Do Indians Cause Mental Health Problems in the Work Environments of Non-Indians?

Executive Summary

  • We receive many reports of complaints about Indian IT workers from domestic IT workers.
  • Some of these complaints indicate Indians are causing widespread mental health issues.


In roughly 30 years of immigrating to the US, Indians have developed a reputation as continual liars, and it is seemingly impossible to find an honest Indian. This author has been repeatedly lied to by Indians in interactions. This is the identical feature of Indians in India. The manipulation by Indians of the domestic people they work within the countries they have immigrated to has become apparent.

Apparent Mental Health Issues Caused by Indians

What I found is that Indians are causing broad-scale mental health issues and burnout in domestic IT workers. The same pattern is evident whether the domestic workers are in Canada, the US, Australia, or Singapore. Indians get into the country and begin a pattern of cheating and corruption.

Domestic IT workers are telling their kids not to work in IT because Indians have taken it over, and it is no longer a good career. This is why I stopped talking to Indians, as described in the article Should You Talk to Indians?  I also removed the connection to every Indian that I had on LinkedIn. Everywhere, people are trying to block Indians from contacting them or talking to them. So it is not just me.

Many US IT workers are “watching the clock” until they can take early retirement.

Quotes from the Brightwork Indian IT Discrimination Survey

Several of these quotes address this mental health issue.

Quote #1

Cheap Workers Decimating IT and CS Workplaces

I have held degrees in EE and CS for thirty years and have seen cheap offshore and H1-B workers from India (and a minority from other countries) decimate the IT and CS fields.

A Whole Department Replaced by Indians

In 2003, I worked with embedded systems, and a colleague called me, telling me his whole department was being replaced by Indians they would be forced to train first. My friend decided to quit rather than train his own replacement. At the time, I did not think the Indians would ever infiltrate embedded systems programming to the degree they had business applications programming. But fifteen years later, a lot of embedded systems work, or at least the recruiting for it, has become Indian-dominated as well.

Indian Interviews = Time To Put A Gun In One’s Mouth?

An EE friend who had an Indian boss at a local company I interviewed described the experience as making him want to “put a gun in his mouth.”

Luckily, I avoided working for that employer. My nephew’s EE father can no longer do engineering but has been forced to switch to managing off-shore teams to stay employed.

Domestic US Citizens Need to Steer Clear of EE or CS?

I advise anyone who is U.S.-born, or otherwise, a U.S. citizen of any ethnicity to reconsider a career in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science as the prospects for staying employed are not good. This is not an issue of racism. It affects U.S. citizens of every race. For example, one friend displaced by Indians was a formerly Vietnamese national who had worked hard to become a U.S. citizen and educate himself, ironically to have a chance at a better life in America. When that life was stolen from him by H1-B foreigners only ten years into his career as a computer scientist, it was devastating. He only survived because I advised him to pivot into embedded systems work, where H1-B’s had not yet infiltrated at the time.

Quote #2

Being a Muslim from South Asia, I experienced this firsthand. I would report this in writing in my annual review.

Reviews Rewritten by Managers

My Indian manager would re-write my reviews. I worked for an extensive stock exchange, so I’m sure if the tapes are pulled, you can find this.

Violence Against Indians in Retaliation for Discrimination

There have been several cases where Indian managers discriminated against their subordinates, and they paid for it with their life. I hope it doesn’t happen again, but if things continue as is, I’m afraid there will be more as we have seen other workplaces violence. I hope things change for the better.

Quote #3

Indian Workplace Behavior in Australia

I don’t work in the US, but I have worked for a US company in Australia that Indians ran. I am an Afghan Australian woman in the tech industry.

Indian Bullying, Loss of Work-Life Balance and Nepotism

My experience has been consistently the same in every company where there was an influx of Indian workers; the bullying, loss of work-life balance, nepotism is rampant.

Expose This In the Media

I think the only way to mitigate this trend is to have this phenomenon exposed in the media. We have addressed social issues like the holocaust, Islamophobia, racism against colored people, like any of those topics. It’s not racist to call out injustice.

Pushing the Caste System Into Non-Indian Countries

Indian culture has been seeped in the caste system for thousands of years, and they are now trying to take root in countries around the world.

Mental Harassment from Indians

It is a form of mental harassment that not only stifles work but affects your health and well-being. I am married to an Indian man, and in no way am I prejudiced against Indians. My opinion has been formed after working and trying to pacify my coworkers for nearly a decade. There are bad apples in every society/race. But I notice Indian workers as their mob-mentality is unlike anything I have seen in other cultures.

Quote #4

Indians make life a living hell for domestic workers by frustrating you until you leave,

Quote #5

Time For Mental Health Counseling?

I have PTSD syndrome after working with an Indian manager and his Indian protégé who get a job without experience or any certificate, get twice more pay and pushed me out. I was searching for a new IT job but I am afraid it will happen again 🙁

Quote #6

Their willingness to work 12 hrs with zero work-life balance skews their perception of hard-working domestic workers who can’t carry the same workload.

Being Pushed Into a Corner by Indian Work Environments

I don’t have my parents living with me to take care of my kids while I only work. I feel like I’m being pushed into a corner by the pressure to keep up with their unrealistic expectations.

Damaged Mental Health

They stressed me out enough that I had to take medical leave.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen more and more of my friends/coworkers be under similar pressure and almost forced to leave their respective companies. What’s commonplace in India is not in the US. But with Indian leadership now taking over, it’s an unspoken expectation. They are running good people out for reasons stated in your article.

Quote #7

Protest Indian Abuse — Get Fired

I got fired from an IT company when I openly protested an Indian manager abusing a female coworker. She was often in tears, and he was constantly insulting her.

Indian Sabotage

The system Administrator was his relative, so they blocked my laptop out of the network and literally sabotaged my work.

Happy to Leave

I was happy to leave and landed another job in 4 hours the same day. In 99% of the cases of Indian interviewers are present, I’ve also noticed that I don’t get an offer, while I’ve got an offer in 50% of other interviews. I am a Caucasian male, quite qualified in my domain, and I have run a consulting business for almost 10 years.


Indians degrade the mental health of those people who are forced to live with Indians. Indians are constantly undermined and targeting the jobs of domestic IT workers to be replaced by other Indians. Indians surveil work environments and go about rigging them to work in opposition to the interests of domestic IT workers.

Ultimately, Indians win because their culture teaches them how to overwhelm others with persistence and deception. Indians are in a constant state of trying to gain control over others. Western brains are not designed to deal with this type of manipulation. While they are winning and getting everything they want, it causes mental health issues in the people they are beating as the realization kicks in that they were deceived.

Personal Experiences Excluding All Indians

One of the best ways to improve your mental health – is to have nothing to do with Indians. As a person who dealt with Indians for decades in IT, after I stopped having any involvement with Indians, my life satisfaction improved.

Furthermore, it’s not only Indians — if you have friends or family that Indians are psychologically torturing – they will eventually bring their problems (Indian-induced autoimmune disorders) to your doorstep. Some people that I warned against Indians kept exposing themselves to Indians, and as is predictable, they suffered the negative consequences.

Indian IT Survey Results

To see our ongoing survey, which includes graphs of responses and specific comments from domestic workers all over the world who have had to work with Indians, see the website

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