How Islam Constantly Endorses and Enables Rape and Rapists

Executive Summary

  • Rape is a constant feature of Islam, either through conquest or child marriage.
  • This article will provide evidence of this long-established association.


Rape is a constant feature of Islam, and both child marriage, child molestation, and rape of captives to turn them into sex slaves were initially promoted by Mohammed. This article covers the multiple ways or conditions under which Islam supports and even endorses rape.

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Condition #1: The Rape of POWs and Slaves

Islam supports converting POWs into slaves and making the female POWs sex slaves be continually raped. This began with Mohammed’s revelation on the topic.

Mohammed’s Revelation Was That Muslims Should Rape POWs In Front of Their Husbands

One of the reasons that Islam spread was through its ability to recruit fighters by giving them religious endorsement to rape any POWs they could find. Mohammed not only supported raping POWs but also humiliated the non-believers by raping them in front of their husbands.

When the spread of Islam, particularly during the various caliphates are discussed, what is normally left out, for politically correct reasons, is that everywhere Islam spread, it brought mass rape of the conquered people. Rape was used to both motivate and recruit fighters but was also used as a technique to convert people to Islam.

This topic can be read in more detail, including the Koranic support of the policy of mass rape in the article How Mohammed Said His Followers Can Rape Slave POW In Front of Their Husbands.

How Mohammed Took African Slaves and Raped Them

The following video discusses Muhammed Ali and how he was tricked into thinking Islam opposed slavery; the video explains how the Koran describes the slaves that Mohammed raped and covers Mohammed’s specific Koranic descriptions of African slaves.

Remember that in Islam, Muhammed is the “perfect Muslim.” And nothing he did could be questioned, and everything written about Mohammed is to be lauded by modern Muslims. Any person (Muslim or non-Muslim) who does not laud Mohammed is guilty of blaspheming against Islam. 

Islamic conquerors took slaves and raped them as a matter of normal activity. This is a reason that Muslims would not convert slaves to Islam. However, Islamic scholars have covered this up with mental gymnastics. Observe this video.

(Video Removed by YouTube)

Muslims have enormous power over YouTube. Google continually censors accurate content on Islam under pressure from Muslims and Muslim groups. This makes sense as Muslims believe that every society needs to agree with Islam. 

Upon answering this question, Dr. Zakir Naik states Muslims can have sex with their wives or with what the right hand possesses. This means your possessions. This means you can have sex with your property, which is your slave. Then Naik dances around the topic by saying..

The Koran says if you cannot afford to be married, then marry a slave woman and then give her freedom in Mahamdan.

This not only makes no sense, but it was not what Mohammed or those who fought alongside him did. They took slaves, and they raped those slaves. People do not marry slaves. Why would you marry something you own? Dr. Zakir Naik uses the term “what the right hand possesses” to whitewash slave rape. This is the primary reason why Muslims have such poor quality information about Islam because leaders like Dr. Zakir Naik continually lie to them about Islam.

Secondly, why is the term “sex” used instead of “rape?” As property, a slave cannot say no to their master. And how many slaves in history were actually interested in having sex with their masters (unless it was in return for food, water, etc..). This is coerced sex, and Dr. Zakir Naik specifically uses the word “sex” to make it appear consensual. Let us take it to the next step: what does Islam say about a slave who does not want to have sex with their master? Can the slave say no? Of course not.

This is a deliberate deception and is a perfect example of the unending deception on the part of Islamic scholars.

The ISIS Rape Manual

ISIS published one of the few rape manuals. This rape manual was entirely based on Islam. Many people were shocked by the manual, however, there is no debating the point that ISIS took their guidance on raping POWs directly from the teachings of Mohammed. Furthermore, people that are shocked by the ISIS rape manual don’t seem to know the history of Islam and that this is one of the major reasons for the spread of Islam.

The following quote explains how this Muslim rapist considered the Quaran to give him the right to rape a POW.

“In the moments before he raped the 12-year-old girl, the Islamic State fighter took the time to explain that what he was about to do was not a sin. Because the preteen girl practiced a religion other than Islam, the Quran not only gave him the right to rape her — it condoned and encouraged it, he insisted. He bound her hands and gagged her. Then he knelt beside the bed and prostrated himself in prayer before getting on top of her. When it was over, he knelt to pray again, bookending the rape with acts of religious devotion.

“He told me that according to Islam he is allowed to rape an unbeliever. He said that by raping me, he is drawing closer to God,” she said in an interview alongside her family in a refugee camp here, to which she escaped after 11 months of captivity.”

This is not just for a bygone era. ISIS is actively trading slaves and sex slaves — and there is also pedophilia. These Islamists are the type that receives strong support from Hollywood liberals — who reject their own culture as racist and sexist but think that Muslims cannot be racist or sexist because they are not white. 

Stories of mass rape and the rape of children do not have much interest in the West. While all these things were happening in the Muslim world — the primary focus of Western elites was on people like Harvey Weinstein, who, while pressuring many women into sex, did not have the behavior even close to what is reported in so many instances in Muslim countries. Al Franken was asked to step down from the Senate for inappropriate touching when taking photos — because Democrats were taking a “zero tolerance” policy. 

As for the issues in these videos, it is unclear that MS Magazine or any Western elites even knew they were occurring. Rape is not really “rape” unless the perpetrator is white. #MeToo is for white men, and there is no #MeToo or #MeTooJustGotRaped for Muslims.

Mass rape occurred in Syria, as well as by those invoking the Koran. 

And in Pakistan as well, women and girls are often raped. Women can get justice if raped in Muslim societies, but only if the video of the women getting raped goes viral on the Internet. But even then, oftentimes, it is the raped woman who receives the punishment. 

A typical Muslim is saying that “rape is not non-consensual.”

Islamic Boka Haram Agrees With ISIS When it Comes to Raping POWs

Another group that sees rape as a mechanism for the conversion to Islam is Boka Haram.

This is covered in the following article.

Esther was 17 when the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram attacked her village of Gwoza in Nigeria’s Borno State and abducted her, taking her deep into the Sambisa Forest.

In captivity, militants did everything they could to make the Christian girls renounce their faith. Determined to not give in, Esther was raped continually.(emphasis added) In captivity, she conceived and had a daughter, Rebecca. When Esther was rescued a year later and returned to her community with Rebecca, she wasn’t prepared for the second phase of persecution she would endure, this time from her own community. “They called my baby ‘Boko,’” Esther says. People, even her own grandparents, were not so eager to welcome back the “Boko Haram women.”

“The persecutors seek to isolate women and teenage girls from the (Christian) community,” Fischer and Miller write. “[These women and young girls] are forced into a marriage with a non-Christian man.”

More great stories of Islamic sexual slavery. 

Constantly Quoting the Koran While Engaging in Rape

Muslims who rape know that it is sanctified by the Koran. This is because Muslim rapists often quote the Koran and refer to religion when engaging in rape. This is explained in the following quotation.

Rasmouk is not the first to quote the Qur’an while engaging in rape. A survivor of a Muslim rape gang in the UK has said that her rapists would quote the Qur’an to her, and believed their actions justified by Islam. On another occasion, Muslim migrants in France raped a girl and videoed the rape while praising Allah and invoking the Qur’an. In India, a Muslim gave a Qur’an and a prayer rug to the woman he was holding captive and repeatedly raping. And the victim of an Islamic State jihadi rapist recalled: “He told me that according to Islam he is allowed to rape an unbeliever. He said that by raping me, he is drawing closer to God…He said that raping me is his prayer to God.” In Pakistan, another Christian woman recounted that her rapist was also religious: “He threw me on the bed and started to rape me. He demanded I marry him and convert to Islam. I refused. – Jihan Watch 

Sexually Trafficking Syrian Women

The Syrian war creates more opportunities for sex slavery that many Islamic men in Turkey find too tempting to pass up. They “marry” Syrian women for $1500 for a few months and then dispense with them. And the Imans in Turkey are generally supportive of this practice. Supporting sex slavery is a repeating pattern in Islam. 

How Liberals Have Accepted Islam as Their Pet Religion

Islamic “feminists” don’t like to talk much about rape in Islamic societies. This activist is helping — not by addressing Islam’s issues — but instead by making the US more Islamic and calling anyone who disagrees with Islam, a bigot. Linda Sarsour has nothing to say about how women are treated in the Muslim world. 

According to Western feminists, Islam is the religion that will help remove the bondage of misogyny and racism in the West. Feminists are very careful not to critique Islam.

However, what has not been discussed is the Koranic support for raping non-believers. Perhaps Islamic men in Western countries are simply being good Muslims. A good Muslim follows the Koran. Even for wives who are Muslim, the Koran states that men should treat their wives as their fields and plow them.

Condition #2: Marriage and Child Marriage Rape

There is no observance of rape in marriage, which includes the marriage to children.

Mohammed’s Rape of Aisha

Mohammed not only sanctioned rape, but he was himself a rapist. Mohammed raped his 9-year-old wife, and Mohammed’s pedophilia began a long-established pattern of both rape and pedophilia in Islam that continues to this day. The rape by Mohammed is explained in the following article Is it Wrong or Offensive to Call Mohammed a Pedophile and Married Children?

Institutionalizing Rape: Is it Englightened to Not Bring up Child Brides and Child Rape in Muslim Countries?

Pedophiles are considered highly deviant in white cultures, but it is institutionalized in many Arab societies. Is this a bigoted thing to point out? Would not pointing this out be more enlightening? What is the definition of enlightened? Would this be acceptable if this were in a white country? Isn’t the nine-year-old also part of the same culture? Mohammed married his wife Aisha when she was six years old and engaged in sexual relations at 9. Therefore, this man is doing just what Mohammed did. 

According to Islamic scholars, there is no minimum age of consent. And many Muslims believe this.

When this story broke in the West, the supposedly enlightened were careful not to blame Islam, even though Islam was used to block reform.

This video illustrated that the problem in Islamic culture is not just the men — and that the women will often judge other women who are raped harshly, placing the blame on the rape of these women. As more Muslims immigrate to white countries, they attempt to bring these same standards to white countries. Remember that according to Muslims, all laws are below the law of the Koran.

The Commonality of Child Marriage and Child Rape in Muslim Countries Today

Child marriage and rape continue in Muslim countries to this day. The following quotation does a good job of explaining this.

Fourteen-year-old Reem, from Sanaa, was 11 years old when her father married her to her cousin, a man almost 21 years her senior. One day, Reem’s father dressed her in a niqab (the Islamic veil that covers the face, exposing only the eyes), and took her by car to Radda, 150 kilometers southeast of Sanaa, to meet her soon-to-be husband. Against Reem’s will, a quick religious marriage ensued. Three days after she was married, her husband raped her. Reem attempted suicide by cutting her wrists with a razor. Her husband took her back to her father in Sanaa, and Reem then ran away to her mother (her parents are divorced).

According to a nationally representative survey conducted by the Yemeni government and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in 2006, 14 percent of girls in Yemen are married before reaching age 15, and 52 percent are married before 18. A 2005 study by Sanaa University noted that, in some rural areas, girls as young as eight are married.

As girls with little education and power in their marriage, they have little chance of controlling how many children they have, or when they have them. This increases their risk of reproductive health problems. They are often confined to the home and not permitted to work outside. Their low social status makes them more vulnerable to abuse.

Many officials in Yemen’s parliament agree that a ban on child marriage is fundamental to safeguarding the rights of young girls. However, a small but powerful group of conservative parliamentarians oppose setting a minimum age for marriage, arguing that doing so would lead to “the spreading of immorality”, undermine “family values,” and would be contrary to Sharia, Islamic law. – Human Rights Watch

Condition #3: How Islam Promotes Raping Non-Believers

Europeans have been very surprised by how their rape numbers have increased since they allowed Muslims into their countries. However, they did not appear to read up on Islam before allowing Muslims into their countries because it is declared in the Sharia that Muslims can rape all non-believers.

Why There is No Punishment for Raping Non-Believers Under Sharia

Islamic law requires four male witnesses for a man to be prosecuted for rape. This is a very rare occurrence, so in essence, there is no practical protection for women under Islamic law.

So, while Islamic law has weak protections against rape for Muslim women, it has no punishment for raping non-believing or kafir women. This is explained in the following quotation.

Sharia law has NO penalty for the rape of a free KAFIR woman. However, if the kafir is the slave of another Muslim, then a fine is imposed for raping her, because the offending Muslim ‘damaged’ the ‘property’ of his ‘brother’ Muslim slave owner. – Comment on Jihad Watch

Beyond this, Muslims do not even support the prosecution for the rape of underage women if they are kafirs, as is found in the following quotation.

A Saudi cleric, in 2017, also put the blame for both rape and sexual harassment squarely on the woman, and added that “a woman who leaves her house wearing make-up and perfume is an adulteress.”

When it came to light in 2016 that a 13-year-old British girl had been abused by a dozen Pakistani rapists, certain members of the Muslim community said they believed the victim “played her part.” – The Religion of Peace

Partial Censorship of this Video

This video is available, but YouTube does not want people embedding it in articles where it is commented upon. This is because YouTube censors content to keep people from learning the whole truth about Islam. For some reason, the DNC has adopted Islam as their pet religion, even though no one in the DNC wants to live in a Muslim country or wants their 9-year-old daughters married to 65-year-old men, or have members of their family stone to death — however the DNC and YouTube tell you such statements of fact under Islam is hate speech. You can view the video by selecting this link.

About the Video

In Dubai, they imprison women who report rape for “extramarital affairs.” One has to wonder about the “lens” through which a culture views rape that imprisons the victims of rape. In most Middle Eastern/Islamic countries, a rape must have multiple (4 adult males in Dubai) male witnesses to be considered a crime. The Koran states that if a woman is found in the desert, she can be raped if she has no family to protect her.

All of this means that the Muslims that support the Sharia being implemented in various countries, particularly in non-Muslim countries, want a system where all non-Muslims can be raped without any legal recourse.

How The UK Keeps From Being Politically Incorrect By Not Prosecuting Rapists — If They Are Not White

The following video describes how women stood by, did nothing, and did not inform authorities when they knew that Muslim men were raping young and underage women. This was all done in the spirit of WOKEness.

In Europe, there has been a massive increase in the horrific Muslim sex trafficking or grooming; in some cases, one right affected 1400 young girls. The women admitted they did it because they did not want it to become public and reinforce racist stereotypes.

The following quotation explains this.

Who is allowed to be part of the #MeToo movement? I ask because on Friday five men were found guilty of horrific sexual crimes against eight girls and yet the case hasn’t trended on Twitter. There have been no hashtags. The girls’ suffering hasn’t been widely talked about. There have been very few declarations of solidarity from feminists. There’s pretty much been silence. It isn’t hard to see why. The problem for the mostly middle-class, well-connected feminists who make up the #MeToo movement is that this case involved both the wrong kind of victim and the wrong kind of perpetrator. Strikingly, the judge didn’t only condemn the men – he also criticised the authorities in Rotherham. He said they had at best been ‘totally ineffectual’ and at worst ‘wholly indifferent’ to the abuse of girls by Muslim gangs. He said he was ‘quite satisfied’ that the ‘relevant authorities’ in Rotherham knew girls were being targeted for sexual exploitation. And their failure to do anything about it is a ‘lamentable state of affairs’. Boiled down, this really means that they considered it more important to protect Muslims from criticism than to protect working-class girls from sexual abuse. Even now, discussion about Muslim grooming gangs is shushed. Anyone who raises it will be branded an Islamophobe, a racist and maybe even a fascist. – The Spectator

This quote is shocking as, in addition to women in the neighborhood, the authorities themselves are accused here of turning a blind eye to rape.

One has to ask why the authorities in Manchester do this unless they are pressured to look the other way.

This same topic has arisen in Sweden due almost entirely to Muslim immigrants, and now Sweden has so many rapes that it is hard for them to keep up, according to the police.

In the following video, the Swedish authorities complain now that they have to deal with the rape of babies by Muslims.

Sweden Law Enforcement #1 Objective: Keeping Muslims From Being Stereotyped as Rapists

(Video Removed by YouTube)

Muslims have enormous power over YouTube. Google continually censors accurate content on Islam under pressure from Muslims and Muslim groups. This makes sense as Muslims believe that every society needs to agree with Islam. 

This is not discussed that Islam actively promotes rape under any circumstances, as I cover in the article Is It Still Rape if the Rapist is Not White?

Why has YouTube/Google limited the viewing of this video? Muslims are a protected group to Big Tech, and so censor unflattering information.

In Dubai, foreign women are prosecuted for being raped. Feminists and women, in general, will not critique this judgment because Dubai is not a white country.

Therefore, it is not PC to critique a non-white country.

The following comment I took from the same YouTube video is quite interesting.

I worked in UAE for a while and I can tell you outrageous facts about the hypocrisy that would shock everyone but in short I would say a place like Dubai which imports prostitutes in plane loads for sending them to clubs all over while holding their passport to make money out of them is quite significant indication of how corrupt Islamic representation of religion is in such countries.

The biggest attraction of Dubai is the massive import of prostitutes and this poor lady is being imprisoned for sex without wedlock after being raped; what sick despicable vermins in human skin these people are. – Comment on YouTube 

German Lose Their Minds Under WOKE Influence

German authorities call out the disproportionate rapes being caused by Muslim immigrants as “racist.” They also claim that if Muslim immigrants could get better jobs, rapes would decrease, and not having the right job will push even the most reasonable person to begin raping others. I have heard of property crimes based on poverty, but blaming rapes on poverty is new.

What has been the response of feminists to these rapes by non-white men?

It has been primarily to critique those bringing up grooming as racist. 


There is no way of concluding that Islam does not, under several circumstances, support rape. Women, young girls, and even young boys are treated as a type of property under Islam, and under these circumstances, there is no concept of consent being required.

Western media sources and feminists are entirely ignorant of the Koran or the life of Mohammed in that they perceive every rape that is justified by the Koran as somehow a perversion of the Koran. This is bizarre as the Koran directly calls for rape under a number of circumstances. Islam was also very much spread based upon promising sex slaves to Islamic fighters, as I cover in the article The Constant Sex Motivation for Islam and Its Sex Slavery.

There are many other overlaps between Islam and sexual motivation and rape. A few articles for further reading include the following articles.

How Islam Constantly Endorses and Enables Rape and Rapists

The Sex Motivation of Islam and its Sex Slavery

Mohammed Stated That His Followers Can Rape POWs In Front of Their Husbands

Are Muslims Right That Rape Victims Should be Stoned to Death?

Is it Wrong or Offensive to Call Mohammed a Pedophile and Married Children?

How Ex DNC Leader and Muslim Keith Ellison Like Calling Women Bitches and Dominating Them

If Islam Does Not Support Sex Slavery, Why Did Pakistanis and Sudanese Muslims Engage in It?

How Many Sex Slaves Did Islamic Leaders Have?

How Islamic Sex Slaves Received Their Freedom by Giving their Master A Child

In Islam Marriage is the Man Purchasing the Woman’s Genitals

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