The Indian IT Survey Results on Indian Discrimination in IT Part 2

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Executive Summary

  • We have been running a survey on the website for some time.
  • Here are the results of the survey on Indian discrimination.


This is part 2 of the results of this survey. To see part 1 with the introduction, see the article at this link.

Comment #31: Abuse of The L1 Visa?

L1 visas are now being used by many Fortune 500 companies to bring workers from India. When I was in consulting, average it would take 7-8 interviews to get the job. There was a Telugu candidate from bhramin background would get a job in 1st or 2nd round. A lot of discrimination happens against black, Latino, and Muslim background candidates. If you get interview calls they mostly will be disqualified after 1st round.

Indians have been enforcing the caste system in the US and in the EU.

Comment #32: Faking Resumes and Targeting the Jobs of US Domestic Workers?

Your article hit it right on. The following is what I wrote in January 2018 while working in a hostile work environment: I am so sick and tired of the cunning and arrogant Indians in my workplace. My work environment was mostly pleasant working with non-Indians before it turned into mostly Indians now. This is what I witnessed, the H1B Indians faked or inflated their resume to step foot in an organization, once they are in the organization, they worked as a gang, they helped their own. They were super polite initially while trying to get help from the more senior American co-workers, once we shared information with them, they would repackage the information, waste no time and send the work of their American co-workers to management and upper management and claimed it to be their work. They lied to get in and lied to stay in. If their American co-workers complain to the management (mostly Indians), the management would state this is knowledge sharing. Once they are in higher positions or in management, their other approach is to set trap on their American coworkers, give an unrealistic timeline and expect the American coworkers to achieve the timeline. They would then rate the Americans co-workers performance as not met expectations. The Americans couldn’t stand the unpleasant work environment and either quit their jobs or let go by management based performance not met expectations. This unfair treatments led to anger and resentment towards all Indians. The management love this, this is how they can save money and not having to pay severance packages. The H1B Indians counterparts know what they are doing, it is the strategy trained by their outsourcing companies, the nicer and extremely polite ones usually are the most crooked, and cunning ones. For those of us who still have a job and having to deal with these nasty H1B coworkers and greedy management, please don’t fall trap on their ‘niceness’. Understand that, management is not on your side (hopefully, our government would soon). Please don’t let them define who we are.

This is shocking behavior and is part of a demonstrated pattern exhibited by Indians to target the jobs of domestic IT workers and then have them replaced with Indians.

Comment #33: A Hostile Environment for US Workers?

I’ve worked at a company that was acquired by Wipro and immediately the culture shifted and management got more hostile. It was to the point where if someone wasn’t Indian, or the right type of Indian, their say was just ignored and their longevity in a position was compromised. Most of the skilled workers left in a mass exodus, and there was major turnover as people realized it’s really shitty to work for an Indian.

This is part of a large number of comments that US domestic workers tend to feel mistreated when they work for Indians. In India, abuse of workers is considered normal. This is another example of behavior brought in from India to the US and to other countries where Indians immigrate.

Comment #34: The Word From Singapore?

I’m an IT woker in Singapore. My view might be irrelevant in US settings, but Indian IT worker everywhere seems to behave the same. On my last 2 company, one is big MNC, Rockwell Automation, and another is small SME. Indian IT worker bully me to take my resignation and they are majority in number.

At the beginning they are not but due to some colleagues left they become majority. They together purposely make my job difficult, and they push me aside during meeting with unreasonable excuse. I think you have done your research well, perhaps all the trick on their sleeves. Thank you very much for your effort.

The story does not change regardless of the location. The same story is reported by ethnic Chinese living in Singapore by Thais living in the US, but Germans living in Germany.

Comment #35: Their Impact on Wages?

As an IT consultant they have had an impact on my wages. At one time I would be able to finish one contract and start another the next day. Now i have to search for 3 to 6 months to find that next contract. Also wages have gone down Currently making half what i used to make while I am working. I also was in a meeting and they conducted it in Hundi or what language they speak. When I complained I was escorted out and lost that contract.

Comment #36: Increase in Workplace Conflict?

Being a Muslim from South Asia I experienced this firsthand. I would report this in writing in my annual review. My Indian manager would re-write my reviews. I worked for a very large stock exchange and so I’m sure if the tapes are pulled you can find this. There have been several cases where Indian managers discriminated against their subordinates and they paid for it with their life. I hope it doesn’t happen again but if things continue as is I’m afraid there will be more as we have seen other workplaces violence. I hope things change for the better.

Comment #37: Chased Out of IT by Indians

I have been chased out of several IT jobs in the last 6 years, from groups of Indians falsifying stories to my superior – which lead to my resignation. I have been in IT for more than 35 years. My experience level is expert… and the Indians I worked with have barely a high school education, with very little technical knowledge. I can no longer find work, replaced by foreigners with not even 10% of my experience and skills. I will be leaving this industry! The US is missing out on my skills, and the skills of several of my friends who are leaving also. This is total tragedy. The Indians are boasting an untrue story, “They are the only technical people who can do the job”. Not true. They are using these lies to weave a story to position themselves in the positions that US citizens built!

Comment #38: A Global Phenomena?

Bringing in cheap Indian labor is an issue in all developed countries including New Zealand. I have followed the US IT sector for a number of years and you certainly have a problem. Other countries like ourselves here may have another name for the visas but we are all experiencing the same Indian immigration and jobseeking corruption here.(emphasis added) It is happening across all of our skilled industries including healthcare, agricultural labor, and hospitality.

The biggest issue is the speed at which they take over industries and no local people can get a job in the areas the Indians target. i.e. hospital support service and govt IT departments. Our elected officials are not looking after their own citizens. Thank you for your work writing this. Very much appreciated.

Comment #39: Total Takeover of Teams by Indians & Labor Exploitation?

My client is HPE. All members of each team at Deloitte and HPE were Indian, and I had to accommodate Indian IST time zone hours. At least 50+ different individuals across the many groups, but I am the only American. I am biracial and they expect me to know Hadoop and their environment like I architected it myself. Expected me to be on onboarding calls before I received my laptop, but was instructed not to bill for these calls.

Comment #40: How This All Began?

The Indian government started to support IT businesses in India for decades injecting $3B every year. No surprise what is going on. US government does nothing to protect domestic workers.

Comment #41: The Whole Village is Coming Over?

India manager will import the whole village to work.

Comment #42: Most Indians Are Positive And Honest — With 20-30% Bad Apples?

Honestly, my all Indians friends are quite positive and honest. According to me, 20-30% of Indians are assholes but not all are the same. It depends from person to person.

Comment #43: Faking Resumes and Degrees

 This is a known fact that most Indians are fake IT professionals with fake resumes and fake degrees they make up as biproducts of their corrupt systems. Their job references they give in their resumes are fake in most cases as the people they give as reference, such people never worked for the xyz companies but act like if they were managers or supervisors or lead of the job seeker candidate at xyz company which is another gigantic fraud done by fake Indians IT Professionals.

The real tragedy is that most of these fake Indians IT Professionals are snatching our domestic jobs with massive lies and fake documents including fake resumes and fake degrees they make up. There must be serious actions taken against these fraudulent and fake Indians IT Professionals to ensure transparency, meritocracy and real accountability, and to ensure our jobs not to be taken out from us through cheating, lies, fraudulent ways. And if we fail to control the coming of fake IT Professionals from India, sooner the United States of American will become another India or similar like India, therefore we must do the right thing to correct the due course we need to correct once for all.

Comment #44: Forced Out?

All the issues highlighted in the article are all true. I am a Chinese in my home country, was in one of the biggest US IT company which is more than 100 years old, in Asia office, personally went through the same experience when the manager was Indian and followed by more Indian managers and saw many local colleagues, my formal hiring manager, executives, were forced out by very bad treatment from these manager and subsequently they hired another guy same rank as me. I had worked there for more than 11 years, as new hire, within less than a year he already started undermining me, shouted at me,(emphasis added)making me look bad in front of the Indian managers. Of course they sided him and things just went right down from there. I was given all the projects that has very slim chance of winning, but still needed someone to do, so in the end my performance will look bad. The Europeans, amercians left, local Asian left the company, and utilmately I also left because of the unfair treatment, unprofessional and rude behaviour. They will slowly force out those non Indians one by one with their rude attitude. With them around there is no way to fight when they all gang up against me. When I took no pay leave and at the end of the vacation, that manager did not even pick up my phone call or reply at text messages, I had no choice but to ask another colleague to give me HR’s contact so that I can ask for a formal exit letter to end this hell treatment. I never thought this is so bad until I went through it myself just within 2 years. And I spoke to ex-colleagues from around me and even in US, they all face the same problems like me. This is all very true.

Comment #45: Pushing Down US Labor Standards?

Coincidentally, perhaps, the two Indian guys who got into leadership/management roles at companies I worked at, in CA and AZ, both actively discriminated in favor of Indian workers, especially wrt hiring, whether local or H-1B. I was let go (due to discrimination) from one company (and replaced by an Indian guy), and I managed to find a job to get away from the other company. With almost 20 years specifically relevant experience, I (and other, similar domestic guys) were forced to work as contractors, with few benefits, no vacation, etc, whilst Indian graduates on H-1B visas got the regular jobs, with benefits, career potential, and even leadership roles. It’s a crazy world!

Comment #46: Indian Explosion After Dot Com Bubble?

When I started working in Silicon Valley in the 1980’s there were some Chinese and Russian workers, but few were in management. After dot-com the number of Indian workers and managers increased dramatically. That’s when working in IT became unpleasant.

Comment #47: Indians from India Discriminating Against Domestic US Indians

I have seen a preference of Indians from India for other Indians from India. Indians from India look down upon Indians from the US, although the latter group was born or grew up in this country.

Comment #48: Indians Like to Make Life a Hell for Domestic US IT Workers?

Indians make life a living hell for domestic workers by frustrating you until you leave.

Comment #49: Indians Bring Bullying and Loss of Work Life Balance?

I don’t work in the US but I have worked for a US company in Australia that was run by Indians. I am an Afghan Australian woman in the tech industry.

My experience has been consistently the same in every company where there was an influx of Indian workers; the bullying, loss of work-life balance, nepotism is rampant. I think the only way to mitigate this trend is to have this phenomenon exposed in the media.

We have addressed social issues like the holocaust, Islamophobia, racism against colored people and this is like any of those topics.

It’s not racist to call out injustice.

Indian culture has steeped in the caste system for thousands of years and they are now trying to take root in countries around the world. It is a form of mental harassment that not only stifles work but affects your health and well being. I am married to an Indian man and in no way am I prejudiced against Indians. My opinion has been formed after working and trying to pacify my coworkers for nearly a decade. There are bad apples in every society/race. But I take particular notice of Indian workers as their mob-mentality is unlike anything I have seen in other cultures.

Comment #50: Adopt a Middle Eastern Approach to Immigration?

Indian workers are sh**. send them back to India. Stop giving citizenship to aliens. Adopt a middle-eastern approach to immigration.

Comment #51: How Bad Is Indian Discrimination Now in the US?

Discrimination on non-Indians from Indians is truly becoming worse in US IT workplaces. In the long run, it’ll hurt not only American workers but also American values!!

Comment #52: Only Brought Over Because They are South Indian and Speak Telugu & Tamil?

People are brought in from India just because they are South-Indians and speak a particular languages like Telugu, Tamil and to some extent Malyalam and Kannada.

People in particular from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and TamilNadu are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to U.S universities to come on student visa in U.S and then complete M.S in U.S. They know that after completing M.S they are guaranteed to get job in some U.S company because U.S companies prefer H1-B workers.

The reason for that is the management has become all Telugu and Tamil speaking in majority of U.S companies and they want to hire Telugu and Tamil speaking people. People from India who speak other languages like Punjabi, Gujarathi, Marathi also face heavy discrimination in U.S from the Telugu and Tamil speaking people.

Comment #53: It is True…From and Indian Worker

I am Indian origin worker. It’s very true they are very corrupt in mind and discriminatory. These things are rampant in the US. In 2018, The states of Andhra Pradesh(Hyderabad city is in this state. Now this state is split into two states viz. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in 2014) and Tamilnadu(Madras/Chennai is the leading city in this state) was rated #1 and #2 in corruption. They wouldn’t let any other Indian their IT team. See the 2011(tri-valley university scam) where Almost 90% students was from Andhra Pradesh and had the same address of an apartment for fake college admission just to get OPT VISA.

Comment #54: The Fault of Middle Management?

This is a purely middle to higher management and corporations caused problem. They are greedy for their bonus or payouts and accept anyone who will half do the job for less than a quarter of the cost.

Comment #55: Lying on Resumes?

I’ve personally known of several instances where where a person of India origin were deceptive our plain lied on their resume. Many years back I interviewed for a job in a rural area in Oregon. It was a phone interview with the manager over IT which was a guy originally from India. I’ve never been in a situation before or after where the person interviewing me talked negatively about a position. He questioned my motives and expectations in a very uncomfortable way.

Comment #56: PTSD from Working with Indians?

I have PTSD syndrome after working with Indian manager and his indian protégé who get job without experience or any certificate, get twice more pay and pushed me out. I searching for new IT job but I am afraid it will happen again 🙁

Comment #57: Refusing to Hire Non Indians?

I am an RF engineer with an extremely unique and specialized skill set. I spent several hours interviewing with Apple, passing all technical interviews, correctly answering all questions. However, when it came time for the hiring decision, the Indian manager at the top refused to hire me, coming up with one pretext after another. Not hired because I’m not Indian.

Comment #58: Advising Students to Not Study IT?

I have been a IT worker for over 30 years now and I would not advise a college student to study IT. Indians at many of the jobs I have had are unfriendly clannish, territorial and uncooperative. They openly act to sabotage American workers – especially vulnerable Black Americans. This is a complete stab in the back to US citizens being done with the complicity of pretty much all major corporations. I just wish there was a way to bring this foul deed to the surface. Is there a Class action lawsuit one could join?

Comment #59: Stressing Out US Workers

Their willingness to work 12 hrs with zero work life balance skews their perception of hard working domestic workers who can’t carry the same work load. I don’t have my parents living with me to take care of my kids while I only work. I feel like I’m being pushed into a corner by the pressure to keep up with their unrealistic expectations. They stressed me out enough that I had to take medical leave. Unfortunately I’ve seen more and more of my friends / coworkers be under similar pressure and almost forced to leave their respective companies. What’s common place in India is not in the US.

But with Indian leadership now taking over, it’s an unspoken expectation. They are running good people out for reasons stated in your article.

Comment #60: Scheming to Get Rid of US Domestic Workers?

They definitely don’t want us around. It would be 100% them in America if it was totally up to them. Since they outnumber us 4 to 1, how many of our jobs do we have to turn over to them before they say, “That’s enough, we’re satisfied.”?

Comment #61: Having an Indian Sounding Name?

I have an Indian-sounding name (I’m Thai, born and raised in US), so I get many interviews by Indian companies compared to my fellow domestic workers. This is blessing and a pain. The interviews are grueling and only once has actually resulted in a placement. The placement was for a project managed by Wipro. I have never been on a worse project. The PM never wanted me to talk to the client alone, and always undermined my suggestions in front of the client. While it was awful to work with the PM, other Indian consultants were not as bad. The other consultants tend to not be very knowledgeable, but at least they were not rude.

Comment #62: Metastesizing Indians (After You Hire One)?

Just count them… once you have one little Indian you have… two little, three little Indians.

Comment #63: Time to Delete All Indian Connections on LinkedIn?

I really noticed a surge in 2015. It’s scary. In Jan 2021, I was told I had an interview next week. Then nothing. I emailed them the following week and then it was the client delayed.. and then they sent a recall on the right to represent email. I emailed them back. No response. In deleting all my Linked in connections with Indian firms.

Comment #64: Overstated Skills?

My personal experiences over a multi-decade career are that Indian/H1B workers are not sufficiently qualified to merit special status under H1B, especially when domestic IT/Tech workers are, in fact, available. Under the H1B logic every single domestic worker would be employed and heavily recruited (thus reflecting the skills shortfall) rather being passed over for more H1B’s.

Comment #65: 99% of Cases With Indians in Interview = No Offer?

I got fired from an IT company when I openly protested on Indian manager abusing female coworker. She was often in tears and he was constantly insulting her. System Administrator was his relative so they blocked my laptop out of the network and literally sabotaged my work. I was happy to leave and landed another job in 4 hours same day. What I’ve also noticed, in 99% of the cases of Indian interviewers are present I don’t get an offer, while I’ve get an offer in 50% of other interviews. I am a Caucasian male, quite qualified in my domain, run a consulting business for almost 10 years.

Comment #66: Skewed Indian Employment Base?

I have experienced 1st hand a couple of examples from your article. 1) Person showing up to the job was not the same as the one interviewed. 2) Company organizations shifted from a homogeneous employee base to highly skewed Indian employee base when a higher level Indian manager was brought in. Quality was impacted negatively due to the incompetence of the new worker base.

Comment #67: Scheming to Get Rid of US Domestic Workers?

I have been scammed, lied to, and slandered by Indians in IT at every level – supervisors, colleagues, contractors, vendors – you name it. The Indian recruiters are the worst. I’ve come to believe that Indians are inherently dishonest.

Comment #68: Spicing Resumes?

As a 30+ year Information Technology worker at a fortune 200 company, I have witnessed the gradual takeover of our IT department by Indian workers. Our CIO is Indian and he has brought in many of his former colleagues and is making serious moves to basically outsource every domestic worker, it would appear. The outsourcing began before his arrival but has escalated since. I have seen “spicing” of resumes, which I call fraud. It is so discouraging that corporate America is kicking the domestic IT worker to the curb. I know many IT workers who lost their jobs only to have an Indian H1B or outsourced worker doing that job later. I work with predominantly Indian IT workers and that was not the case 10 years ago. Careers in Information Technology are dead if corporations are allowed to continue to hire H1B visa workers and outsource jobs.

Comment #69: Time for an SNL Skit?

Your article confirmed my worst fears. These companies lower US workers wages, discriminate against US workers, graft resumes and degrees, lie, cheat, and obtain “right to represent” only to ghost candidates. I wondered why I was being scouted for jobs paying what I earned at my first job 22 years ago (all short term temp and no benefits or room for growth). They all pressure you to sign “right to represent”, demand people give compromising personal data, and ask inappropriate questions (i.e- age and year of graduation, SSN etc) only to ghost. The client never likes the American resume even if that person is agreeing during a bad market to be paid less than 1/4 the prevailing wage and is vastly over qualified. They also need to consult a map; the jobs they send are often 5-6 hours from where I live each way! Many barely speak English and speak very quickly and *loudly*. It would be funny if not sad. I am waiting for SNL to do a skit on this. I could give them material. And it’s a lie that there are no qualified Americans. So many qualified people are unemployed right now. The perception, as you have highlighted, is mostly due to this scam. I also had a recruiter make my resume look bad on purpose (long story how I found out) so I’d be passed over. Never again. If any recruiter in general asks me for personal info online (even during covid) I decline. Same with a “word version” of the resume (so they can fabricate or use it for an H1B person’s resume). I am gullible. Not anymore. Also, when I have worked with H1B visa employees I found there I be a lot of backbiting and a very bad attitude in general. There is an arrogance, poor view of Americans, and attitude of entitlement. Then the same people (who often think very little of Americans and especially non-Indian minority Americans) will turn around and claim discrimination. Much as the fake scam firms with a stream of bogus resume H1B workers claim to be “minority owned business” for taxes and to seem diverse. I advise everyone not to fall for this scam.

Comment #70: Abusing Work Visas?

Companies are abusing the visas to bring Indian employees in for job that American workers can perform. Also, from my perspective, I have noticed that Indians withhold information from American workers to make their importance to the organization appear more important. Basically sabotage.

Comment #71: Asked by Indians to Spice Resumes?

In 2020 I was in the job market for a number of months. 90+% of the calls I received were from Indian recruitment firms. Many of them asked me to doctor my resume to fit the position or outright lie. This happened over and over. I interviewed at a few Indian owned businesses and it was very clear I was not going to get the position based on my nationality.

Comment #72: Forget Training?

Americans don’t seem aware of the “train and place” industry that gives them a boost to get careers here. There are lots of tiny, undercover “schools” that drill them in technologies such as SAP, “spice” their resumes, and take a cut of their salaries. I’ve encountered them twice in my state. One recruiter, working for an American staffing firm that was supposed to be placing me, was in fact working on the side for one of these schools.

Indians Attempting to Scam the Survey

Three Indians tried to scam the survey, and one provided a fake response to try to invalidate the survey. The one Indian open answer that was provided below, and which we consider illegitimate and an attempt to undermine the survey is included below.

Yes i felt bad and hostile environment in Indian IT firm, They layed me off replacing cheap dirty indian guy.

See the 3rd page of results at this link.