The Mechanisms of How Anti Parasitic Drugs Work to Mitigate Cancer

Executive Summary

  • Ivermectin and other antiparasitics work to reduce cancer through a vital mechanism.


In a previous article titled How Ivermectin Is Useful for Treating Cancer we covered the evidence for the benefits of Ivermectin for cancer. But the question of the mechanism for how both Ivermectin and other antiparasite drugs work against cancer.

The first article was more directed towards the layman audience, those with cancer or friends or family who have cancer. This article must get more technical as the mechanisms are complicated and get into detailed biological explanations.

The Relationship Between Antiparasitical Drugs and Cancer Prevention and Treatment

There is some relationship between anti-parasitical drugs and cancer prevention and treatment, which researchers have not explored sufficiently.

The following quotations are illustrative of this relationship.

In practical terms, doctors believe that most people do not really have a parasite problem. This is fostered by the large number of stool parasite tests that are reported negative by conventional labs. As a medical lab technician in my earlier years I can tell you that the responsibility to examine specimens for parasites under the microscope is relegated to a low time and effort priority given all the other testing that labs must accomplish in the course of a day. This is really unfortunate because parasites are present in most people when the specimens are prepared properly and adequate time is spent examining multiple microscope slides thoroughly. Few doctors give much attention to the possibility of parasitic infection when it comes to initiation or continuation of cancers. A partial reason for this is that doctors and patients are under a false belief that our public health and sanitation is effective enough to prevent parasite problems. – Parawellness

This quote proposes that parasites are a blind spot for modern medicine.

Mechanism #1: Killing Parasites

Now we get to the first and most obvious mechanism of Ivermectin: killing or reducing parasite load.

Diagnostic medical parasitology is the branch of medical science that examines body fluids and tissues for the presence of parasites. I have been involved in this since 1966 when I served as an Air Force microbiology technician in Viet Nam. After medical school and a residency in family medicine I continued my career as a parsitologist by setting up and running labs in practices where I worked. Now that I am partially retired, I specialize in parasite exams for people who want to know what is really happening to them. – Parawellness

There is a potential financial bias here, as this person sells parasite test kits. However, this author, Dr. Raphael d’Angelo, may have begun offering this because this research concludes that they are essential as people should know their parasitical load.

  • However, this is not a far-fetched proposal, and there is a relationship between antiparasitics and cancer improvement — therefore, this is a supported contention.
  • Secondly, these kits sell for $326. So this is not some mega-industry with enormous conflicts of interest as with the pharmaceutical industry, cancer-treating medical doctors, cancer-treating hospitals, or the American Cancer Society (which advises against nutrition supplements as we cover in the article The American Cancer Society’s Skepticism of Nutrition Supplements), etc…