How Patients Became Confrontational From Being Killed By The NIH Covid Vaccine Protocols

Executive Summary

  • The NIH treatment protocols are deadly for covid patients.
  • Patients have become “problematic” by not always passively accepting this dangerous treatment.


We cover in the article How The US Covid Treatment Protocol Maximized Hospital Admissions and Deaths that the NIH covid treatment protocol kills a high percentage of the people placed on it. As many covid patients have become aware of this, it has caused “friction” between new patients, hospital staff, and hospitals in general.

In an October 2021 article in the progressive outlet Mother Jones, they presented both false information and the view of the corrupt medical establishment on the effectiveness of the US covid treatment protocol.

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Patients And Families of Patients Picking Up On How Deadly the NIH Covid Treatment Protocols Are

He says he also lost another friend to the virus three weeks ago. This time, the hospital put his friend on a ventilator, which he says “destroyed his lungs and he died.” So now he’s in front of the hospital trying to spread the message that hospitals kill. Johnson says he’s not anti-vaccine; he and the other protesters are just interested in freedom of choice. “We’re not ignorant people,” he says. “We’re just wondering why it’s not OK to question.” – Mother Jones

It’s not ok to question because the medical establishment, pharmaceutical companies, and Mother Jones do not want their treatment protocol questioned, nor the vaccine’s effectiveness and safety.

People Who Have Their Parents Killed By The Covid Treatment Protocol Must Be Intimidated By Doctors?

Earlier this month, Leavitt claimed on Facebook that the IHC hospital in St. George had killed her parents, who died within minutes of each other in late September. She wrote that when her mother entered the hospital, the doctor planned to put her on a ventilator and administer Remdesivir. “I gave him a Big Hell NO,” Leavitt wrote. In response, she wrote, the doctor told her that he was going to write “Do not resuscitate” in her mother’s chart, asking, “Is that what you want?” She says the doctor then informed her that if she didn’t want to follow the protocol, her mother didn’t qualify for ICU care, and he moved her to another floor of the hospital to die without receiving Leavitt’s treatments of choice, such as IV vitamins and the deworming drug Ivermectin. – Mother Jones

Has Mother Jones analyzed the covid treatment protocol used by US hospitals?

We ask because it does not appear that Mother Jones is known if this treatment protocol is effective or not effective. The mortality rate for Remdesivir is roughly similar to if the MD brought out a revolver, put three bullets in it, then spun the cylinder, and then pointed at your relative. Under that mathematical likelihood, would you not be justified in tackling the MD?

Mother Jones may want to look up the topic of informed consent. We cover the violation of informed consent in the article How The US Medical Establishment Violated Informed Consent and Coerced Covid Vaccination.

The quote continues.

“Why do hospitals deny proven therapies? Deny patients IV vitamins?” she continued in her Facebook post. “This is a very dark time in the history of healthcare. The equivalent of medical malpractice. They overtreat with deadly drugs. Remdesevier and ventilation. If a patient refuses this protocol, the hospital will then under treat wait and watch the patient die. It’s barbaric, bad medicine.” – Mother Jones

That is easy to answer. The hospitals have no choice in the matter related to covid treatment protocols. They are required to follow the NIH’s protocols and to maximize revenues. If Medicare pays $40,000 to place covid patients on ventilators, they will be placed on ventilators. In particular, private hospitals have no objective other than profit maximization. Treatment of conditions is entirely secondary to profits for the hospital. Hospitals are so focused on profits they won’t pay 5 cents per surgical mask to US mask manufacturers and buy 1 cent masks from China.

Patients Have Politically Incorrect Views On Ventilators And Remdesivir?

In August, Dalley aired a show detailing how she supposedly saved her diabetic husband from murderous hospital staff when he got “COVID pneumonia.” She claims he entered the hospital with extremely low oxygen levels after the Ivermectin he was taking didn’t cure him. (It was just too low a dose, she concluded.) Doctors wanted to put him on a ventilator. Instead, he walked out of the ICU after just three-and-a-half days because when he was admitted, she had demanded that the hospital give him massive, intravenous doses of vitamin C. She provides instructions on her website for people who want to fight a hospital COVID protocol, including advice like, “Don’t let them do Remdesivir. It can cause organ failure,” and “REFUSE THE VENT. Over and over and over and over. Be firm. Be nice. Be firm.” – Mother Jones

There were other treatments aside from Ivermectin that could have been used. Vitamin D (most people are deficient in Vitamin D, which is covered in the article The Cover-Up by the Medical Establishment on Vitamin D Levels, monoclonal antibodies, etc. The items one should use are covered in the article Why Are Some Natural Supplements Treatments Against Covid? However, you won’t get any of these things from hospitals.

Onc again, patients have the right to deny treatments they disagree with. The hospitals, the NIH, and Mother Jones can complain about it as much as they like, but that is the patients’ right.

Covid Patients Should Not Fight Deadly Treatments?

In September, the medical director of Park City Hospital in Summit County, which has the highest vaccination rate in the entire state, told the county health board that patients coming into the hospital with COVID were behaving very differently than they had in the past. “We’re seeing hate in their eyes,” Dr. Wing Province told the board, according to the Park Record. Nurses and doctors working in the overburdened ICU were dealing with hostile patients who often didn’t believe they were infected or demanded unproven treatments. Some had even become violent because they believed, as the protesters do, that the hospital was trying to kill them. – Mother Jones

These are not unproven treatments. This is a standard pharma-controlled media explanation. It is sad to see what were previously questioning outlets like Media Jones convert into shills for the medical establishment. The real Mother Jones for which the magazine is named fought against the tyranny of unfair employers. However, in the modern age the magazine that bears her name aligns itself with the powerful rather than questioning the powerful.

It is the opposite, as the treatments in the US treatment protocol are unproven.

You can check the many studies that support these treatments at the website, which is far more authoritative and transparent than anything done by the FDA.