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This is the reference list for the Facebook articles, as well as interesting quotes from these references at Brightwork Research & Analysis.

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Reference #1: Article Titled:

Why Facebook Needs to be Broken Up by the FTC

Reference #2: Article Titled:

Lean In: Just Not at Facebook: FaceBook’s Mass Hypocrisy on Workers and Discrimination


Reference #3: Article Titled:

How Facebook’s Entire Business Model is Based Upon Surveillance

Reference #4: Article Titled:

Was Facebook’s Monopoly Considered Less Monopolistic Because it Was Free?

Reference #5: Article Titled:

How The Closed Nature of Social Networks Like Facebook Reinforces their Monopoly Power

Reference #6: Article Titled:

How Facebook is Constantly Lying About its Surveillance of Users

Reference #7: Article Titled:

Facebook’s History of Lying to Advertisers and Media Buyers About Ad Reach


Paradoxically, surveillance capital does not appear to drive innovation. A promising new era of economic research shows the critical role that government and democratic governance have played in innovation and suggests a lack of innovation in big tech companies like Google. Surveillance capitalism’s information dominance is not dedicated to the urgent challenges of carbon-free energy, eliminating hunger, curing cancers, ridding the oceans of plastic or flooding the world with well paid, smart, loving teachers and doctors. Instead, we see a frontier operation run by geniuses with vast capital and computational power that is furiously dedicated to the lucrative science and economics of human prediction for profit.


Reference #8: Article Titled:

How Facebook Tricked its Media Partners into Surveillance with the Like Button

Reference #9: Article Titled:

How Facebook Dismantled its Own Democratic User Privacy Referendum

Reference #10: Article Titled:

How Facebook is the Wrong Company to Protect Us from Misinformation



Reference #11: Article Titled:

How Facebook Hides How it Acquires Information from Apps

Reference #12: Article Titled:

How Facebook Lies About its Default Privacy Settings 


Reference #13: Article Titled:

How Facebook Lied About its Intentions with WhatsApp




Reference #14: Article Titled:

How Facebook Lied About the Changes it Undertook After the Cambridge Analytica Scandal