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How Corrupt Indian Writers Continually Write Biased Pro Indian Articles 




Reference #2: Article Titled:

Does Indian Society Train Indians to be Cheat and Lie?





The personal experience of a western woman traveling in India.

My husband and I went to India for 1 month on our honeymoon, backpacking. I was covered, loose clothes & never alone. I’ve never had so many problems with men trying grab me, leaning over my husband to make lewd tongue gestures, hand gestures at me. We were followed on more than one occasion. Men would come into our train car & just stare at me. I normally don’t mind being stared at all, if you look different that should be expected, but there was something about the looks that unsettled me in a way that I’d never experienced before. I just kept my hair covered (blonde) & sunglasses on – trying to cover up even more. I was shocked & upset by all of this. I have no desire to ever go back. I’m glad to hear that other women have had positive experiences. I followed all my rules to be modest, respectful etc , including those by the author & had a terrible experience.

Interesting quote on how Indians tend to harass western women.

Despite similar measures taken (not to wake up the animal in common Indian males) i noticed something very strange.

First of all Indians have an obsession with women displaying extreme white skin. It’s a fetish coming from colonial era and from their cast system. If you travel in India you will notice they have a lot of products for skin whitening…

1. Women with extreme white skin will always experience more harassment.
2. If you are blessed with nice breast, big or not so big but steady, the risk for more harassment increase.
3. If you have a very nice face, especially European type of nice resembling well known white actresses with glamorous eyes and big lips you are in big danger.
4. If you have a curvy body like Monica Bellucci you are the perfect harassment victim.
5. If you are not very tall the risk for harassment increase.

If you are very tall this may reduce the harassment. Also if you have the skinny type of body you may experience less harassment. It’s like the average Indian male consider those women less sexy or they are somehow scared of tall women.

That’s why, in my opinion, some traveler women are not experiencing extreme harassment and some other do. I saw this many times and it’s so obvious from a male perspective. Many Indian males acts purely on instinct and they have a very predictable type of European beauty fetish they are quite obsessed with.

This may explain Kelly horror story and the fact other women don’t understand what she is talking about. Fortunately some women are not quite the Indian male types. Unfortunately some are. Those beautiful women (from the Indian male perspective) are living the worst India traveling experience.

Reference #3: Article Titled:

How Indians Coordinate to Fake Their IT Certifications and Credentials