How Corrupt Indian Writers Continually Write Biased Pro Indian Articles

Last Updated on September 5, 2021 by Shaun Snapp

Executive Summary

  • Why reading an article written by an Indian author means reading 100% Indian bias.


In roughly 30 years of immigrating to the US, Indians have developed a reputation as continual liars, and it is seemingly impossible to find an honest Indian. This observation extends to whenever Indians write articles. The following article I will critique is an example of this. This article was published in The Star.

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Canada Stopping Free Flow of Indians to Canada?

The decision by the federal government to extend the suspension of flights from India until late September is the latest in a series of actions taken by Canada to hinder the free flow of travelers between the two countries. Moreover, the ban, which will soon enter its sixth month, risks straining ties that have been tested too often in the last few years.

This decision was taken for reasons related to the coronavirus. And this is a global phenomenon. As of this article being written, there are many countries no one, Indian or non-Indian, can travel to that. The idea that this impacts only Indians is a strange proposal. This same article could be written by anyone, for instance, trying to enter Indonesia.

Indian Students Benefit Canada?

Travel between Canada and India has grown significantly in recent years with increasing numbers of international students from India coming to Canada. In the 2017-18 academic year, nearly a quarter of the 296,000 international students in Canada were from India. Smaller colleges in particular have benefitted immensely from this influx, with several opening campuses in the Greater Toronto Area to better serve the demand.

This is a constant claim by Indian authors that Indians benefit the countries to which they immigrate. There is never any discussion of how Indians benefit from escaping the terrible society that Indians created.

Secondly, why are a quarter of all international students in Canada from India? With the H1-B work visa program in the US, Indians, multinationals, and Indian companies have rigged the programs for Indians and have continually lobbied to expand the program. According to US Tech Workers, 70% of H1-B visas go to Indians. Why would a single country take up 70% of the entirety of the program. Does it not make more sense to call the H1-B program the Indian permanent immigration program?

The Indian lobby, nor this article’s author want the domination of the H1-B visas program known. This is because it would become obvious that Indians and Indian interests have rigged the program and the program has nothing to do with its original intent. Indians think it is normal to hide this from the public, because Indians normally lie as a normal way of being. Another question is why are nearly all the H1-B petitions from countries that are not what the US was historically, that is not from European based countries. Why should all non-European countries that have far less in common with the value and language of the US entirely dominate the H1-B petitions? 

The program has continual enhancements that preference Indians over all other groups, and these enhancements are passed mostly in secret. The bills are so difficult to read that it is virtually impossible to interpret what they really mean. However, they always result in more Indians coming into the US. This is explained in the following quotation.

The final rule, originally published in January 2021, will now become effective on November 14, 2022. The greater likelihood, however, is that the rule will be delayed again or totally ignored. DOL’s official explanation is that the one-and-a-half-year pushback will provide the department time to evaluate the legality and policy consequences of the Trump administration’s order and also allow time to review public feedback in response to the DOL’s Request for Information published on April 2, 2021, in the Federal Register.

DOL’s official statement is, at best, misleading, and is, in truth, a brazen falsehood. The department isn’t concerned about “legality” or “policy consequences,” but rather with pressing on with Biden’s agenda to subvert American workers, and appease the immigration lobby.

Critics perceive Biden’s craven display of anti-American worker corporatism as a reward to the Silicon Valley elites such as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, as well as other tech tycoons. They profit from cheap H-1B labor and played a central role in President Trump’s 2020 defeat and Biden’s road to the White House. – US Tech Workers

Yes, US IT workers have very close to zero representation in their own country. Instead, multinationals and Indian lobby groups rule the day and have far more influence on policy. Currently, there is another bill being considered that will further allocate more of the H1-B quota to Indians as you can read about in this article How H.R. 3348 is Just a Copy of the Unjust H.R. 1044 H1-B Visa Adjustment.

Have Indians used their natural scamming culture to rig the student visa program in their favor in Canada as well? This is what Indians do. Every program they can, they rig and exploit for their interests and against the interests of everyone else.

Third, Indians don’t come to Canada for education. If every Indian who came to Canada on a student visa had to return to India after completing their studies, there would be very few Indian students in Canada. The entire point of the student visa for Indians is to immigrate to Canada. This means taking jobs from domestic Canadians and then applying Indian discrimination against domestic Canadians in the workplace. So while some colleges may benefit from more students, the over society does not benefit from Indians. In Canada, Canadians move away from Indians when they move into an area. Canadians who work with Indians and see their departments taken over by Indians prefer to work in environments with fewer Indians. The Canadian government is not protecting its citizens by allowing Indians in such large numbers into the country.

Indians Have to Deal With Inconveniences?

Yet, due to Ottawa’s restrictions, students and Canadians are spending five times more for flights that can take two weeks to reach Canada. Additionally, up to 20,000 Canadians may be potentially stuck in India with no options to return home. Canadian media reports have noted the toll the situation is taking on students as they have to also negotiate constantly changing quarantine requirements in other countries. This often forces costly flight rescheduling and expensive hotel cancellations, causing serious and unsustainable financial pressures, particularly on students.

Coronavirus lockdowns and travel restrictions are negative for everyone, not just Indians. However, Indians will not do one thing is cease immigrating to a country founded and developed by Europeans.

Indians Will Take Their Business Elsewhere?

These pressures are contributing to other countries reaping the rewards from an increase in post-secondary students from India. The United States issued over 55,000 visas to students from India — the most ever — despite the pandemic. Similarly, more than 3,000 students from India were granted admissions to U.K. universities after its travel ban on India was removed.

This quote seems to imply that Canada is missing out by not opening up to Indians. The fact that the US or the UK are doing something is not evidenced that that policy is a good idea. And there is another question this comment should bring up. These are three European-based societies. Why do Indians only seek to immigrate to white countries? And when does immigration cease? Indians have driven out large numbers of domestic workers from their jobs, and all that Indian immigration has done is create calls for more Indian immigration. This is a constant tactic used by Indian authors. Whenever they don’t get exactly what they want from US immigration authorities (such as Trump), they state that the US will lose out on Indians who will go to Canada. In each case, why Indians only seek to immigrate to white countries is left out of the conversation. Why don’t any people from European countries ever clamor to immigrate to India?

Indians Contribute to Prosperity in Canada?

With travel bans lifted, airlines flying from India to the U.S. and U.K. will be able to recuperate some of the losses they have faced over the past 18 months. All of these are students who – had they come to Canada – could have become future Canadians and contributed to the growth and prosperity of this country.

Indians don’t immigrate to Canada to benefit Canada’s growth and prosperity. They immigrate because India is a terrible country that people do not want to live in and has made no progress in any dimension since the end of British rule. Indians damage domestic Canadians’ mental health, cheat them, and discriminate against them in work environments. To see what domestic IT workers think about working with Indians, see our Indian IT Discrimination Survey.

Cooperation with India?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on all of us – as individuals and as countries. Challenges like the pandemic reinforce the need to cooperate, and strong diaspora ties between Canada and India form a vital avenue for international relations, immigration, and COVID cooperation between the two countries. Only a few months ago, India did its part by providing 2 million vaccines when we needed them most.

This author’s definition of cooperation is to further open to more Indian immigration. It is clear what Indians want from Canada. They want to exist in India and then to victimize Canadians. However, it is unclear what Canada needs from India. Canada would be far better off if it had no relationship with India and if the Indians in Canada were made to go back to India. This last part of the quote is a ridiculous claim. US pharmaceutical companies created those vaccines. These companies could have increased production, but they decided not to. The idea that India is providing technology or benefits to the West is false. But this is a constant tactic of Indians to make it appear as if Westen or European countries somehow need India or Indians.

Cooperation = Believing Indians?

Yet, as the pandemic has worn on, Canada has increasingly been dismissive of this need to cooperate. Anybody who has recently traveled between the world’s two largest democracies (one in population, the other in geography) will experience this lack of cooperation first-hand, simply because we refuse to accept India’s COVID test results.

India’s statements about covid test results are likely not reliable, in the same way, that his author’s statements are not reliable. In our research into Indian culture, there are not reliable institutions in all of India. Indians have a culture of constantly lying. If Canada does not want to accept a claim made by an Indian institution, it probably has a good reason. Here, the assertion is that “cooperating” means listening to and believing lies from Indians.

Sending the Wrong Message?

This sends precisely the wrong message.

The message is that Indian institutions are not reliable. That is a good message because it is accurate. For example, I am sending the message that this author, Vijay Sappani, is a liar and writes propaganda that has the only intent of pushing Indian interests at the expense of Canada and of the general Canadian population.

And this is a good message because it is accurate.

India Will Retaliate?

With Canada–India ties already strained, we risk inviting retaliatory measures, which may further damage this important international relationship, erode people-to-people ties, and ultimately, harm students who merely seek the opportunity to study here.

The “international relationship” that Canada has with India is that India sends an unending stream of immigrants to Canada who take jobs from and worsen the lives of Canadians while increasing the corruption of Canadian society.

The second part of the quote is utterly false. Students don’t “merely seek the opportunity to study” in Canada. They seek to scam the student visa program to immigrate out of the horrible country of India to a country that was created by a European society and that none of these Indian immigrants could have created on their own. They further seek to extract the benefits of a European society from those of European ancestry and whose ancestors built Canada — and appropriate these benefits to themselves while externalizing the negative aspects of Indian culture to Canadians.

Sanity = Allowing In Indians to European Societies?

One hopes that reason and sanity will prevail soon and put an end to these unnecessary travel troubles. Canada should replace the blanket ban with a policy where a negative RT-PCR test in India would be sufficient to allow travel.

Sanity would be ending Indian immigration into Canada and removing as many Indians from Canada as is possible. Insanity would be allowing more Indians into the country. Curiously, the author defines sanity as whatever allows Indians to parasitize Canadian society. This is why it is never a good idea to listen to or take seriously Indian authors.


Indians are continually running some type of scam. This is either rigging an H1-B program to be taken over by Indians or signing US or Canadian IT workers into unacceptable contracts. Indians are not part of Western Civilization and have no appreciation for or interest in writing from any perspective than naked self-interest. This article proved to be exactly what I thought it would be, as soon as I observed that the author was Indian.

This article receives a 1 out of 10 for accuracy.