Will Consulting Firms Tell You the Truth About S/4HANA?

Getting S/4HANA Implementation Business

The vast majority of the information published around S/4HANA comes from two sources; one is SAP and the second is SAP consulting firms. This information has one primary purpose, to sell S/4HANA licenses and consulting projects. Once a customer moves to S/4HANA, they are locked into an expensive and time-consuming process that is difficult to exit once begun. This is why the information quality is so inaccurate and the implementation complexities so underemphasized by consulting firms. To mitigate this, we created the most comprehensive research into S/4HANA and its implementation history that can be found anywhere.

This study includes the following:

  • The background on S/4HANA implementation history.
  • Evaluation of 230 S/4HANA implementation case studies classified by customer size and fit to industry. The studies can be filtered and searched to help you identify cases most relevant to your interests.
  • Explanation around how S/4HANA and HANA work, both the official and the real story.
  • Actionable insights into what customer characteristics say about the S/4HANA implementations. These insights are available nowhere else.
  • Errors and falsehoods in S/4HANA case studies both from SAP and media.

Says Who?

Brightwork is the go-to research firm on SAP. The research was performed by an analyst with decades of SAP project experience. This is the only study that provides the truth on S/4HANA implementations because Brightwork is not financially connected to SAP.

Updated S/4HANA Research

Research that is Updated, and the Duration of Your Access

  • Each subscription is valid for 12 months from purchase.
  • This is an ongoing research project and as times passes new information and case studies about S/4HANA come available. 
  • The research is “SaaS,” and during your subscription, you continue to receive updated S/4HANA analysis as new case studies become available.
  • The research is constantly updated and we don’t send updates for changes. Always goto the research web page so you are working off of the most updated version. 

Customized Plans

A Plan Customized for Your Usage

The research is sold on the basis of user seats, with each seat tied to an email address.

  • Smaller User Seat # Customers: Some customers do not need to share the research that broadly to act on the intelligence, so a plan with a smaller number of user seats will do.
  • Larger User Seat # Customers: Other customers require many user seats and those that buy more pay progressively less per seat.

We offer plan prices that are customized per the size of the customer, and the number of user seats they intend to use.

Contact us, and we will develop a quote for you once we know who you are and we understand your usage pattern. We don’t normally sell “across” regions or offer global user seats. That is we sell research to a specific team with a budget.

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Don’t Get Only the Positive Side of the S/4HANA Story From Consulting Firms

The worst entities to listen to regarding S/4HANA are either SAP or an SAP consulting partner. All they care about is selling S/4HANA or S/4HANA engagements. All of the information they provide is backward engineered to obtain this outcome. Outside of Brightwork, there are no entities that cover S/4HANA that are not in some way influenced by SAP.

That is why this research can offer you the real story. This is research that IT and business decision-makers should not do without. 

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