References for Brightwork SAP Cloud Articles

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  • These are the references that were used for our SAP Cloud articles.

Learn why so few entities in the IT space include references in their work. 


This is the reference list for the SAP Cloud articles, as well as interesting quotes from these references at Brightwork Research & Analysis.

Reference #1: Article Titled:

A Comparison of SAP HEC with Virtustream Versus AWS


Reference #2: Article Titled:

A Brightwork Warning on SAP’s Cloud Extension Program

Business Technology Platform – Sales Play/Modern Analytics – Selling Motion/Extend Analytics, SAP, November 21, 2019

How to License SAP S/4HANA Software Published October 31, 2019 – ID G00451266


Reference #3: Article Titled:

Is SAP a Cloud Provider or a Cloud Buyer?

Reference #4: Article Titled:

How SAP Has Been Secretly Outsourcing Hosting

Research by Eric Marti, Garth Saloner, and Michael Spence has concluded that as much as 30 percent of the cost of a car is the cost of distribution.

But as Gerald Bodish wrote in a 2009 analysis from the US Department of Justice, the most expensive part of the whole process is hiding in plain sight — it’s the stockpiles of unsold vehicles sitting around on dealers’ lots. He observes that in late 2008, there was a staggering $100 billion worth of unsold dealer inventory, with an annual carrying cost of $890 million.

Bodish cites a Goldman Sachs analysis indicating that replacing the current inventory-heavy method with a more efficient build-to-order method could reduce costs by 8.6 percent. Real-world experience from Brazil, where Chevrolet sells Celtas direct to consumers, shows a somewhat more modest savings of 6 percent relative to what’s paid at traditional dealerships.

Reference #5: Article Titled:

How to Best Understand SAP’s Multicloud Announcement

Reference #6: Article Titled:

Why the SAP Cloud Platform is Not an Open PaaS Platform