How to Use Ivermectin to Protect Against the Covid Vaccines

Last Updated on June 26, 2022 by Shaun Snapp

Executive Summary

  • The pharma companies and FDA lied about vaccines being safe and effective.
  • How to treat the unsafe vaccines with Ivermectin.


Those who have not taken the vaccines are in a great situation, and you were able to protect yourself from the false information provided by the health authorities.

But what about those that took these covid vaccines. This article provides a potential solution.

Our References for This Article

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How Safe Are the Vaccines?

The safety of the vaccines is covered in the article How Safe Are the Vaccines?

Was the Design of the mRNA Vaccines Incompetent?

The vaccines are dangerous, but their overall design makes little sense, as explained in the following quotation.

Against the background of this well-known toxicity, it is very peculiar that all of the current gene-based vaccines, including mRNA-1273, were designed to induce the expression of functionally active spike protein in the cells of our bodies1 rather than of a “toxoid,” that is, an immunogenic but innocuous derivative of the toxic protein. Toxoids can be produced with simple means and have been successfully used as vaccines for a long time, for example with diphtheria and tetanus, whose eponymous toxins can be rendered non-toxic by facile chemical modification. With modern methods of molecular biology, it should have been easy enough to create a non-toxic spike protein derivative for vaccination. The concerns about vaccine-induced spike protein toxicity are not at all merely hypothetical. Blood plasma levels of S1 detected in vaccinated persons are comparable to those observed in severe cases of the viral infection [50, 57]. Aside from the direct toxicity of the spike protein, we must expect additional harm due to immune reactions against it. If the protein is expressed within vascular endothelial cells—the innermost cell layer of the blood vessels—then an immune reaction to it can destroy these cells. Aside from the direct toxicity of the spike protein, we must expect additional harm due to immune reactions against it. If the protein is expressed within vascular endothelial cells—the innermost cell layer of the blood vessels—then an immune reaction to it can destroy these cells. Direct spike protein toxicity is significant because it does not involve an immune reaction and therefore can be triggered right away even in persons without pre-existing immunity. The immune attack mechanism will be particularly dangerous in persons with pre-existing immunity. Such immunity can arise from infection with the SARS-CoV- 2 virus or from a previous injection of vaccine. In addition, cross-immunity induced by other coronaviruses (see Section 1.1.5) may also promote cell destruction through immune attack. – Doctors 4 Covid Ethics

This is the first test of mRNA technology, and the company Moderna, which made one of the vaccines, has been lying about and exaggerating mRNA technology for years. They had never had a single product before their vaccine and lived off of continual investments. With their vaccine effectiveness being zero, they still have never developed an effective product.

Lies About the Vaccines Only Staying in the Shoulder or Injection Site

One of the lies told by pharmaceutical companies was that the vaccines would only stay in the injection site area and were very safe.

This is disproven in the following quotation.

The mRNA component of the model vaccine was detected in multiple organs as soon as two hours after the injection, which indicates rapid onset of uptake into the bloodstream. The organs that accumulated the mRNA at levels higher than those found in the plasma included the eyes and the spleen.  – Doctors 4 Covid Ethics

Lies Told About the Vaccines Not Damaging Organs

The following was found in those that took the vaccines.

The half-life of the mRNA varied between tissues and ranged from 15 to 63 hours; it was shortest for the tissues at the injection site and longest for the spleen. The long half-life in the spleen, the body’s largest lymphatic organ, underscores the potential for severe toxicity to lymphocytes and thus to the immune system. Signs of organ damage were observed in the liver, the spleen, the adrenal glands, and also the bone marrow. It is notable that these organs were previously reported to take up high levels of the Pfizer vaccine [60]. This earlier report also found high uptake in the ovaries, which are not specifically mentioned in the EMA report on Moderna’s vaccine. It is generally accepted that, in COVID-19 disease, the spike protein of the virus triggers vascular lesions and blood clotting [62, 69, 70]. A prominent clinical manifestation of blood clotting is myocardial infarction (heart attack). Another form of cardiac involvement, also connected to the spike protein but purely inflammatory rather than related to clotting, is myocarditis [56]. Since all of the COVID vaccines induce the production of active spike protein, they, too, must be expected to cause heart attacks and myocarditis; and in fact both VAERS and EudraVigilance document a large number of cases. (the two systems that monitor side effects in the US (VAERS) and Europe (EudraVigilance))

Rapid uptake of the vaccine into the bloodstream implies a risk of blood clotting; 

the depletion of lymphocytes in the spleen and the blood suggests immunosuppression; 

penetration of the blood brain barrier indicates a risk of neurological damage; 

liver damage as well as risks to fertility and to pregnancy are manifest in the animals and must be expected in humans also.

We must stress again that each of these risks could readily be inferred from the cited limited preclinical data, but were not followed up with appropriate in-depth investigations. – Doctors 4 Covid Ethics

What the Faux Vaccines Do In Your Body

The mRNA vaccines do not match the textbook definition of a vaccine.

None of this was explained when the public was misinformed about these faux vaccines, their functions, and what they do in the body. The best way of looking at it is that the mRNA producers, including Pfizer and Moderna, do not know what they are doing. They have an untested hypothesis, which they could not prove as true using mRNA technology, as evidenced by the terrible study results they submitted to the FDA. Due to financial conflicts, the FDA would have approved anything Pfizer and Moderna submitted. Pfizer, Moderan, and the FDA were trying to get a product out the door as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, Pfizer and Moderna have a lengthy history of lying, with Pfizer paying billions in fines to the US government for fraud. Moderna never had a product before their vaccine and had been conning investors out of money for around 15 years with the promise of mRNA. Pfizer partnered with BioNTech, which is a copycat of Moderna.

What these mRNA faux vaccines do in the body is explained in the following quotation.

Traditional vaccines use weakened or killed virus to stimulate an immune response. The Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines do not. They are purported to consist of an intramuscular shot containing a suspension of lipid nanoparticles filled with messenger RNA. The way they generate an immune response is by fusing with cells in a vaccine recipient’s shoulder, undergoing endocytosis, releasing their mRNA cargo into those cells, and then utilizing the ribosomes in those cells to synthesize modified SARS-CoV-2 Spike proteins in-situ.

These modified Spike proteins then migrate to the surface of the cell, where they are anchored in place by a transmembrane domain. The adaptive immune system detects the non-human viral protein being expressed by these cells, and then forms antibodies against that protein. This is purported to confer protection against the virus, by training the adaptive immune system to recognize and produce antibodies against the Spike on the actual virus. The J&J and AstraZeneca vaccines do something similar, but use an adenovirus vector for genetic material delivery instead of a lipid nanoparticle.

These vaccines were produced or validated with the aid of fetal cell lines HEK-293 and PER.C6, which people with certain religious convictions may object strongly to.

SARS-CoV-2 Spike is a highly pathogenic protein on its own. It is impossible to overstate the danger presented by introducing this protein into the human body. – The Automatic Earth

Yes, as covid was an infinitesimal risk to the vast majority of any nation’s population. See the following table.

Furthermore, the statistics in this table are exaggerated because the PCR test produces a majority of false positives, as is covered in the article Understanding the PCR Test and How There Was Never a Reliable Test for Covid.

The use of these faux spike protein-generating vaccines is medical malpractice. These vaccines damage far more people than would ever be injured from the virus.

Vaccine Manufacturers Lie About Where Spike Proteins Reside in the Body

Vaccine manufacturers allayed fears of the effect of the spike proteins created at that instruction of the faux mRNA vaccines by simply lying about where spike proteins would be created and reside, as is explained in the following quotation.

It is claimed by vaccine manufacturers that the vaccine remains in cells in the shoulder, and that SARS- CoV-2 Spike produced and expressed by these cells from the vaccine’s genetic material is harmless and inert, thanks to the insertion of prolines in the Spike sequence to stabilize it in the prefusion conformation, preventing the Spike from becoming active and fusing with other cells. However, a pharmacokinetic study from Japan showed that the lipid nanoparticles and mRNA from the Pfizer vaccine did not stay in the shoulder, and in fact bioaccumulated in many different organs, including the reproductive organs and adrenal glands, meaning that modified Spike is being expressed quite literally all over the place. These lipid nanoparticles may trigger anaphylaxis in an unlucky few, but far more concerning is the unregulated expression of Spike in various somatic cell lines far from the injection site and the unknown consequences of that. – The Automatic Earth

It is ridiculous even to claim that the spike proteins will “stay in the shoulder.” The shoulder has a blood supply, just like other body parts. One government official made the interesting claim that the should muscle did not have a blood supply. That would be a neat trick!

However, there is no lie these pharmaceutical companies and their public health minions will not tell to keep the faux vaccines from being rolled out and from making billions of dollars.

The Effect of the Vaccines on Your Body

The mRNA vaccines are very harmful to the immune system and will lead to many auto-immune disorders in the future, as have previous vaccines. This video describes the impact on the skin.

Skin issues are the smallest of issues. But this is only one of the many autoimmune disorders the mRNA vaccines will trigger.

This is explained in the following quotation.

SARS-CoV-2 Spike has a Superantigenic region (SAg), which may promote extreme inflammation.

Anti-Spike antibodies were found in one study to function as autoantibodies and attack the body’s own cells. Those who have been immunized with COVID-19 vaccines have developed blood clots, myocarditis, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Bell’s Palsy, and multiple sclerosis flares, indicating that the vaccine promotes autoimmune reactions against healthy tissue. SARS-CoV-2 Spike contains an unusual PRRA insert that forms a furin cleavage site. Furin is a ubiquitous human protease, making this an ideal property for the Spike to have, giving it a high degree of cell tropism. No wild-type SARS-like coronaviruses related to SARS-CoV-2 possess this feature, making it highly suspicious, and perhaps a sign of human tampering.

The Spike S1 RBD may bind to heparin-binding proteins and promote amyloid aggregation. In humans, this could lead to Parkinson’s, Lewy Body Dementia, premature Alzheimer’s, or various other neurodegenerative diseases. This is very concerning because SARS-CoV-2 S1 is capable of injuring and penetrating the blood-brain barrier and entering the brain. It is also capable of increasing the permeability of the blood-brain barrier to other molecules. If someone is vaccinated with mRNA based on the Spike from the initial Wuhan strain of SARS-CoV-2, and then they become infected with a future, mutated strain of the virus, they may become severely ill. In other words, it is possible for vaccines to sensitize someone to disease. By inoculating people with a vaccine that causes their bodies to produce Spike in-situ, they are being inoculated with a pathogenic protein. A toxin that may cause long-term inflammation, heart problems, and a raised risk of cancers. – The Automatic Earth

The vaccines are harmful to your entire body and not only for triggering autoimmune diseases.

One of the most significant issues with mRNA vaccines is they cause heart inflammation. This means that the vaccines will be responsible not only for deaths in the short term but for deaths in the long term. 

For this reason, it is essential to neutralize the impact of the mRNA vaccines on your body.

Health Authorities Report to Big Pharma

This is the problem; health authorities are the front end of corrupt pharma interests. The FDA and their puppetmasters do not want effective, low-cost treatments to be used — they have far more expensive, newer, and more toxic treatments they wish to sell. The FDA presents itself as an authority. They were at one time, but now they are drug company shills that lie about their financial conflicts. I do not care, nor should anyone else care, about what the FDA says, what they approved or do not approve. Their credibility has been ruined by years of terrible decisions and pharma capture.

This is reminiscent of my research into Gartner and JD Power and Associates. Neither of those entities follows any research rules and are simply shills for software vendors (for Gartner) and manufacturers (for JD Power). They are paid by the supply side, sell any report, and give out any monetary award. This is exactly how the FDA operates, except the FDA pretends to be part of the government. (Yes, they are technically part of the US government, but at this point, it would make more sense to spin them off to the private sector). Most government agencies, such as the SEC or the FTC, don’t do anything for the public interest but are puppeteered by the companies they were set up to regulate. The SEC and FTC go after small entities that are not major financial donors. The SEC spent 1.5 years investigating Bernie Madoff, a person who had not made a single trade in 35 years of operation, and gave him a clean bill of health. It was later learned that the SEC was unaware of how many floors were in the Madoff operation. What were SEC agents doing for 1.5 years?

The SEC “deeply regrets” not being able to figure out that Madoff had not made a trade in 35 years even after they were handed the Madoff scam on a platter. As with the FDA, the SEC is yet m another regulatory entity that corporate interests have captured. Most of the employees in these companies want to be careful of actually regulating, as they want jobs in the companies they regulate. 

This is another negative to the US medical system — and opens up the potential of traveling to other countries to obtain the treatments that are disallowed in the US due to pharmaceutical companies’ control over the system.

However, notice what they call “very different.”

The quote continues…

The FDA has received multiple reports of patients who have required medical
support and been hospitalized after self-medicating with Ivermectin intended for horses.

Yes, the number reported is exceedingly low, which is why the FDA won’t report how many. It is so embarrassingly low that it renders the claim absurd and is more lying on the part of the FDA. There are many times more people who have died very shortly after receiving the mRNA vaccines. However, the FDA does not care about those reports and does not talk about them.

Furthermore, to get human Ivermectin in the US, I think it is necessary to lie that you are using it to fight parasites, as the medical establishment has disallowed the prescription of Ivermectin for covid.

If you have a prescription for Ivermectin for an FDA-approved use, get it from a legitimate
source, and take it exactly as prescribed.

The only reason the FDA does not approve it is because of the FDA’s ties to Big Pharma. Should you take Remdesivir because the FDA supports it? Of course not. Approved by the FDA means “approved by Big Pharma.” 

Observe the language of taking Ivermectin “exactly as prescribed.” Ivermectin has a risk profile similar to over-the-counter medications like Tylenol. Why the enormous concern about taking Ivermectin “exactly as prescribed?” If you take Molnupiravir “exactly as prescribed,” you will end up with medical problems, far more than if you get covid — so taking things “exactly as prescribed” is not a cure-all when the FDA is the approving body.

The quote continues…

There is a lot of misinformation around, and you may have heard that it’s okay to take large doses of Ivermectin. That is not correct. Taking large doses of this drug is dangerous and can cause serious harm.

Most of the information about Ivermectin comes from health authorities. And it is a canard that people have proposed taking large doses of Ivermectin. Again, the only risk the health authorities can point to is taking large doses — which is true of any drug. Furthermore, health authorities do not have many cases of taking large doses of animal Ivermectin. This is the spreading of a rumor as if it is a fact.

The quote continues…

Ivermectin does not treat or prevent COVID-19. Ivermectin is not a drug that treats viruses.


Because according to the studies compiled by C19Early, it treats covid and is far more effective against covid than the vaccines — which do not work at all, and competing treatments. A drug that does not treat viruses is sure good at treating viruses. 

Observe this quote from the Cleveland Clinic.

What the studies have shown about using ivermectin for COVID? Not a lot. While ivermectin for people is being promoted as a “miracle drug,” there isn’t much data to support its effectiveness against COVID-19.


Is the Cleveland Clinic looking at the same C19Early website as I am? How can the Cleveland Clinic declare the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines “safe and effective” with a roughly 1% reduction in risk (on rigged data) which had a combined five studies, and ignore the 66 studies on Ivermectin?

A Culture of Lying

It is incredible how the statements by the health care officials do not match the data. Another thing this exposes is how frequently health officials lie — they have no concern about getting caught.

The quote from North Dakota Health/FDA continues…

Using any treatment for COVID-19 that is not approved or authorized by the FDA, unless part of a clinical trial, can cause serious harm.

And taking treatments (like Remdesivir) approved for EUA by the FDA can cause serious harm. The worst treatment in the list from C19Early is convalescent plasma, with no improvement against covid, but guess what has received an FDA EUA? Yes convalecent plasma. The FDA did not let the fact that the studies showed a -.01% efficacy stop issuing a EUA for the $5,000 per treatment.


The false claims made by health authorities will make it very difficult to accept anything they say in the future as accurate. In other research, I have found that the medical establishment lies about the effectiveness of antidepressants, the efficacy of AZT for AIDS, chemotherapy, Ritalin, and statins.

In one area, the medical establishment appears to be entirely about profit maximization and altogether dishonest. And this is not only pharma companies and health authorities. And it is individual doctors who appear to be undifferentiated from pharma reps.

It turns out Ivermectin is an effective treatment against the spike proteins of the mRNA vaccines.

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Ivermectin has many treatment applications outside of its approved use (as an antiparasitical. These treatments include cancer, covid, immunity, and more. And due to perverse financial incentives, many of these applications are hidden from the public.

Due to the many questions we receive on Ivermectin, we are now working on a subscription website that covers everything related to Ivermectin ranging from its many health improvement applications to dosages, and contrasting this with the false information presented on Ivermectin by medical authorities. The site will be ready soon as we are making good progress. We will also be adding questions from subscribers answered as customized articles. 

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