The Cancers For Which Ivermectin Has Been Demonstrated to be Effective

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Executive Summary

  • Ivermectin is proven to treat a variety of different cancers.


In a previous article titled How Ivermectin Is Useful for Treating Cancer we covered the evidence for the benefits of Ivermectin for cancer. But the question of which cancers Ivermectin has been proven effective is a constant source of questions.

This article provides an overview coverage of these specific cancers.

Which Cancers Has Ivermectin Been Demonstrated to Treat?

In earlier versions of this article, we were asked which cancers or organs Ivermectin was found to be effective. The answer is Ivermectin is effective for many types of cancer.

Here is the list. It is not necessarily comprehensive, as we add to the list over time. Furthermore, it is unlikely that these are the only cancers for which Ivermectin is effective. This is because things that Ivermectin does against these cancers are also crucial in fighting cancer generally. However, these are just the studies we were able to find so far that Ivermectin works to combat and prevent.

To see the specific quotes from the original research and more description, just select the link to the be taken to the article that covers the specific cancer type.

Cancer Type #1: Lung Cancer

See this article.

Cancer Type #2: Gastric Cancer or Digestive Cancer

See this article.

Cancer Type #3:Breast

See this article.

Cancer Type #4:Urinary Cancer

See this article.

Cancer Type #5:Hematological Cancer or Blood Cancer or Leukemia

See this article.

Cancer Type #6:Ovarian Cancer

See this article.

Cancer Type #7:Cervical Cancer

See this article.

Cancer Type #8:Brain Cancer

See this article.

Cancer Type #9:Melanoma or Skin Cancer

See this article.

Cancer Type #10:Colorectal Cancer

See this article.

The Importance of The NIH Stopping Any Funding For Ivermectin Studies

Notice that none of the studies on Ivermectin were performed in the US. The US has by far the largest national medical research budget in the world, and so if the US is not performing studies, this is not only a negative but tells us something peculiar about what the NIH is deciding not to fund in the area of cancer research.

Zero is the number of studies funded by the NIH on Ivermectin. The NIH will not fund studies into generic drugs, as the NIH is controlled by pharmaceutical companies and they have deep financial ties to them. Funding research into generic drugs could end up showing those drugs as effective, which is a threat to pharmaceutical profits, which the NIH is dedicated to maximizing. 

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Two Major Areas Where Ivermectin is Proven to Fight Cancer

Two critical and common areas that Ivermectin helps with are the following:

Beneficial Area #1:Ivermectin and Apoptosis

Apostosis is the technical term for programmed cell death. The cells in a body need to respond to chemical messengers that it is time for cells to die.

Beneficial Area #2:Ivermectin’s Effect on Immunomodulation

Immunomodulation is the calibration of the immune system so that it responds appropriately. We will be addressing both of these issues on our in-process subscription website.

Why Are Anti Parasitic Drugs Effective Against Cancer?

Ivermectin has been pilloried by establishment media and the medical establishment for being an anti-parasitic, and therefore people that use it against covid or cancer are “anti-science.” However, the scientific literature is clear that anti-parasitic drugs are very often effective against cancer. During the covid epidemic, health authorities repeatedly issued statements that were contrary to the scientific literature. “Follow the science” has come to mean, ignoring the scientific literature, but listening to health authorities, who all have extensive financial conflicts.

If you are interested in understanding why this class of drugs works against cancer, see the article The Mechanism of How Anti Parasitic Drugs Work to Mitigate Cancer.

Dosing and Sourcing

This is an area we are still researching to find out more see the article On the Topic of Ivermectin Dosage and Sourcing.