve brought their corruption to the US and it’s harmed our ability to pay our bills. American workers are leaving the field completely because it’s rigged against us.

Sidenote, I did have a colleague friend from work who was an H1B. We both worked from the same temp agency at the client sight. She was hired a month after me. I got laid off with other Americans with no warning 4 months into the job. She still had a job. She mentioned how shocked she was at how difficult it was for me to find work. She told me she gets jobs offered easily and never gets laid off. She didn’t understate how an American could be struggling so much. I know she knew they were harming us by being imported for jobs, so eventually she stopped talking to me out of guilt and not being able to understand why I have severe anxiety issues because of unstable employment due to no fault of my own.

And another thing Indians did was ruin our job stability by turning the entire economy into temp jobs. I hate this country.

Comment #97: Can’t Speak or Be Called a Racist?

I am white female in analytics. It’s similar to IT as data science draws people with an engineering or computer science background. The multinational corporation I work for in the US has a huge Indian IT presence, which is now happening on the analytics side. Once an Indian upper/middle manager comes in, within under a year the vast majority of the department becomes Indian after others with expertise are pushed out. Our diversity has gone way down. I can’t speak up about this, as it would be considered racist (on my part).

Comment #98: Singaporeans Have Figured Out How Indian Work?

Hi, this is X writing from Singapore and thanks a lot for taking the time to compile this survey.


Singapore is undergoing a similar situation as the H1B situation in the US as Singapore had signed a free trade agreement with India (also know as CECA). CECA has been a hot topic in every general election in Singapore and many Singaporeans have used the H1B situation in the US as a case study of what might happen in Singapore if the situation is not rectified. The government had accused the local Singaporeans of being racist and xenophobic even though Singapore’s work force is almost 40% foreigners (the definition of foreigner excludes those who had gotten a long term pass in Singapore aka Permanent Resident (PR) or received a Singaporean passport).

It is no surprise that the support for the ruling party had declined sharply from 80%+ to 60% in a span of 2 election cycles. The decline in support for the ruling party is cushioned by the growth in economy in Singapore and Singaporeans are willing to turn a blind eye towards this issue. However, this issue has been raised up again and when times are bad (i.e Covid) and the government has been trying very hard to please the local population as the once perceived untouchable ruling party has a chance to lose to the opposition in the next election. In fact, the most recent statistic by the Singapore government shows a sharp spike in the proportion of employment passes (EP) going to India Indians (approximately 3x increase YoY) and it has led to a huge public outcry on social media about the ongoing discrimination in the last decade or so in Singapore.

A Cultural Upbringing of Cheating

With regards to my own experience, I do generally agree with all the previous comments and I strongly believe it is due to their cultural upbringing in India. I do work with international colleagues from US, Europe, China and India and it seems that the toxic behavior is very much only prevalent in Indians who grew up in India and not so much for Indians who had spent at least 5/6 years studying abroad e.g. Australia. It seems to me that the Indians knew that their own country/government is corrupted and they have this mindset of “everyone is cheating and you will lose if you don’t cheat as well”.

Indian Insecurities

In addition, despite what the Indians talk about, it seems like they are extremely insecure and have an extremely fragile ego and they are currently being egged on by their current ultra-nationalist government (who shares the same characteristic of over promising and under delivering).

Why Indians Say More Indians Should be Imported

It seems to me that all of them are programmed with the same excuses of 1) Indian-Americans are the richest Asians in the US 2) Many of the CEOs of tech companies are Indians 3) Indians invented abacus 4) Half of NASA’s workforce is Indians 5) We should hire more Indians as they will make you rich / China’s growth rate is slowing down etc.

How Indians Target Non Indians

From my own personally experience, it seems like the Indians will try to get rid of the non-Indian Asians first before getting rid of the Caucasians. Some of the things which I have seen is based on 3 different stages of presence of Indians in the company.

Stage 1 of an Indian Takeover

Stage 1 is where you have 1 or 2 India Indians as your colleagues. They will be forced to work with non-Indians and they will try to get a sense of who is loyal to them / who are their potential competitors. Some of the things which they might do at this stage is talking to the management behind their competitors’ back about how lucky they are and how it is so hard for Indians to have the same opportunity and how Indians would have done so much better if they had the same opportunity. They will also use this opportunity to potentially get information and sabotage their competitors by convincing the management to get them more resources / divert resources away from their competitors / providing false information purposely. In addition, they will try to appear to be “proactive” and overpromise the management on deliverables (that is essentially done by the non-Indians) and tell the management about how they (Indians) want to be a “leader” just like them.

Stage 2 of an Indian Takeover

Stage 2 is where the management is somehow convinced that the Indians are capable and they are being promoted. At this stage, the Indians will be more blatant in their discrimination against non-Indians. They will not hesitate to speak about it openly rather than behind their competitor’s back e.g. I have heard comments about how they talk about US is dangerous, London is old, Paris smells like piss and Singapore is shit in front of everyone (despite them being willing to migrate to any of these places in a heartbeat if given the choice). They will also comment openly about how the non Indian Asians have “”poor”” accents as well. The Indians will also try to convince the management that they are willing to “assist” in the interviews and it will always result in the interviews being rigged / interview questions being leaked as a “sample Q&A” before the interviews. Essentially, the interview process will keep on dragging until another Indian gets the job.

Bribing One’s Way to a Job

My previous firm was looking for a strategy person and we have more than 20 resumes from ivy league MBA schools alone – we ended up with a random guy from India who happens to be a friend of the India Indians in my office (i.e bribed his way through to get a job. I believe the market rate is around 2-3 months of salary). At this point of time, most non-Indians will a little bit common sense can tell where the company is going and you start to see them leaving before shit hits the fan.

Stage 3 of an Indian Takeover

Stage 3 is where the India Indians become the majority of the office of an international firm. The hard truth is they think they are the best and will never ever accept any non-Indians. At the point of time, majority of the non-Indians would have left / get fired for random reasons such as poor fit. Those who stay behind are usually the Caucasians / family guys who would tolerate such bull shit for the sake of putting food on the table for their family. The general business would have suffered tremendously by now as a lot of these Indians are not qualified / not the most efficient way of deploying resources (e.g. 3 or 4 Indians to do the same job as a non-Indian). The Indians will proceed to tell all their friends that the non-Indians left as they are “not good in their jobs” and the management has chosen them instead. In addition, they will convince their all their Indian colleagues to post fake reviews on Glassdoor in hide what they are doing.

Where Has the Discrimination by Indians Been Brought Up?

This issue of discrimination against non-Indians has been brought up to the government by the Japanese, Koreans, Europeans, Americans and almost everyone else and the government tries to brush it off as just xenophobia and racism. There is rarely any similar complaints against the other Asians as well (including mainland Chinese surprisingly). From the perspective of a non-Indian Asian, I think the biggest reason why people are willing to tolerate this bull shit is due to them believing that India is “the future” and that couldn’t any further from the truth when it is so much smaller than both US and China (the original forecast was overtaking US in GDP by 2015). In fact, I think SEA is growing rapidly and a lot of offshore IT jobs are going to both Eastern Europe and Philippines as well. “

Comment #99: Less Competent Than Domestic Workers

In general Indian h1-b’s are far less competent than domestic workers or even immigrants from other countries. Their credentials typically seem far above their actual competence and knowledge level. They do not assimilate culturally, making collaboration with them difficult. They have strong in group preferences for other Indians.

If any of this is ever pointed out you are labeled a racist. This problem is merely a reflection of America’s greater societal problems and out of place priorities.

Comment #100: Demonic Indian IT Recruiters

I’m an IT Technologist with many years of experience, though had to take an extended break from formal work or employment so I could act as Primary Care Provider to my mother. While doing so, I went back to school and earned a 4-year Degree. Afterwards, I worked two IT contracts, which were solicited by American recruiters. I found that Bachelor Degrees are worthless, and employers want IT Certifications. The more you have the better. I was told by one IT hiring manager that having a degree looks nice on paper, but companies now want IT Certifications.

So, since the last IT contract ended, which was for the VA, I’ve been searching for either a direct hire, or C2H. I posted my information on all of the job boards. And as a result, I have at least 5-10 Indian recruiters calling me for one opportunity. Some times, there are several Indian recruiters from the same company!!!

I’ve had more times than I can count, where I’ve been suckered by Indian recruiters with lots of lip-service, ask for my resume, have me sign an RTR, and then NEVER hear back!!! Even after sending multiple emails and voicemails, I still never get a response. One time, after an Indian recruiter had suckered me into signing an RTR and I never heard back, I sent them an email saying that since they abandoned my representation, that I am considering that as nullifying the RTR, and that I would work with another recruiter. Or, that I would contact the company wanting the IT professional and their HR Department letting them know about the foul practices by the Indian IT recruiter.

The Indian IT recruiters are demonic, and has plenty evidence that they serve the father of lies, satan!!!!

Comment #101: Indians Display a Lack of Creativity?

I know there are way more Indians working now than when I began contracting IT work back in 2003. Also, I know they all seem to believe SQL is a required computer language to know and most egregious is their common idea that everything is to be memorized memorized memorized. They are the least creative lot I have worked with! Mostly nice people but it’s as if they must be automatons just like the machinery they workaround. And they all seem to bow down to the god of speed. Speed in speaking. too fast to be understood so it becomes impossible to work with them unless you are one of them. Speed in processing almost as if they must match the speed of the machinery they work on. It is a mania with many of them. The main take-away I have regarding Indians in IT and recruiting in the US/globally is simply they are taking over everywhere and their Indian culture is gradually but certainly supplanting western American and European people whether intentionally or not, it seems to be the result. I would like to add that America isn’t doing anything to combat it.

Comment #102: Cannot Get Hired With Indians as Gatekeepers?

I have never passed any interview when there were any Indians in the chain of interviews. They are absolutely low-skilled garbage developers, if you are smarter than them, they will sabotage you to leave any project. INDIANS ARE RACISTS!!!

Comment #103: Indian Domination?

I have worked in the IT space for over 20 years and it has changed from what it used to be. Most IT departments of companies in America are mostly dominated by Indians (qualified and not qualified employees) They create extremely hostile environments to force other races (mostly blacks) out. Most times they keep the whites but hire a few of them to maintain dominance. Now they are spreading to other departments like HR and PM with terrible communication and writing skills. I guess that’s how we want it.

Comment #104: Pay Back Indian Companies that Control H1-B Program

Indian Managers only hire Indians. I think it is because they need to pay back to the Indian companies that control the H1-B program.

Comment #105: Mind-Boggling Hatred of Indians?

My issue does not revolve around H1-B but more towards the discrimination and politics the Indians play at the workplace. As a Muslim and a Pakistani, Indians have a special hate against my religion and country. Ironically India hosts one of the largest Muslim population yet the discrimination and hate is mind-boggling. I think IT industry needs to stop hiring Indians at key executive/decision-making positions.

Indians only hire Indians and then move half (if not all) of workplace to india.

Comment #106: Robot Mentality?

In my experiences working with Indian software developers, they have a slave mentality that simply don’t answer no to anything. As a result, it makes my job as a state-side software developer that much more challenging where if I raise any doubts I look like I’m challenging authority.

Comment #107: Indians Only Hire and Support Other Indians?

Indians likes to hire and support only other Indians. Very often non-Indians are weeded out during the resume scanning process and are often not even interviewed. Sometimes, a token non-Indian is invited to an interview just to make things look fair, but in reality, it is anything but fair. The Indians leaders (such as CEO of Google and Microsoft) are expected to provide jobs for Indians and to immigrate as many Indians as possible. That is considered their holy duty, and Indians support such leaders with that understanding.

Comment #108: Bums on Seats?

Western countries don’t need Indian IT workers or even Immigrants for that matter. Many Indians do not share Western Values and bring with them many undesirable characteristics such as dishonesty and lack of openness.

My experience of IT workers generally is that they tend to grossly embellish their actual skill set to the point where some even have fake IT degrees. They will never admit that they are wrong.
They will tell on you behind you back to the boss because they think that kind of behaviour will endear them to promotion.

In my experience Indian workers are essentially ‘bums on seats’ . By this I mean instead of hiring one Western IT worker, for the same money a company will hire 3-4 Indians to do the same job.
This is still a flawed policy however because in most cases one Western IT worker is worth their weight in gold compared to several lower skilled Indian’s working in a call centre.

Comment #109: Anti-Muslim Discrimination?

I am a H1B visa holder and an Indian Muslim who face a lot of dicrmination and racism from my fellow Indians because of my religion. I came to US in 2015 from Hyderabad, India. The only thing I would want to tell everyone is, Please stop Indians to overtake US IT and help non Indians to have a successful job in IT, where their life’s are stable and happy! SO MUXH RACISM AND DISCRMINATION Indians have towards non Hindus and other casts. AMERICANS MUST WAKE UP PLEASE AND START HELPING ALL NON Indians or non-Hindus.

Comment #110: Taking Over Both Government and Private Industry IT

Indian workers are becoming the majority in IT, even in government jobs. Yet many of them don’t have the skillsets they claim to have, are quite uncooperative about sharing information and are highly unresponsive to emails and phone calls. I applied for a job through an Indian recruiter and they tried to get me to sign a shaky contract and low-balled me on the pay. No f’ing way will I work for an Indian company as it would be going backwards in my career. America will come to regret allowing these Indian workers to take over critical IT technologies such as IT development, coding, networking and cybersecurity. If they are as corrupt as claimed its not a good idea to let them become dominant it IT.

Comment #111: Favoritism and Nepotism and Bullying Tactics?

There is a lot of discrimination, favoritism, nepotism with Indian managers. In our firm they are pushing out non Indian workers with bullying tactics, refusal to include non Indian workers in anything. We won’t hire anyone US based, the job reqs and interview process are geared to not let anyone pass. HR says, “oh well we tried but there is not anyone qualified” and then they go offshore. I have so many out of work friends, US based, who cannot get a job, great programmers with tremendous knowledge. We hire recently out of college US based employees and pay them next to nothing. The discrimination is relentless. I could go on and on with examples.

Comment #112: No Appreciation for Non Indian Work?

I have been discriminated multiple times by Indians in every aspect of IT. Management, Development, … anything you can imagine. They stopped me doing the the thing I ever loved so that they bring over their friends and deny my work. Never saw any indian appreciate my work. It is always blamed no matter how good or hard work we do. Indian Managers boast about other Indians and always, and i meant it, always blame other workers.

Comment #113: No Credit for One’s Work?

I worked for an Indian manager. I did all the work and never got any credits for. I wasn’t allowed to talk when my Indian coworker was doing presentations for my work. I was so depressed and humiliated. Of course when I told her I was leaving, she was so pissed, but she knew I was the only one can do the job which can helping her promotion. She offered me a raise, I told her no matter what Her offer was I would not stay. No matter where you go, as long as you’re in IT, you have to work with Indians. They usually stick together to help each other’s until pushing you out. I really don’t have anything positive about it.

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None of these stories would ever find their way into the establishment media. Instead, the stories they focus on is why Indians are necessary for competitiveness, or why some Indians that want Green Cards can’t get them, or whatever other narrative takes the position of the Indian worker seeking to immigrate. There are virtually no articles in the establishment IT media that discuss the impact on wages; even though, if any industry receives large numbers of imported workers, those wages will decline. This exact thing happened in the Los Angeles construction market, large numbers of illegal alien laborers from Mexico suffused the labor market, the labor union participation declined, and wages declined significantly, with many of the original US domestic workers leaving the area or leaving the profession.

This lack of coverage prevents the development of a popular movement that would counteract the desire for corporations to bring in a seemingly unlimited number of Indian workers. As we cover in the article How the H1-B Program Understates The True Number of Yearly H1-B Visas, all of the published numbers of foreign workers are deliberately underreported to make the US domestic workers think the numbers of foreign workers coming in are not that high. When they are all counted, there are probably 300,000 foreign workers coming into the US every year — yet, this has no impact on wages? It does.

This is the problem with having an IT media that only responds to the interests of corporations and sees itself serving as a PR or propaganda function for its advertisers.