Financial Analysts Have Figured Out the Covid Vaccines Either Don’t Work Or Had Their Efficacy Enormously Exaggerated

Executive Summary

  • The vaccine manufacturers’ claims regarding the efficacy of their vaccines and the future potential of mRNA technology do not seem to be accepted by financial analysts.


The covid vaccine manufacturers have seen their stock prices decline significantly to go back to where they were before the pandemic. We have been saying that none of the vaccines actually work, and their studies were falsified to get through FDA Emergency Use Authorization. Furthermore, the vaunted mRNA technology also does not work. Now it appears that the financial analysts have also figured this out.

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Video Interview with Louis-Vincent Gave

Gave makes the following interesting points in this video interview with Louis-Vincent Gave.

Point #1: The Vaccine Manufacturers Stocks Have Declined Very Significantly

The vaccine manufacturers claim that they have used unique technology that led to the breakthroughs in the vaccines and will lead to more breakthroughs using the same technology. If the financial analysts thought that was true, the stocks would not be where they are now.

Point #2: The Efficacy of the Covid Vaccines is Unknown

Without coming out and saying it, Gave essentially intimated that the clinical trials that were submitted to the FDA were BS. We concur and covered this topic in the article How Effective Are The Covid 19 Vaccines?

Gave calls the efficacy in the field “efficiency,” which we have never heard used before. It is still efficacy, but it is efficacy in a rigged pharma controlled study, versus efficacy, which is essentially meaningless as drug companies can do whatever they like in the study and the FDA only sees the paperwork after the fact. The reality is that the efficacy in the field does not match the efficacy in the study because the studies were faked.

At the 6:50 mark of the video, the host states how surprising it was that all the vaccines had around a 95% efficacy. We covered in the previous article how those numbers for all the vaccine manufacturers were always fake. We covered the exaggeration of the effectiveness in the article Are the Pfizer and Moderna Exaggerating the Effectiveness of their Corona Virus Vaccines?

The host then says that efficacy is what was not promised. And he is correct. The attempt by Gave to create a new term, “efficiency,” to mean efficacy in the field might be an attempt to deflect any criticism or censorship that he might face from calling the vaccines ineffective or very low in effectiveness. The somewhat amusing thing is that the studies presented to the FDA show around a 1% efficacy. The vaccines are useless, and it is only misleading math that ever made them look effective against covid.

Point #3: The Moving Goalposts of What the Covid Vaccines Did

At the 8:45 mark, Gave observes that the public was promised if they got the vaccine, they would not get covid. He notes how that then changed, and the goalpost was moved to lessen the depth of the disease, which the vaccines were not given Emergency Use Authorization for. Then the public was told that if you get the vaccines, you won’t spread covid, but then that turned out to be untrue, as we covered in the article How The Covid Vaccines Do Nothing to Stop The Vaccinated From Getting Or Transmitting Covid. After this, the goalposts were moved again to be that those vaccinated were far less likely to die. The problem with this analysis, according to Gave, is that the two groups (vaccinated and unvaccinated) are not the same group, and therefore the groups cannot be compared. Gave might be the first person I have ever observed to point out that this is an apple and orange comparison.

Point #4: The Current Claims About the Vaccines Are Likely Not True

At the 11:50 mark, the host points out that given the history of the claims made about the vaccines, even some of the claims made today may end up not being true. This is something we agree with. From our analysis of the studies presented to the FDA, we concluded that the vaccines never did anything against covid. They were all adverse event and had no benefit, and they worsened the health of every person that was vaccinated. The vaccines are dangerous, as we cover in the article How Safe Are the Covid Vaccines VS Ivermectin and Remdesivir?

Point #5: The Countries That are More Vaccinated Show No Benefit Versus Covid

At the 13:00 mark point, Gave observes that a highly vaccinated country like Isreal has performed far worse than South Africa, even though Isreal is far more vaccinated. Gave also observes that Africa and India were predicted to be hit very hard with covid, and they were not.

Point #6: The Standards Were Reduced Due to Panic

At the 21:00 mark, Gave points out that all of the normal standards for approval of vaccines were eliminated.

A Point Unaddressed

What Gave did not address, but which I think he would agree with, is that not only do the mRNA vaccines not work, but Moderna has had disappointing new drug development based upon mRNA technology. We have pointed out that mRNA is a scam for some time now, and cover this in the article The Problem With mRNA Vaccines.

Notice Pfizer spiked in August of 2021. Notice how much the stock price declined to somewhat higher than prior to July of 2021. This indicates that financial markets don’t see a lot of future revenues from the Pfizer vaccine. 

The same pattern is more obvious in Moderna which has a single product, their covid vaccine. Notice that the stock price is lower in February of 2022 than even before the covid vaccine was introduced.  


What is interesting about this is that it seems acceptable to question the effectiveness of the vaccines within the context of financial analysis.

However, if one questions the effectiveness of the vaccines from a scientific perspective, it seems that that analysis is considered unacceptable and will be censored by Big Tech.

Media and Health Authority Information Control

Controlling the information about covid is a primary way the pandemic was manufactured, which is covered in the article Pandemic In A Box: The Specific Steps Used to Create the Covid Pandemic.