What Has Ignorance and Lies by MDs on Covid Treatments Done to Medical Trust?

Executive Summary

  • The medical system’s treatment of covid has been a disaster.
  • People have been denied effective treatment and given ineffective treatments.


  • While reviewing the treatments for covid, I found something of interest regarding the natural supplements as effective as drugs like Ivermectin or Vitamin D or several other supplements and treatments deliberately blocked by the medical system.
  • In contrast, ineffective and dangerous treatments like Remdesivir or placing people on ventilators were used instead.

While writing an article on logic for the supplements selected in the article Why Are Some Supplements Treatments Against Covid?, it became apparent how the treatments I covered are primarily related to giving the immune system what it needs to be effective, and how the medical establishment blocked information on this as well, and how they refuse to talk about the immune system, or how to strengthen the immune system, and place all of their emphasis on vaccines — even though vaccines only work to trigger the adaptive immune system.

In this article, I cover the degradation of credibility of both MDs and the overall medical system.

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Obvious Ignorance or Lies on Ivermectin

I have been taking cattle Ivermectin as it is now difficult to obtain under a prescription, and human and livestock Ivermectin are the same molecules. People have been going to hospitals, demanding Ivermectin, and arguing with MDs over this topic. However, when they go to hospitals, they are told by MDs things the patients know are false, that the FDA does not approve Ivermectin and that no studies show that Ivermectin works.

The following video explains this.

This video is amusing once you have done the research. These doctors are wearing masks, which, as I cover in the article How Effective Are Masks in Reducing the Spread of Covid, and they are unaware of the many studies on Ivermectin being effective against covid, as I cover in the article How Effective is Ivermectin Versus the Pfizer and Moderna Corona Vaccines.

The video segment continually points out that the FDA has not approved Ivermectin for covid while failing to mention that the pharmaceutical industry entirely controls the FDA and that, as I cover in the article How the Media Lied About Japan Not Using Ivermectin for Covonavirus, the countries that have been most effective against covid have used Ivermectin, and not the vaccines.

Finally, even if Ivermectin was utterly ineffective against covid, Ivermectin has five different benefits.

  • Anti Parasitic
  • Anti Bacterial
  • Anti Viral
  • Anti Inflammatory
  • Anti Cancer

Ivermectin should be taken even if one is not concerned with covid, as it has so many other benefits.

Not once have I heard any of these benefits mentioned by the medical establishment, who seem intent on telling me Ivermectin is only for livestock.

Continual False Statements on Ivermectin by MDs

The false statements by MDs on the topic of covid and Ivermectin has rapidly decreased their credibility in my eyes and in the eyes of many others. Normally people do not perform so much research when they have an ailment. However, covid is different. It has promoted a great deal of research, and they can see the inaccuracies provided by the medical system.

MDs are “devastated” that people don’t want their pharmaceutical company-controlled advice. People are demanding things that work, like Ivermectin, which is hurting the doctors’ feelings, who are more interested in their relationships with pharma reps that visit them than their patients. 

Seeing MDs make so many false statements about Ivermectin and covid makes me wonder how many other things that MDs say are also not true, particularly when it comes to treatments that are not profit-maximizing to pharmaceutical companies.

It seems that MDs do not see themselves as independent from pharmaceutical companies.

Commentary on the behavior of MDs during the pandemic is critiqued in the following quotation.

Do you trust your doctor anymore? Honestly?

I don’t mean Dr. Anthony Fauci. How can anybody trust him, with all the prevarications, constant shifts in policy and deceptions, not to mention hiding American taxpayer support for gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Virology Lab and other aspects of the doctor’s dark past revealed in great detail in Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book?

I’m talking about your own personal doctor, the man or woman who has been your friend and trusted counselor for years, maybe decades. How do you feel about that person? Has it changed?

What many are perceiving as a growing mistrust of physicians is one, among many, of the tragic fallouts of the pandemic.

But the great masses of doctors have melted under the pressure of the government, following the party line on the pandemic. If you mention hydroxychlorquine and ivermectin or some other therapeutic or even, in some cases, the apparent superiority of natural immunity, they either don’t hear you or respond condescendingly, then point to the necessity of the vaccine.

At that moment, they are thinking of themselves, of their families, their incomes, their medical licenses, their relationship to their hospital or clinic, medical systems entirely dependent on cooperation, financially and legally, with the ever-changing diktats of the CDC and FDA. – EpochTimes

Shaming Those that Refuse the Covid Vaccines

The title of this video makes it very clear. The New York Times proposes that people in rural areas are dying because they refuse the vaccine.