How Indian Recruiters Gain Access to Unpublished IT Roles

Executive Summary

  • Indians have taken over IT recruiting but not by being good at recruiting.
  • Indian recruiters are given inside information they should not possess.


One of the open questions has been how Indians have so thoroughly taken over IT recruiting. Indian recruiters and recruiting firms have developed a terrible reputation — so they are never chosen by those looking for a job or contract. However, Indians have always seemed to have access to open roles.

In this article, we cover how they were able to gain access to this role information.

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How Employees Traffic in Private Company Information

This is explained in the following quotation.

Indians cornered the IT market in united states by being in charge of hr and recruiting.

When a vacancy opens up the Indian origin hiring manager notifies indians body shops before notifying HR. The job remains hidden from general public view., and /or job requirements are artificially inflated so no one meets the Requirement. One city of India (Hyderabad) and area within less than 30 miles radius has more people in US IT than All of US Born, that goes to show the absurdity of the situation. Indians Are Gatekeepers to IT Jobs, & Deny US IT Opportunity

Indians as Gatekeepers

This is directly related to our article, The Problem With Indians as GateKeepers for US IT Purchases, which explains how Indians do this in other areas as well.


Indians are undeniably bad recruiters, which we cover in the article The Frightening Rise of the Indian Recruiters in IT, and Preparing Your Mind to Deal with Oracle and Indian Recruiters. However, their poor quality their poor treatment of resources, and their poor contracts they offer to employees, as we cover in the article Contract Clauses to Watch Out for In Indian Professional Service Agreements, does not matter if they have exclusive access to roles. If they are being fed these roles by employees of companies who are rigging the system in favor of t their Indian friends outside of the company.

This cheating has allowed Indians to both take over IT recruiting in the US and to place Indians into positions that would ordinarily be taken by domestic US workers — if Indians did not rig the system against them.

How Indians Combine Multiple Corrupt Strategies Against US Domestic Workers

When the falsified resumes, as we cover in the article Why Dealing with Indian Recruiters is Futile and Pointless for Domestic Workers, and falsified credentials by Indians, as we cover in the article How Indians Coordinate to Falsify IT Certifications, and their active targeting of the jobs of US domestic workers that they undermine to have an Indian contact take the US domestic worker’s place as we cover in the article How Indian IT Workers Discriminate Against Non-Indian Workers it becomes a devastating combination that roots out more worthy US domestic workers out of their jobs and increasingly out of their careers in IT.