Black Lives Matter

Has Blaming Black Problems on Slavery Become a Fetish for Blacks?

Executive Summary

  • It has become almost a reflex now for blacks to take a black problem, and say its roots lie in US slavery.
  • We analyze the accuracy of this claim.


Using the phrase, “it goes back to slavery,” is such a commonly used phrase by blacks, that its ubiquity by itself should be questioned. What is frequently the case is that when the claim is made, there is no evidence provided to support the assertion.

See our references for this article and related articles at this link.

Non-blacks often feel compelled to agree with any assertion related to slavery by blacks, as not agreeing with the assertion is considered insensitive. And as we cover in the article, Why Do Most Blacks Consider Themselves Experts on Slavery? blacks, regardless of their education/research into the topic of slavery, will often present themselves as experts in slavery — based on their race.

The claim also has the benefit of making the person making the claim appear very learned — and then allows the person to deflect any critique from the behavior of people in their race.

Who is Russell Simmons?

Russell Simmons is a prominent black music industry producer. According to accusations, he is something of a Harvey Weinstein, although to a less egregious degree.

The multiple women that have come forward and accused Russell Simmons of raping them are highly credible. Russell Simmons was a bit a con man, and he showed that a person who enjoyed yoga and talking about achieving inner peace and tranquility could also be a likely serial rapist. 

…and that one could also enjoy a vegan lifestyle, while serially using your position to rape your employees. 

Example of Blaming a Black Problem on Slavery

In the documentary about Russel Simmons, who has been accused by multiple women of rape, a claim is made about the rape of black women by black men as being due to the legacy of slavery.

The following quote comes in at the 42-minute mark.

Lynching is a projection of black men as being dangerous.

This quote proposes that it was white projection that led to black men as being perceived as dangerous. However, as is covered in the video below, black men are far more likely to engage in rape and far more likely to commit violent crime than not just whites but any other race. However, this person commenting, removes the agency from black men (even in the modern-day), because historically black men have been views as more dangerous.

The problem with this is that both today and historically, black men are more dangerous than men of other races. Thus the concept that this is some projection is inaccurate, as a projection describes an illusion or something not true. For example, it is not a projection that basketball players are normally tall. One cannot say that historically there has been a “projection” that basketball players are tall. In fact, in all of the quotes in this documentary, there is not a single reference to the far higher sexual violence rate and violence rate of black men. According, it appears, to these women being interviewed, all of the US crime statistics do not exist, and the higher violence level of black men versus all other races is some either slavery era or Jim Crow projection.

Furthermore, the black culture in the US at least is one of the most promiscuous. How do we know this? Well, blacks have the highest levels of children born from unmarried parents, they have the highest rate of women having children from multiple men, and men having children with multiple women (what many in the black community refer to as so-called baby-mamas). The famous segment “Who is the Father?” where multiple men take paternity tests in a talk show setting, came from black culture. The term “Booty Call” is….do I have to say it — came into the general vernacular from the black culture. Blacks have one of the highest focuses within the culture of promiscuous sex, which tracks with the highest levels of sexually transmitted diseases.

Anyone who has spent any time around the black culture knows this. Thes are not projections. They are quantifiable facts.

The rapper Ludacris, according to this song, had “hoes” in different “area codes.” 

Black men are probably the only men I can think of that refer to their paramours as “hoes,” which is not a girlfriend, but a prostitute.

Is this all a projection? Did the Antebellum South, The Confederacy, or the KKK travel forward in time and make Ludacris record this song? Or rather, is this the culture of at least a significant portion of the black population?

How Violent Was the KKK Versus Historical and Modern Day Blacks?

Blacks in the US constantly refer to the KKK as if they exist in some significant number today and that they were enormously violent and something akin to the Nazis. However, the actual number of blacks killed by the KKK, over the 85 year period called reconstruction, has been estimated to be around 3,446. (although there are lower and higher estimates)

This is 3,446/85 = 40 per year.

The country is significantly larger than during this period, but blacks are the victim of murder, mostly by other blacks, at a higher rate than every two days. These are murders happening today – not back in 1890, but blacks appear to prefer the topic of the dread that was visited upon them by the KKK. As the number of years that have passed, given the amount of violent crime and murders of whites by blacks, it is apparent that since the founding of the US, there have been far more murders of whites by blacks than the other way around. But blacks killing whites is never an issue for blacks, nor is black killing blacks much of a cause for outrage. But as BLM and other black advocates have shown, the primary type of murder they are interested in discussing is the rare occurrences when whites kill blacks. This is one reason that BLM has come to be known as OMBM or Only Black Lives Matter, as we cover in the article Why the Claims by Black Lives Matter on Police Shootings Are False

Secondly, blacks are the number one group that violently victimized other racial groups. However, rather than acknowledge this, US blacks again prefer to talk about the KKK, whose numbers or some rounding error on historical black on black and black on non-black violence. See the video that follows for the astounding statistics on this topic. It is historically statistically rare for whites to murder blacks — but it is quite common for blacks to murder whites.

Who Was Lynched?

Hanging by the neck was the common form of carrying out a death penalty in the US legal system for much of US history. “Lynching,” was when the activity was performed without any involvement from the courts. However, it is extremely rare to hear of modern discussions of non-black individuals.

See the following quotation.

Lynching is premeditated murder committed by a group of people by extrajudicial actionLynchings in the United States first became common in the Southern United States in the 1830s, 1840s, and 1850s, at which time most of the victims were white men.[2] Lynchings of black people rose in number after the American Civil War during Reconstruction; they declined in the 1930s. – Wikipedia

It is frequently presented that lynching was a way of enforcing white supremacy. So how odd it is that it was used against whites.

Blacks will talk about black lynchings, liberal whites will talk about black lynchings, but neither will talk about white lynchings. The number of whites that were lynched is of absolutely no interest to blacks and is unknown by the general population. This is curious as individuals are repeatedly shown being hung in Westerns.

Hanging was also the punishment for desertion in the US military; the Confederate army lynched white southern Union sympathizers. Was this as a way of enforcing white supremacy when whites hung other whites? 

A “lynching” is extrajudicial killing by hanging (typically by hanging, although there were added forms of torture sometimes). However, in many outskirt areas or farming areas, the “judicial” system was not particularly high in integrity. This means that many whites who were hung but not “lynched” received about as much justice as a person who was lynched. In fact, according to Michael J. Pfeifer, lynching occurred due to and was more prevalent in areas where there was a low level of trust in the local judicial system. This background is provided by the following quotation.

Historians have debated the history of lynchings on the western frontier, which has been obscured by the mythology of the American Old West. In unorganized territories or sparsely settled states, law enforcement was limited, often provided only by a U.S. Marshal who might, despite the appointment of deputies, be hours, or days, away by horseback.

People often carried out lynchings in the Old West against accused criminals in custody. Lynching did not so much substitute for an absent legal system as constitute an alternative system dominated by a particular social class or racial group.

Historian Michael J. Pfeifer writes, “Contrary to the popular understanding, early territorial lynching did not flow from an absence or distance of law enforcement but rather from the social instability of early communities and their contest for property, status, and the definition of social order.” – Wikipedia

How Black Advocates Would Like to Present Lynching

Left to blacks, they would present the historical inaccuracy that only blacks were ever lynched, and when they were, it was always by the KKK. The claim that lynching/hanging was somehow a unique punishment applied only to blacks, or that it was some form of white supremacy is not accurate. Secondly, many of the people lynched — of all races — were guilty of a significant crime. Not all, there were unjust lynchings and unjust hangings, but the claim by black advocates that black lynchings were simply due to random acts of white supremacy is also not true.

And again, what is left out is that the mortality rate or risk of lynching that blacks faced was very low. In any year, roughly 40 blacks were lynched in the US in the period where lynching occurred. Noting is the low incidence of black lynching, relative to other forms of mortality, does not have anything to do with or attempt to justify any person who was hung who was not guilty of a serious crime.

Is the US System Not Setup in Any Way to Help Black Victims of Sexual Violence?

The following quote by another black woman is at the 1:11 minute mark.

It is enraging that you are more likely to be harmed, and yet fewer people are going to believe you. Fewer people are going to help you. The system does not appear any way to be set up to help you.

Yes, black women are far more likely to be the victims of rape than any other race. However, it is exceedingly rare for other racial groups to rape black women. This higher likelihood of being raped entirely comes from the far higher propensity black men are to rape.

As far as fewer people being willing to believe you — this is again a feature of the black culture where you are told not to “make a fuss about things” and the general high acceptance of criminal behavior. This is not whites who are less likely to believe blacks. If whites and other non-black races are as racist as blacks tend to propose, then wouldn’t a non-white be more willing to believe an accusation of a rape by a black man? It seems the racism by non-blacks ebbs and flows purely depending upon when it suits the particular narrative the black interviewee is presenting at the time.

As for fewer people being willing to help black women, this may be true because most blacks live in black areas, where police coverage is normally lower (often at the requests of the black community itself which tends to dislike police) however, black women can report rape as can women of other races — and there is no evidence presented that rapes by black men are less likely to be prosecuted than rapes by men of other races. Also, doesn’t this contradict the assertion that the justice system is rigged against black men? Now, under this proposal, when black women are the victims of rape, black men are less likely to be prosecuted?

How can this be true?

The assertion is just the opposite — that blacks and black men specifically are over criminalized. This is now the second time that the racism proposal has conveniently switched sides.

This quote from a third black woman comes in the 1:11:30 mark.

There are at least four black women that blame or partially blame the fact that Russell Simmons, a very powerful and wealthy black promoter, raped and sexually harassed women over decades on slavery).

We are not entering into America’s history with any type of protection. And that has a lot to do wth our history from the Atlantic slave trade.

This quote is strangely worded. Furthermore, the topic of the documentary is Russell Simmons. Rape is illegal in all 50 states and can be reported in all 50 states, and it will be followed up in all 50 states. Defense attorneys do drag women’s name through the mud — but that is done to women of all races.

As white women did with Harvey Weinstein, they did not report these rapes or alleged rapes to the police out of fear for their career. The sexual harassment by Harvey Weinstein went on for the same reason it continued for decades with Russell Simmons — fear of the power of the individual. But that is not a limitation of the US courts. That is a limitation of corporate America, and the concentration of power around powerful people/men. And it appeared to work in the exact same way with Harvey Weinstein, Russell Simmons, and Bill Cosby, incidentally. How is the US justice system supposed to do its job, if it is not made aware of the incidents in the first place?

Therefore, the protection was there, but it was not used by the women who were victims. (and as we will see — the protections for rape victims is far higher in a country like the US than it is in African countries). Women in Africa dream of having United States level protections against rape.

Overall, this has just about zero to do with slavery, the legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, or any other thing that could be pointed to, which is related to black-white relations. Again, all of the women Russell Simmons raped were black — and Russell Simmons is also black. The judicial system which was set up to stop this type of thing was not alerted to the activities of Russell Simmons.

And a similar quote was found in the case of Megan Thee Stallion, a popular rapper, and a woman who was shot in both feet by her boyfriend during an argument.

Megan Thee Stallion Says She’s ‘Hurt’ and ‘Traumatized’ After Being Shot: ‘Black Women Are So Unprotected’

However, how was she unprotected by the overall society? Let us read the facts of her case.

The incident has been buzzed about for weeks, with Megan Thee Stallion on social media talking about the “super scary” shooting and thanking her fans for their support. But until Thursday, the artist, who is enjoying chart-topping success with fellow rapper Cardi B for their single “WAP,” had not named the person she says shot her. She explained in her video that she was fearful of telling police what really happened because of police-involved shootings of Black people.”You think I’m about to tell police that we … us, Black people, got a gun in the car?” she said. “You want me to tell the law that we got a gun in the car so that they can shoot all of us up.” – CNN

So first, as we have covered previously, very few blacks are killed by police. Although, Megan is only 25 years old, so probably does not know this as media is telling her that the Black Lives Matter claims are true. However, there is protection for Megan, but it comes in the form of law enforcement. As with the Russell Simmons, Bill Cosby, and Harvey Weinstein cases, law enforcement must be made aware of illegal activities (such as being shot in both feet), in order for them to provide protection.

“On July 24, our office asked law enforcement for further investigation before making a filing decision on a charge of felony assault with a semiautomatic firearm — personal use of a firearm, against Daystar Peterson,” he said. Los Angeles Police Department spokesman Officer William Cooper told CNN on Friday: “At this point I have not received any new information from the officers regarding the investigation.” – CNN

Is Megan going to cooperate with the police? Is she afraid of being shot by police long after the event, when they are taking her statement also? If Megan wants protections — she needs to avail herself of the legal system. There is no other protection for her — unless she uses her own weapon during these types of arguments. Also, recall that nearly all of the violence against black women is perpetrated by black men. Yet, black women seem to blame the larger society, rather than black men. That is how deep black tribalism is.

Treatment of Slaves Relates to Modern Day Black Rapes by Black Men?

This quote comes in at the 1:21 mark of the video.

When I was 26 years old my dad invited me on a trip to West Africa. And we went to St George’s Castle in Ghana. In the courtyard, the women were chained to a cannonball and they were selected to be raped by the governor or they were raped by the guards. These women had no right to say no for the rest of their lives. More than half the women were pregnant by the time they got on the boat. There was this little room, and there are scratch marks. And this is where the men, who attempted to defend the women were taken to die. Just the cruel intentional break down of the black male-female dynamic from the beginning. I understand the plunder of black men. And I understand the burden of black mane. But I also think its time for someone to acknowledge the plunder and the burden of black women.

This is a horrible story.

However, what does this have to do with Russell Simmons? Did Russell Simmons take the same tour or read a similar story in a book and conclude..

I need to now rape by employees to make up for these past wrongs?

Rape in Africa

And there is another problem with this attempt to create a correlation, and that is that the countries of Africa have what is most likely the highest level of violent sexual crime in the world. And they rank as some of the worst countries to be a woman.

This video describes the epidemic of child rape in South Africa. 

Kenyans seem to like to present a similar logic for their high levels of rape. The assertion by many Kenyans is that the violent acts perpetrated in Kenya are not the fault of those that perpetrate them but are the fault of the history of colonialism in Kenya. Kenya obtained its independence in 1962 — which is now 57 years ago. 

So whether rapes are in the US by black men or in Africa by black men, either slavery or colonialism is primarily to blame.

Curiously, blacks seem more interested in talking about slavery of hundreds of years ago — while turning a blind eye to modern-day slavery. 

Leicestershire MP Andrew Bridgen has told Sky News a “conspiracy of silence” has allowed factories in the city to continue to exploit workers over many years.

“You’ve got a systemic failure of all the protections in Leicester that would prevent this from happening,” Mr Bridgen said.

“I’ve estimated it’s around 10,000 individuals who are effectively in modern slavery providing garments for internet retailers.”

The claim comes on the same day a report based on police records found that across Britain there are at least 100,000 slaves.

The study by the Centre for Social Justice think-tank and the anti-slavery charity Justice and Care claims the issue is likely to intensify in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Blacks in the US are extremely silent on the topic if slavery if that slavery is not the slavery of their ancestors. So modern slavery does not interest them. They need the narrative to be that the only slavery that ever occurred, occurred to their ancestors and only in the US.

Around 3% of slaves in the Atlantic Slave Trade (which is only a small percentage of overall historical slavery) were sent to the US. Why is the other 97% sent to the Caribbean, Central, and South America ignored by US blacks?  

Furthermore, as was alluded to earlier, if the black women in the Russell Simmons documentary don’t feel adequately protected from sexual violence in the US, they should try countries in Africa. There is very little justice in Kenya or South Africa. The silence of a mother of a raped baby was purchased in this video for roughly $250. Rape is often just accepted. The baby was raped because the witch doctor told him that he could cure his aids by having sex with a virgin. And he states that he “feels good” about the activity, even though the baby contracted AIDS because he has been feeling a lot better since he raped the baby.

Is the African justice system is also being remotely controlled by overseas white countries, who don’t have justice systems like this themselves? Yet are stopping African countries from reforming their system so that they prosecute rape?

What is the Actual Black Violent Crime Level

The claims about black mistreatment by the US criminal justice system fall apart when one observes the enormously high violent crime level of blacks versus all other racial groups.

Unless blacks are angry at other blacks for slavery and Jim Crow laws, the predation by blacks on blacks does not make any sense. Nearly all black advocates, BLM, etc.. do their best never to observe or discuss criminal behavior as described in the article above.


The logic for blaming both higher violence levels, but particularly black on black violence levels on the “legacy of slavery,” does not make any sense. Blacks seem to so revel in their special victim status, that they often don’t bother with whether the relationship they are proposing exists makes any sense before going ahead and making it. It appears at every turn, blacks are looking for someone else — preferably whites — to blame for activities that are by blacks on other blacks.  

How is a black man raping a black woman or black man killing another black man related to the “legacy of slavery.” In other cases, black communities with very high gun violence have frequently fallen into the tendency to blame guns. As we cover in the article Is Gun Culture or Black Culture to Blame for Gun Violence?, if it weren’t for the black population in the US, the gun violence issue would nearly disappear from view. For example, predominantly white states like West Virginia (and while also poor) have high rates of gun ownership, but have low levels of gun ownership. The fact is that with even higher levels of gun ownership, white areas have enormously lower gun violence than black areas. Something little discussed by those that propose gun legislation is that black areas have low, not high levels of gun ownership. 

As we cover in the article How Making False and Selective Claims is Part of a Scam by Black Americans, blacks have a long-running scam where they delude themselves and blame any of their activities on non-blacks. When confronted with contradictory data, they accuse anyone that would ask them for evidence of their claims of racism.

This is not a scam that the blacks in the US will give up easily, and at this point, it appears to be almost embedded as a reflex when blacks are faced with black problems. And something that is not very much discussed is that serfdom (what whites or Europeans lived under for thousands of years) was better than slavery, but as we cover in the article How Different Was Slavery from the Feudal System? not enormously better than slavery, yet it is unheard of for whites to blame their problems or crimes on a “legacy of serfdom.” Blacks have assumed the mantle of being the only group that has suffered or the group that has suffered the most. The focus on black slavery seems to take precedence over all other difficulties that non-blacks groups have faced.