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  • This article explains the questions we have been getting regarding Ivermectin dosage and sourcing.


We have been getting many questions from those regarding treatment specifics for covid or cancer or who have a family member with cancer about dosage and sourcing, as well as finding MDs who will deal with patients that are interested in Ivermectin treatment.

The topic of Ivermectin has become a repeat of the corrupt medical establishment covered by the movie Dallas Buyers Club. This movie was very popular but did not impact the medical establishment in terms of changing things. AZT was the approved AIDS protocol. AZT is a drug that quickly killed people and was preferred by Dr. Fauci based on faulty hypotheses and pharmaceutical interests.

AZT is a deadly drug, but it is an on-patent drug and extremely expensive. Therefore, the preferred treatment of the medical establishment, with all other far superior treatments (it’s hard to get a worse treatment than AZT) not being approved or even considered for approval.

It is amazing to watch this movie and then see that nothing has changed from this time in the US medical system.

Issue #1: The Complications Involved with Ivermectin Dosage

The only approved dosage of Ivermectin is to treat parasites, as it is the only approved for Ivermectin by FDA, even though many studies have been published showing the benefits of Ivermectin for not only cancer but many other benefits, including immunomodulation. We predict that the FDA will never approve Ivermectin for any other use than to treat parasites.

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Issue #2: How We Arrived At Our Recommended Ivermectin Dosage

We reviewed many studies on Ivermectin for different types of treatment. These studies show Ivermectin is effective, which the medical establishment says is either flawed or doesn’t exist. Some of these studies are published on the NIH website — which means they are hosted at the NIH, but the NIH does not acknowledge their existence in public comments.

Issue #3: The Surprising Aspect With Ivermectin Sourcing

Ivermectin sourcing was much more complicated than we anticipated — and this is because the market for generic drugs is much more inefficient, with much high price variances than we knew. With our Ivermectin recommended dosage, buying Ivermectin from public sources can get expensive.

This is why we have several sourcing options in an article on our subscription site.