Why Not Use Omicron to Inoculate the Population Without Vaccines?

Executive Summary

  • Omicron is proving to be a very low-danger variant that could be useful to inoculate the population at far lower risk than vaccines.


Healthy authorities and the establishment media have been pushing the mRNA vaccines extremely hard onto countries’ populations. However, the vaccines are neither safe…

As I cover in the article How Safe Are the Covid Vaccines?

Nor effective…

as I cover in the article How Effective Are the Covid Vaccines?

…in this article, the idea of using Omicron to replace vaccination is covered.

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Jimmy Dore On Omicron

The doctor in South Africa who discovered the Omicron variant, Dr. Angelique Coetzee, proposed that Omicron could be used to inoculate the public. 

Not Real Vaccines

The mRNA Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are not vaccines as they do not have this and are an instruction to create spike proteins, a widely touted technique but unproven before the vaccines were rolled out.

Therefore, it was approved for Emergency Use Authorization based on rigged math by pharmaceutical studies. It has ultimately proven ineffective at telling the immune system to create protection against the virus. The mRNA vaccines develop antibodies against covid but not against it, so they are ineffective. 

Vaccines’ entire logic and history are far more sordid and fraught with errors than is usually explained to the public. This is because pharmaceutical companies and medical schools have controlled the presentation of the history of vaccines to the public. As is covered in numerous books, including The Real Fauci by Robert F Kennedy Jr and Dissolving Illusions, most diseases were eradicated with improved sanitation, living conditions, and nutrition, not vaccines. It is unclear that even the supposed textbook case for vaccines, polio, was caused by a virus, and there is substantial evidence polio was caused by DDT. As with most pesticides, DDT is an endocrine disruptor with a particular affinity for the nerve cells in the spine.

However, the actions of pharmaceutical companies have been to introduce vaccines for decreasingly dangerous viruses. One of these is the measles virus, which does not need a vaccine, and it is beneficial for the immune system to get and then get over measles.

The claims made by pharmaceutical companies and the medical establishment on the impact of vaccines on the declines of various infectious diseases and when vaccines were introduced. 

Addressing the Damage

One of the best ways to address the damage caused by the covid vaccines is with Ivermectin. This is the reason I began taking Ivermectin -- before investigating all the other health benefits of the drug. Now, I take Ivermectin for many reasons.

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