An Example of Non Stop Lying from BLM’s Patrisse Cullors a Video Interview

Executive Summary

  • Patrisse Cullors has a history of narcissistic behavior, lying in public statements.
  • We see this again in a video interview.


We spent a large number of hours analyzing the statements and actions of Patrisse Cullors as part of our research into BLM. And we have found non-stop deceptive statements made by Cullors. The following video offers more examples of Cullors lying.

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The Patrisse Cullors’ Video Interview

Cullors makes constant false and misleading statements during this video interview. Let us review some of the false statements made by Cullors in this video. 

Video Assertion #1: Lying About Taking Income from BLM

At the 2:45 mark, Patrisse Cullors makes a statement that is true but is highly misleading. Cullors states that she has not taken any salary from BLM, and what she leaves out is that her consulting company has been taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from BLM. 

Video Assertion #2: Taking Care of Black People Writ Large Means Taking Care of Her Black Family?

Cullors logic here is bizarre. It implies that if a person is “taking care of their family,” then the question of funding should not be asked. She then says that her purchases support “black people,” and she means the black people in her family. This is another bizarre logic. If one uses a house or funding to support one’s family, one supports the entire race. It is challenging to see how placing Cullors’ family into luxury houses exclusively in white areas supports the overall black population. That statement makes no sense.

Video Assertion #3: Being a Marxist Means Having Many Houses?

Cullors is exceptionally greedy. She has tried to propose that her four houses are necessary to house her family while she discusses being a Marxist. She sees no conflict between these two. There is nothing illegal about that, but it is inconsistent, and this is a constant feature of Cullors that she has no consistency between her statements and her behavior. Furthermore, she is constantly lying about her behavior. She will say she acts one way, and then reports will come from people who say she has done the exact opposite. No one can take what Cullors says about her motivations at face value, as she has proven so unreliable. Cullors is relatively unmotivated, which is wrapped in high-level rhetoric. She is essentially a hustler who came upon a scam that people bought. It is not an exaggeration to call her a con-man or to be a gender-appropriate con-woman.

Cullors’ logic routinely breaks down, and she just does whatever she wants and says whatever she wants and never worries about her statements matching her behaviors. Then when critiqued on the inconsistency, she talks about how she is a woman of color and mentally damaged by the criticism. There is never any resolution to the inconsistencies because she employs a series of diversionary topics to move away from the inconsistency into other topics.

Video Assertion #4: Getting Money Out to Door Means Hoarding Donations?

At the 7:20 mark, she states that with money coming into BLM, BLM needed to “get money out the door.” However, does that mean money out to door into Cullors’ real estate? Because BLM has hoarded most of the money, they raised in donations, with around $60 million unaccounted for. She states that so much of what BLM has done is reinvest into black communities, yet the constant criticism from black families for which BLM ostensibly raises money using their likeness is. BLM chapters are that they receive no money from BLM.

At the 7:45 mark, she states that $3 million was given to “black folks all over the country.” and that “$27 million was given to black-led organizations and to chapters across the country.” That again seems to be contradicted by the constant complaints of BLM chapters about BLM headquarters.

Video Assertion #5: One is So Concerned About Security That One Teaching White Supremacists How to Find Your House Addresses Online?

At the 9:45 mark, she begins to what appears to fake cry about how she became a target after her houses were published in the media. This is lying, as it is difficult to believe she is feeling these real emotions at this point as the event is months in the past.

She then states that while the addresses were not published, one can simply pull up the addresses using a reverse image search. I am not sure if that is true, and Cullors is not a reliable source of information on any topic. However, if it were true, if Cullors is concerned about being the victim of a violent attack, why would she worsen the problem by explaining to people how to find her address from the photos?

Video Assertion #6: Answering Questions on Critiques Means Pivoting From Critiques to BLM Accomplishments?

At the 10:45 mark, she states there are some grounded critiques of BLM and her and that she takes the critiques very seriously. But conveniently, she does not name the critiques that are grounded. And there is a good reason she doesn’t because the critiques are devastating to her credibility. After reviewing this situation extensively, I can’t recall a single time Cullors replied that any critique of her or BLM was valid. BLM does not take these critiques seriously, and they continually dismiss critiques and call critiques that do not come from the “right-wing” to be right-wing critiques.

After spending only a few sentences on very general acknowledging there are critiques, she then transitions to what she and BLM have accomplished. This is a pattern we have observed that Cullors pivots from criticism, without addressing the criticism with evidence, to boasting about BLM’s accomplishments. The second topic is not related to the first topic, however. She states that BLM is “trying to get black people free.” Once again, Cullors is the world’s perfect human who only has the highest-minded principles or is “trying to get black people free.”

Video Assertion #7: Cullors Wants You To Know that She is a Woman of Color, So Back Off

Cullors constantly talks about being a woman of color throughout the entire video. But many of her critics are also people of color. So how does she being a “woman of color,” minimize this criticism?

Does Cullors really think blacks are going out of their way to criticize BLM for no reason after they invested so much of their identity into associating with BLM?

Video Assertion #8: All of Cullors Have Been Honest?

Cullors also spoke of honest mistakes. And that women of color need to be allowed to make honest mistakes. This is an entirely dishonest framing of what Cullors has done. Cullors has not made mistakes, and nothing she has done has been honest. She has engaged in dishonest premeditated behaviors that are natural for narcissist sociopaths. That is why the NLPC asked two attorney generals to investigate BLM for charity fraud. BLM has multiple insiders who are billing BLM for what appears to be nothing as a way of laundering money from BLM to the insiders and violating the laws of how charities are to be run.


Patrice Cullors is constantly lying, and nothing she says can be trusted to be true. Cullors continually plays the victim and evades questions. Cullors makes assertions, as does BLM, and deals in a world of unsubstantiated assertions. She has demonstrated a pattern of pivoting away from questions into other topics like racism or sexism or abolition so that she can move away from answering questions.