Does Anyone Successfully Sue Indians for Discrimination?

Executive Summary

  • One question on the top of domestic IT worker’s minds is whether Indians can be sued for discrimination.


The constant discrimination on the part of Indians against non-Indians is a continual onslaught for domestic IT workers worldwide. One question that we often receive is the following.

Has anyone successfully sue a company and won? Or do we keep losing our jobs?


See our references for this article and other articles on Indian IT Discrimination at this link.

Our Answer

That is a good question because the answer is no. I have not seen judgments against firms that discriminate against domestic IT workers.

The discrimination is so universal, and yet you barely hear about any lawsuits.

Is Bringing Lawsuits Against Indians for Discrimination Racist?

Bringing lawsuits against non-whites is “racist.” It does not appear to occur to the population non-whites can discriminate against whites. However, I don’t think that non-whites get much protection from Indians either.

A Fine Paid by Infosys

I recall one for violating H1-B, but it was something like a $34 million fine to a behemoth like Infosys, which we cover in the article Who Got the $34 Million Fine from the Infosys H1-B Fraud Case. 

This covers how Indians exploit US diversity rules How Indians Exploit US Diversity Rules While Practicing Extreme Forms of Discrimination. 

Indian Immunity Extends to Tax Evasion

Here is an example of taxes being evaded and nothing being done, as we cover in the article Companies Violating H1-B Visa Law Have Workers in the US Paying No Income Tax.

The Corporate Controlled Media Does Not Cover IT Indian Discrimination

Readers should notice that the media does not cover the story. So, pressure does not build in public. It’s off the radar. People tell me about our legal system, but really it is a joke. It is rigged to respond to the highest bidder. Over the past few decades, increasing numbers of conservative judges have been appointed to all levels of the judiciary, meaning the legal system has greatly increased in its corruption. Conservative judges tend to follow the “survival of the fittest” ideology and are reticent to support judgments against businesses.

No IT Labor Unions

Furthermore, there is no union among IT workers. That is what would push for changes, but it does not exist. So the enormous multinationals are getting everything they want.


It is very clear that the objective is to make the US more like Brazil or any other Latin American country. This is generally called neoliberalism.

This is combined with heavily financializing the economy so that all things (housing, health care, insurance, schooling) are exorbitant. This, combined with keeping wages low through continual immigration, sets forth a “total control” over workers. They are pushed up against the wall with expenses, reducing their freedom to switch jobs, and then Indians come in to push them out of those jobs they need more than ever to keep up with rising expenses.