Why Indian Culture Lacks a Concept of Not Lying

Executive Summary

  • Indians are known for constantly lying.
  • We cover if lying has ever existed as a concept in Indian culture.


In roughly 30 years of immigrating to the US, Indians have developed a reputation as continual liars, and it is nearly impossible to find an honest Indian. This author has been repeatedly lied to by Indians in interactions. This is the identical feature of Indians in India.

This article explains why Indian culture has never gotten to the point where it questions lying.

How India Has Nothing to Do with Western Civilization

There is no concept in Indian culture of not lying to get what you want either way.

Furthermore, this concept of not lying does not exist in many cultures because one’s society has to advance to a point where you acknowledge the importance of things being true that aren’t entirely related to whatever puts money into your pocket.

There is a lot of background to this. European civilizations have dominated scientific development because, in great part, they accepted and pushed forward the very concept of objective thinking.

How Muslims Rejected Objective Thought and Rationalism

For example, the Muslims inherited the works of the Greeks. However, they rejected rationalism around 850 AD because they saw it as a pathway to atheism. I have an article covering how Muslim Society Rejected Greek Rationalism Roughly 200 Years After Learning it From the Persian Empire. 

Are all Europeans and those of European ancestry objective and rational in thinking?

Obviously not.

But I am saying that the concept of objectivity was created in European societies but did not take root in other places as even a concept. European-based societies project their ways of thinking onto Western Civilization cultures without understanding that cultures do not hold the Western ideals as pertinent. For example, India has never had any freedom of speech. Indians that come to the US come for a better economic situation. This does not mean that they value freedom of speech. Most Indians I have interacted with oppose any speech they disagree with.

The Wisdom of Trusting Nigerian Doctors?

There was a major kerfuffle with head CTE due to football. All of this was kicked off by a Nigerian doctor who rigged the results to make it appear that the injuries from playing football were far worse than it was. I wrote an article titled The Problem With Nigerian Doctors Practicing in the First World Countries. 

This Nigerian doctor was a coroner, not a neurologist, and could not even put his brain images in the right order to match his text because he was (repeat it with me) not a neurologist.

The story is a complete outrage, but Hollywood made a movie about it anyway, turning him into a hero. You can put these cultures through medical training, but they have no cultural attachment to what is true. So you can’t get good science out the other end. Nigerian doctors have developed a reputation as being scammers.

Why Can’t India Produce Science?

India has also had no Nobel Prizes since the British left (they won 2 as a colonial territory). All the Indians that did win Nobel Prizes had to win them while citizens of countries they immigrated to. India has none of its own. To see this for yourself, head to our website, Who Won The Nobel Prize.

That is a population of 1.4 billion and not a single Nobel Prize in the country’s history since becoming independent.

That should make one question, “why?”

  1. No Indian college degrees are truly valid.
  2. There is mass cheating in India on exams, and I have been told I could probably buy a Ph.D. for around $9,000 from many Indian universities. So Indians ran around the US talking about their Ph.D. when it was a purchased degree. I have had discussions with Indian Ph.D.s, and I understand and adhere to research rules far more than they do. So what is their Ph.D. really?

The Problem of Continual Lying Generalizes to Other Are Not Part of Western Civilization

In India, Nigeria, and the Middle East, there is no concept of not lying. This is important for Western people to understand when dealing with people not part of Western civilization. You can read more in the article Should You Talk to Indians? 


Indians come to live in non-Indian countries, but they are not part of Western Civilization. As they have back in India, they primarily look at how they can exploit the new countries they call home using every deception they can. Honesty is not considered a virtue in India or for Indians outside of India. Indians consider it virtuous to obtain what one wants by any means necessary. Those who are cheated are said to “lack survival skills.”

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