The Nearly Identical Decline of Black Run US Cities and South Africa

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Executive Summary

  • African countries proposed that taking over their countries’ management from colonial powers would lead to great things.
  • African countries have not progressed, and Africans have similar problems to those in Africa and the US.


Many promises have been made regarding African or black rule and management. Still, it is curious how the actual outcomes of African or black control are not explained. It is also very interesting to compare how similar the outcomes of the black takeover of US cities are to the black takeover of South Africa.

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  • Blacks thought and continue to think they could take possession of white infrastructure and government systems and manage them. This has turned out to be a spectacular failure, with the only answer being a white or European bailout and with blacks migrating from black-run cities and countries to white-run cities and countries. (When blacks migrate, their choice is always a white city or a white country)
  • In both US cities taken over by black political management and South Africa and Zimbabwe after being managed far more successfully by whites, the swift and steep decline of these cities and countries can never be appropriately allocated to blacks. There is always some other explanation that must be attributed to it to maintain consistency with political correctness.

In the case of US cities, it is blamed on white flight. In the case of South Africa and Zimbabwe, it is blamed on the “legacy of colonialism” even though the high points of these countries were during maximum colonial influence. In both cases, the cities/countries/regions always decline after blacks either become higher in their population percentage or take political control. In African countries, this happened with independence. In the US, this happened with blacks moving to cities, whites moving out of those cities, and blacks electing black politicians. This universal decline is not only actual of African nations but also Latin American nations, as independence from Spain and Portugal quickly led to declines of these countries in every desirable metric.

The truth is that African countries cannot attain European standards without Europeans. The US cannot maintain its European standards with constant immigration from 3rd world nations, from countries with minimal standards.

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