How South Africa’s ANC is Far Worse and Less Just Than the Apartheid Government

Executive Summary

  • South Africa has been in a continuous decline since the ANC took over the country’s management.


The ANC made many promises about how it would improve South Africa. The ANC has been a complete disaster and has merely replicated the incompetence and corruption of other African countries.

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Comments From A South African

These quotes are naturally anonymous, as SA no longer is a society that has freedom of speech. Blacks cannot tolerate freedom of speech and shut it down whenever they take control. There is no freedom of speech in any black-run country.

A Fake Rainbow Nation

Diversity is sold as a pathway to the races getting along. However, diversity, in reality, is just a transitory period where nonwhites take power and then prepare to subjugate whites. SA is in the “late stage of diversity,” which is the full non-white takeover stage. The US is in the early to mid-stage of diversity, where whites are being cajoled to hand over their society and accept non-whites and large scale non-white immigration and non-white reproduction.

This is illustrated in the following quotation.

Many of us knew that the dream of a non-racial democracy would end up as a black dictatorship. Many of us fought desperately to stop the takeover, but the West had a bizarre need to see black rule in this part of the world, whatever the consequences. Being right doesn’t mean you win. Giving “democracy” a chance here was a death sentence for our country. Whites voted for “negotiations,” bamboozled by the promise of power-sharing, world approbation, and acceptance into the “community of nations.” Nelson Mandela was never the icon portrayed by the world and especially by American liberals. South Africa today is his legacy.

Cape Town is still one of the world’s most beautiful cities but of late it has suffered terrible fires allegedly started by homeless people who live on the streets. One Tanzanian man charged first with arson and then damaging the environment said he had been living without papers in Cape Town for 10 years. There are millions like him all over South Africa. – American Renaissance

The Disintegration of SA

After the ANC takeover in 1994, a friend who worked for the Johannesburg municipality saw ANC cadres walk into offices and tell him and others that the ANC was now running the show “and if you don’t like it you can go.” The ANC was in charge and that was that. It drove out competent people, replaced them with comrades with inflated salaries — they started at five times the salary of the experienced white officials. A black South African writes: “Looking at ANC comrades who should never have aspired to public service, the rot and malfeasance oozes from every pore . . . . They have benefactors who fund their life of luxury . . . . Acting on principle and in the interest of the nation is a fool’s pastime, they believe.”

What a tragedy it is to watch our country disintegrate. Those responsible — British, American, and European governments — now avert their eyes. The press is silent. There is no call to get rid of this ANC plague, unlike the world’s cacophony to defeat “white minority rule.” Our citizens of all races pay the price for international cowardice and political correctness. – American Renaissance

This quote illustrates what awaits the US as blacks and other nonwhites take over.

What we see now in America follows the same pattern. The system is evil; it discriminates. There is no justice. It’s always someone else’s fault. Black Lives Matter has led to increased demands, and once these demands are met, there are always more. But you still have the wherewithal to resist.

South Africa’s cities became hell holes only after blacks started running the country. I note that the “white-run” United States is well represented among the world’s most dangerous cities: Memphis is 17th, Baltimore is 18th, and Detroit is 20th. We all know why. The evidence is there for anyone not deliberately blind. Americans: Open your eyes. – American Renaissance

The Decline of Durban

The following video shows the massive untreated sewage issue that has fouled the beaches and ocean of Durban since the ANC has taken over.

Here are some comments on YouTube videos on Durban.

I went to Durban on holiday in 1989 and stayed in a basic but clean apartment on Marine Parade, on the seafront. I have to say I feel dismay at watching this video and seeing how the place has changed and become essentially a broken, Third World city where its inhabitants eke out a living as street vendors selling the same junk to each other. And it offers a grim insight into what major cities in Britain (my country) may look like in a few years’ time when the dwindling white populations (already a minority in London, Birmingham and Manchester) have packed up and left. We’re ordered to celebrate the diversity that none of us voted for but there doesn’t seem much to be cheerful about.

And this one.

Be careful while walking with your camera like that in South Africa. You can be attacked or robbed any time and by anyone. Don’t be too relax and talk to everyone in town. Those ones you are talking to, are the ones that will rob you. I am scared on your place, the way you are so relax and talk to anyone like that. South Africa or Johannesburg is a place whrere you can be gunned and loose all your belongings so next time, please don’t move in the streets like that. Be guided by people that you know very well. EVen if you are big with muscles, slender gunmen can point you guns and take everything from you. I lived in South for more than 12 years and now living in the US in Muncie Indiana, so I know very well this country how people are being robbed and killed. It’s a beautiful country but some useless people are making that country very dangerous. Don’t don’t be too relaxed while walking and talking to everyone in the South African Streets. Those street guys who are pretending assisting you, are the ones that will rob you. Be careful I repeat. If you don’t trust me, and continue doing what you’re doing, one day you will remember my writting here. This is not to scare you but to let you know about how you should behave in South African streets. Joe Mbuya

And this one.

One of the best Cities destroyed together with the whole South Africa.


The ANC was unsuccessful in creating an improved policing function in the country. They lied to the people who supported them and said that they would improve policing in the country. The ANC presumed they could outperform the previous government, and they have significantly underperformed the previous government.

The only people in SA who have benefited from the end of apartheid and the rise of the ANC have been a tiny elite of blacks connected through tribal affiliation to those who took power. Everyone else in SA, including blacks, lost from the ANC takeover.