How Mohammed Said His Followers Can Rape Slave POW In Front of Their Husbands

Executive Summary

  • Muslims like to propose that Islam is a peaceful religion and that Mohammed freed the enslaved people.
  • We cover Mohammed’s revelation and what Muslims did with sex slaves.


Mohammed not only supported the rape of POWs but also raped Muslim wives. Islam has a 14-hundred-year history of supporting rape because Mohammed supported it, and it is written in the Koran and Hadith.

This article will cover Mohammed’s sex slave revelation.

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Mohammed’s Sex Slave Revelation

View the following video from David Wood on the revelation from Mohammed on the treatment of sex slaves.

In this video, at the 5-minute mark, David Wood explains how Muslim soldiers asked Mohammed if they could rape their female POWs in front of their husbands, and Mohammed came up with the revelation from Allah that they could. 

An account of women taken as slaves in battle by Muhammad’s men after their husbands and fathers were killed. The woman was raped with Muhammad’s approval. – Sahih Bukhari 62:137 (The Religion of Peace)

Another account of females taken captive and raped with Muhammad’s approval. In this case it is evident that the Muslims intend on selling the women after raping them because they are concerned about devaluing their price by impregnating them. Muhammad is asked about coitus interruptus. – Sahih Bukhari 34:432 (The Religion of Peace)

Muhammad and his men take captive “some excellent Arab women” from the Banu Mustaliq.  Their dilemma then becomes that they want to rape the women, but they also want to ‘ransom’ them, knowing that their captives will be of less value if pregnant. When they ask Muhammad about coitus interruptus, their prophet tells them that it doesn’t matter how they rape the women because “every soul will be born” anyway. – Sahih Muslim 3371 (The Religion of Peace)


Mohammed was very much in favor of raping POWs, as I cover in the article Mohammed’s Revelation Was That Muslims Should Rape POWs In Front of Their Husbands

In fact, this was used as a motivation and recruitment tool by Muslims for 1400 years and is the reason for the promise of 72 virgins as I cover in the article How Muslims Lie About Islam’s Promise of 72 Virgins in Heaven.

And it is still used to this day.

Gaining Followers by Promising Religiously Sanctified Rape

If a religion endorses the rape of the conquered people, that religion will attract fighters who want to engage in rape. Are there 72 virgins waiting for martyrs in the afterlife who are always sexually available and never menstruate, defecate, or urinate and sing the praises of the martyred men? Do they have translucent skin because they are so pure that you can see into their bodies? It is highly unlikely. But Mohammed knew that he could get the desired behavior if he made this promise.

It should be noted that rape has a long history in warfare. The book Sex and War explains that sex has always been a motivator for warfare. For instance, some more brutal cultures, the Soviet Union, which raped half of Eastern Europe at the end of WW2, have rape supported by the authorities in those countries. However, I have never researched any nation or religion that so consistently used the promise or enticement of being able to rape POWs or done so over such a long period as Islam. This is why I consider Islam to be the number one promoter of wartime rape in human history.

Rape in Islam is also a sign of men’s dominance over women, as marriage in Islam is characterized as a man purchasing a woman’s genitals. It is also a sign of the humiliation of the non-believer.

This aspect of humiliation of the non-believer is stated by ISIS during their rapes and is specified in the ISIS rape manual.

The enslavement, for Isis, is meant to eventually bring the women to Islam, and is part of their ideology of conquest. “[It is] among the greatest forms of the honour of Islam and its sharia [Islamic law], as it is a clear affirmation showing the supremacy of the people of sharia, and the greatness of their affairs, and the dominance of their state, and the power of their might,” according to an Isis pamphlet on slavery.

Dividing up the captive women and children among the Isis mujahideen [holy warriors] and “sanctioning their genitals” is described as a sign of “realisation and dominance by the sword”.

Now, where did ISIS get this?

Again, observe how the quote “sanctioning their genitals” is the same wording as what Islam states about buying a wife’s genitals in marriage, as we cover in the article In Islam Marriage is the Man Purchasing the Woman’s Genitals.

What Should US Troops Do in Afghanistan and Iraq if They Followed Islamic Teachings?

Muslim societies are not militarily competitive with Western societies and have not been for over 500 years. However, if the Islamic ideas regarding POWs were followed by (for example) US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, then US soldiers would be told to “sanction the genitals” of the Afghani and Iraqi women to show the “supremacy of America.” Furthermore, it would be considered appropriate to rape Afghani and Iraqi women in front of their husbands or significant others.

And this is not hypothetical.

Muslim armies repeatedly did exactly this when they conquered an area.

Furthermore, as conquered nations, if the US followed Islam, they would pressure Afghanis and Iraqis to convert to Christianity and then make them pay a tax if they decided to stay as Muslims. One of the motivations to convert to Christianity is that they would no longer be raped.

All of this is accepted in Islam and prescribed by Islam.

Finally, raping POWs is only one of the many conditions Islam supports and endorses rape. For other conditions, see the article How Islam Constantly Endorses and Enables Rape and Rapists 

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