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  • This article contains comments from the article where did slaves come from and where did slaves go.


These comments are in response to the article Where Did Slaves Come From and Where Did They Go?.

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Comment #1: From Lala24

Whoever wrote this thank you so much!!! This needs to be spoken about! I’m not white but In this time in America where everyone is up in arms i am doing research on such topics to open my mind to some truth I can find. So thank you.

Sure thing.

A big part of tearing down white-based societies is to provide a false history of slavery. Through providing a fake history — these individuals — who have no interest in what is true, will then seek to engage in retribution on those societies. As long as slavery is selectively observed and selectively critiqued — that is only slavery if whites are involved, a false history can be created. Something that is becoming more and more apparent is that a huge portion of the population does not follow a rational model — and they don’t hold out that what is true is important.

Comment #2: Zinnor

The situation is sickening but not surprising. The love of money is the root of all evil (Tosefta Menahot end.)

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