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A Comparison of SAP HEC with Virtustream Versus AWS

Executive Summary SAP is aggressively pushing HEC or HANA Enterprise Cloud and other private cloud providers. We compare HEC versus AWS. Introduction Virtustream and AWS are two differently positioned cloud service providers. AWS is the largest cloud provider globally and was the early pioneer in the public cloud. Virtustream is a niche private cloud provider….

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How Competitive an Option is SAP Analytics Cloud?

Executive Summary SAP has made a big push for customers to migrate from Business Objects to SAP Cloud Analytics. In this article, we analyze the wisdom of using SAP Cloud Analytics. Introduction SAP developed a program to migrate Business Objects customers to their uncompetitive SAP Analytics Cloud offering. This is designed to leverage Business Objects…

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Is SAP Really a Cloud Provider or Just a Cloud Buyer?

Executive Summary SAP presents itself as a cloud provider. We evaluate whether this presentation matches how it operates its businesses. This article focuses on SAP, but the lessons cloud just as well be applied to Oracle.  Introduction This article began as a response to the following quotation from Vinnie Mirchandani. Our References for This Article…

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How SAP Has Been Secretly Outsourcing Hosting

Executive Summary SAP states that they offer cloud services to customers, but in most cases, this is outsourced to other entities that SAP places a margin upon. SAP only recommends entities that allow it to markup their services. Introduction SAP has been posing as a cloud service provider like AWS or GCP. What is little…

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How to Best Understand SAP’s Multicloud Announcement

Executive Summary SAP announced the “multicloud,” which is a massive change in strategy for SAP. SAP makes several claims in the announcement that are either false or can be classified as “word salad.” Introduction This article covers the announcement made at SAPPHIRE regarding SAP, offering what it called multi-cloud options. SAP announced the “multicloud,” which…