How The Average Age of Mortality from Covid is 81.5

Executive Summary

  • The average age of death from covid is far older than almost anyone knows.
  • Why has this statistic been hidden from view?


The reporting of covid deaths has been irresponsible in that covid have been reported as the primary cause of death. And a major reason has been that the average age of death has not been reported.

How Have Covid Deaths Been Reported?

This is explained well at the end of the following video, which covers the reporting of the death of Colin Powell.

In the coverage of the death of Colin Powell, covid was the only reported reason for his death. As explained in this video, essential factors leading to Powell’s death are the following.

  • Powell was 84 years old. The average US male currently lives to 79 years of age.
  • Powell had lethal blood cancer.
  • Powell had Parkinson’s.
  • Powell was fully vaccinated. (Why did the media leave this point out — if he had not been vaccinated, think of the likelihood that this would not have been mentioned)

What Who is Dying From Covid Tells Us

I performed this analysis back in April of 2020, and this analysis is published in the article What Who is Dying from the Coronavirus Tells Us. However, governments or even the public have been reluctant to perform this type of analysis throughout the pandemic instead of generalizing the coronavirus deaths to “everyone.” The media jumped on cases where the person was supposedly healthy as evidence that “anyone can die of coronavirus” and stigmatized people that noticed the strong correlation between those already sick with coronavirus deaths as irresponsible.

This same phenomenon occurred during the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s. The data showed that the virus was highly concentrated in the male gay community. However, instead of focusing on these groups with the highest incidence, the health authorities scared everyone who was not at much risk for AIDS.

Similarly, covid is only lethal to a selection population, and it is not only the elderly but the obese and those with serious pre-existing conditions. That is not false, and it is inaccurate to assert the opposite. NBC categorizes what is demonstrable as misinformation. Let us review some of this “misinformation.”

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Mortality by Age Cohort

Is this table misinformation? According to NBC, the answer is yes, and it’s a table of mortality by age cohort. However, according to NBC, it is irresponsible of me to show this table. 

This graphic is from The Heritage Foundation.

Similar information is shown but as a histogram, with the source being the CDC. This is an easy histogram to read, and it shows the bulk of people dying with covid is 65 and up (we have to catch ourselves and not declare “of” covid.) It is basically impossible to say if a person dies of covid, only that they had covid (or should we say may have had covid) that is they tested positive with the highly inaccurate PCR test that was never designed to be used for diagnosis as we cover in the article Understanding The PCR Test and How There Was Never a Reliable Test for Covid.  

Other articles that cover the falsity of PCR tests for covid are found in our other articles on the topic.

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Looking at the histogram which shows the total number of deaths with covid. It appears that roughly 20% of the total deaths of those with covid were for all those below 65 years of age.

The average age of death with covid was 86 in Australia, as can be viewed at this PDF.

What is the Average Age of a Person Who Dies from Covid In The US?