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ByDesign Definition

Let us review the definition of ByDesign.

SAP Business ByDesign (ByD) is a cloud enterprise resource planning software (Cloud ERP) that is sold and operated as software as a service by SAP SE. It is designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. The software is designed to provide business processes across application areas from financials to human resources with embedded business analytics, mobility, e-learning,[4] and support.

SAP Business ByDesign is built on the principles of a service oriented architecture (SOA). Integration between business capabilities is accomplished via messages. The underlying technology stack is a multi-tenancy enabled SAP NetWeaver stack, leveraging SAP’s in-memory HANA database. – Wikipedia

There are inaccuracies in this Wikipedia entry because the entry is controlled by SAP. These inaccuracies including the following.

  1. Neither ByDesign nor any other SAP product has anything to do with SOA. SAP opposes opening its applications because it would subject it to more competition.
  2. This explanation is dated. NetWeaver is not discussed much anymore, and it is not relevant for implementing ByDesign.
  3. ByDesign does not always use HANA. HANA is a very expensive database, and it is better to not use HANA.

The SAP ByDesign Implementation History

ByDesign is a low-quality ERP system that SAP acquired, that was sunsetted a number of years ago, and then brought back — but as of 2022, has ceased receiving new development. ByDesign is the source of many dissatisfied customers due to the chasm between SAP and SAP consulting company promises about what ByDesign can do and first-hand experience with what ByDesign can do.

About SAP ERP Lawsuits

  • ERP systems are one of the most litigated areas of all software categories.
  • Some of the most significant judgments are also due to failed ERP implementations.
  • Typically experience with ERP systems is gained through working on implementations. However, ERP systems have very distinct areas of functionality that require specialization. This is why it is essential to have research capability, as no implementation resources work across all four significant modules in ERP systems.
  • ERP systems are some of the most significant investments for software buyers. When ERP implementations fail, they have major implications for the company, as covered in the article How National Grid’s SAP Implementation Damaged a Company.
  • SAP has made several false or exaggerated claims about ByDesign. We have been one of the only entities to publish the reality of ByDesign, which otherwise has been a sea of compliant consulting companies and IT analysts who have financial conflicts with SAP, parroting whatever SAP says. A few of our articles on ByDesign include How KPS Continues to Promote HANA for Retail for Lidl After Failure and How SAP Confuses People on ByDesign on Premises Versus ByDesign Cloud.

SAP ByDesign Expert Witness Support

Providing excellent SAP ByDesign expert witness support means understanding all of the areas of the SAP ERP system and the implementation understanding of ERP systems.