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  • This article explains the questions we have been getting regarding Ivermectin dosage and sourcing.

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This article covers topics around the appropriate Ivermectin dosage in humans, how health authorities are aligned against Ivermectin, whether there are specific dosages for different cancers, as well as Ivermectin’s benefits.


We have been getting many questions from those regarding treatment specifics for COVID or cancer or who have a family member with cancer about Ivermectin dosage and sourcing, as well as finding MDs who will deal with patients who are interested in Ivermectin treatment.

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A bit about us -- we have a subscription website that provides people with everything they need to know about using Ivermectin for several diseases. Cancer is just one of our most researched areas.

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Repeating Patterns of Medical Establishment Corruption

The topic of Ivermectin has become a repeat of the corrupt medical establishment covered by the movie Dallas Buyers Club. This movie was very popular but did not impact the medical establishment in terms of changing anything. A later drug — called Remdesivir (another repurposed chemotherapy drug) also killed large numbers of people and was promoted by the NIH, FDA, and CDC. AZT was the approved AIDS protocol and still is many decades after its deadly pattern has become well established.

How AZT Was Dr. Fauci’s “Death Potion #1”

AZT is a drug that quickly killed people and was preferred by Dr. Fauci based on faulty hypotheses and pharmaceutical interests

While AZT was and is deadly, it is a highly profitable, on-patent, and extremely expensive drug.

Therefore, the preferred treatment of the medical establishment is considered a significant success. Far superior treatments (it’s hard to get a worse treatment than AZT), is not being approved or even considered for approval. This is the same issue with cancer drugs — the worst treatments are the conventional treatments. The best treatments — which include Ivermectin are suppressed by the medical establishment due to a lack of profitable outcomes for the entities that control the policy of the medical establishment. (I cover the effectiveness of all conventional cancer treatments at the subscription site.)

It is incredible to watch this movie and see that nothing has changed from this time in the US medical system.

If you are curious, Fauci’s Death Potion #2 was Remdesivir, the deadly treatment he pushed through from covid.

Issue #1: The Complications Involved with Ivermectin Dosage

The only approved dosage of Ivermectin is to treat parasites, as it is the only approved for Ivermectin by FDA, even though many studies have been published showing the benefits of Ivermectin for not only cancer but many other benefits, including immunomodulation. (See more at The Ivermectin Dosage Guide)

We predict that the FDA will never approve Ivermectin for use other than treating parasites.

Issue #2: How We Arrived At Our Recommended Ivermectin Dosage

We reviewed many studies on Ivermectin for different types of treatment, but with the most significant emphasis on treating cancer.

These studies demonstrate that Ivermectin is effective against cancer. I cover the studies for which Ivermectin studies exist and do not exist at the article Cancers for Which Ivermectin Has Been Demonstrated as Effective.

What the Medical Establishment Says About These Studies

The medical establishment says it is either flawed or doesn’t exist. Look at websites controlled by pharmaceutical companies and medical establishments (WebMD, Healthline, Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins, The Mayo Clinic, etc.). They don’t even address the existence of these studies. This is true even though many of these studies are published on the NIH website (I include the links to the NIH studies in the articles at the subscription site), meaning their studies are hosted at the NIH. The NIH does not acknowledge their existence in public comments.

The NIH and the Mayo Clinic, etc, will advise cancer patients to follow conventional cancer treatments, even though the outcomes from these treatments are very poor. This shows you who these entities work for.

The C19Early Clinical Trial Comparison Website

The website tracks clinical trials. It is the best source of information on the studies of the effectiveness based upon clinical trials of different treatments for covid. However, it is more than this - as it is a model for how clinical trials should be communicated to the public so the corrupt medical establishment does not control the information. This is the website the medical establishment does not want you to see because they want to provide false information to the public to suppress the drug they don't make enough profit from. They want to be able to hide the actual results of the clinical trials from the public but then also say they are "following the science."

Even though this website does not track cancer clinical trials, I will use it to demonstrate how the medical establishment suppresses cost-effective treatments. They do this in all areas of medicine, so cancer treatments are not unique.

What The C19Early Website Shows

The website C19Early overturns their arguments on the effectiveness of the medical establishment's recommended treatments. It shows the effectiveness and low cost of treatments they try to hide from the public. This naturally shows them as the pharmaceutical company propagandists they are.

How This Example from Covid Generalizes for Cancer Treatments

Observe the comparative effectiveness of their favored treatments versus those they actively suppress. This example is taken from COVID-19 -- however, the medical authorities work the same way in terms of suppressing low-cost, effective treatments for cancer while promoting the most expensive and least effective -- and, in many cases, utterly ineffective cancer treatments.

Cost Per Life Saved for Covid

Notice that the top treatments per life saved ranked by cost are all-natural items.

  • The reason is simple. Most people are deficient in Melatonin, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Zinc. These items address these deficiencies and allow the immune system to function correctly. 
  • Ivermectin is listed as the subsequent most cost-effective treatment. Then HCQ or hydroxychloroquine is next after that. However, remember that the establishment media told us the HCQ was not effective against covid -- the primary reason they provided was that Trump said it was probably effective and that he took it and felt better.

Because the first four items (non-drugs) are much less expensive than Ivermectin or HCQ, they are more effective per dollar than the top four items. Every one of these treatments was suppressed by the medical establishment in favor of drugs like Molnupiravir, Paxlovid, and Remdesivir (the last being part of the official CDC protocol for COVID) -- even though these drugs are highly ineffective and far less safe than the items that scored the highest. Look at the cost per life saved versus the first items on the list. 

This is clear evidence that the medical establishment pushes people towards the most expensive and often far less effective treatments that are profit-maximizing for drug companies. Notice that the drug that was part of the covid protocol was Remdesivir -- as you can see at the end of the list -- has a cost of nearly $1.5 million per life saved. Why is this the recommended drug by the NIH and CDC? It should be obvious. 

The more expensive the treatment, the more likely the drug companies and medical establishment will want people to take that treatment -- and for very obvious reasons - the medical establishment is optimizing around the most expensive treatments. 

I cover this topic with a specific case study in How Merck Falsified the Clinical Trails of Molnupiravir to Replace Ivermectin.

Is There a C19Early Type Website for Cancer Treatments?

Unfortunately, there is no website like C19Early for cancer treatments. If one existed, it would be highly damaging to the claims of the cancer establishment. It would also show roughly the same thing -- with the medical establishment and cancer centers optimizing around the most expensive cancer treatments and not offering any of the lowest cost, most effective treatments. 

Ivermectin and Cancer

In addition to covid, Ivermectin also works against cancer. I cover the specific mechanisms by which it works at the subscription site.

The Complications Of Arriving at a Universal Ivermectin Dosage

The problem is that there are questions on dosage for many applications (cancer, blood thinning, autoimmune disorders, COVID-19 vaccine treatment, etc..) for which Ivermectin can be used. Currently, the most common dosage that is applied to the off-label use of Ivermectin versus cancer is the dosage taken from Ivermectin’s use as an antiparasite drug.

This dosage is far too low. The medical authorities have further decreased the dosage of Ivermectin that they recommend to the public to reduce the effectiveness of the drug. Essentially, any website run by a member of the medical establishment provides unreliable information about Ivermectin for anything but its use as an antiparasitic drug. What the medical establishment would like to do is to remove Ivermectin as an option for the public.

The FDA Only Approves the Ivermectin as an Antiparasitic

The FDA only approves Ivermectin as an anti-parasitical drug. But it is highly unlikely any pharmaceutical company will ever go to the expense to perform a clinical trial on Ivermectin, as there are no profits to be made from such an endeavor — and that is the only way drugs are approved.

Pharmaceutical companies are far more likely to fund studies undermining Ivermectin, as Bill Gates’ Foundation did with Hydroxychloroquine.

The US Government Health Authorities Are Aligned With Promoting Only Patent Drugs

Studies have continued on Ivermectin, but the NIH or other pharmaceutical companies will not fund them.

The Importance of The NIH Stopping Any Funding For Ivermectin Studies

Notice that none of the studies on Ivermectin were performed in the US. The US has by far the largest national medical research budget in the world, and so if the US is not performing studies, this is not only a negative but tells us something peculiar about what the NIH is deciding not to fund in the area of cancer research.

Zero is the number of studies funded by the NIH on Ivermectin. The NIH will not fund studies into generic drugs, as the NIH is controlled by pharmaceutical companies and they have deep financial ties to them. Funding research into generic drugs could end up showing those drugs as effective, which is a threat to pharmaceutical profits, which the NIH is dedicated to maximizing. 

At the direction of pharmaceutical companies, the FDA actively discourages using Ivermectin. Neither the FDA nor NIH cares about the evidence supporting Ivermectin — Ivermectin is a generic drug — as it is old and has come off of its patent, which is a problem for their sponsors.

Issue #3: The Surprising Aspect With Ivermectin Sourcing

Ivermectin sourcing was much more complicated than we initially anticipated — and this is because the market for generic drugs is much more inefficient, with much higher price variances than we knew. With our Ivermectin recommended dosage, buying Ivermectin from public sources can get expensive. This is why we tested different low-cost Ivermectin versions to develop our recommended version, which we worked with Summit Products to carry.

About Our Dosage Calculator and More Information on Ivermectin

The dosage calculators for both cancer and use against the health damage caused by the COVID-19 vaccines -- as well as Ivermectin sourcing, safety, and more (over 140 articles on Ivermectin the most information anywhere on Ivermectin, and 800 total articles on medical and health topics) -- is all accessible at our subscription site.

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  • They carry the Ivermectin we tested for bioequivalence 
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  • This source makes Ivermectin much more accessible and has passed our testing.

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