The Effect of Black Culture On Educational Institutions

Executive Summary

  • Black culture has a definite and negative impact on educational institutions.


I was taken aback when I was told there is no such thing as black culture on a YouTube discussion. In this article, I review this assertion and compare it to the evidence, which will branch into the topic of the impact of black culture on educational institutions.

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The Assertion Regarding The Nonexistence of Black Culture

Here is the comment.

There are blacks who conduct themselves in ways that could be considered “white culture” and they still get discriminated. And I don’t like the term “white black culture.”

If a person likes to learn, that makes them white? Indians like to learn, Chinese like to learn, in Islam it’s REQUIRED that you remain educated. If they like to hunt, native Americans have been hunting here before whites. Animals before any. We can’t dub culture either white or black. As stated, they’re have been MANY blacks who were highly educated, not fitting the stereotypical “ghetto” black person. STILL were discriminated. Vincent Oje was a wealthy EDUCATED black person. Yet rebelled against colonial Haiti because of the segregationists policy of the colony.

The Evidence

This commenter is confusing several issues. No one ever stated (that I can recall) that hunting is part of or defines white culture. So, this commenter is claiming that it is not part of the overall topic of black culture. Overall, it makes little sense to bring other groups like Indians or Chinese into the discussion as it is simply confusing the matter, so I will not address it. The overall comment is disjointed, and I will address the problem by writing further in the article.

However, the one part of this commenter’s commonly used is that not all black people act black. Therefore, there is no such thing as black culture. This is based upon an argument from exception rather than the norm. And exceptions don’t have much of an impact on how populations interact. Here are some standard features of black culture that are well-known and backed up by statistics. Does every single black person fit into this stereotype? No. Obviously not. But this is essentially the same argument used against any generality. There are some tall people from Thailand, but that does not change the fact that Thais tend to be shorter on average than Africans or Europeans.

  • Blacks have violent crime levels that are far higher than any other group.
  • Blacks have higher impulse control issues than other groups.
  • Blacks born and raised in the US speak differently than whites. Black culture is very different than white culture, and anyone who has spent time in a black area knows precisely what black culture is.
  • Blacks tend to have low levels of parental investment in their children. One ER nurse explained that blacks often have children who have hygiene problems and other physical maintenance issues.
  • Blacks score the lowest in intelligence tests of any group in the world. No black person in the history of the Nobel Prize has won the award for anything but peace or literature, and they have only won three for literature.

The black IQs are mixed with whites in the US, so this map won’t show the distinctions. Blacks in Africa average an IQ of 70. 

This graphic shows the average black person in the US has an IQ of 80. However, I have a more authoritative quote later in the article that states it is 85. Once you get into what is considered intelligent, which depends upon one’s standards, but 125 seems a reasonable cut-off, you end up with only a tiny fraction of blacks. The average IQ score in black Africa is 70. This means that US white/European-based education combined with many blacks being mixed race adds around 15 IQ points to the average black person. How much of that is education versus racial mixing is difficult to say. However, even mixed blacks are still counted as black rather than white. This is expressed in the following quotation. 

Both the hereditarian and the culture-only model can explain why groups of lighter skinned African Americans and the (also lighter skinned) mixed-race “Coloreds” of South Africa have average IQs between those of (for the most part)

As for African education standards, they often do not have enough books to read, and African schools are generally considered of poor quality. Furthermore, Africans’ IQs are increased by having schools, which is a European construct and never existed in Africa before the arrival of Europeans. 

This describes the general IQ differences.

The IQ debate became worldwide in scope when it was shown that East Asians scored higher on IQ tests than did Whites, both within the United States and in Asia, even though IQ tests were developed for use in the Euro American
culture (Lynn, 1977, 1978, 1982; P. E. Vernon, 1979, 1982). Around the world, the average IQ for East Asians centers around 106; that for Whites, about 100; and that for Blacks, about 85 in the United States and 70 in sub-Saharan Africa.

Most disputed is the validity of the low mean IQ scores reported for subSaharan Africans. Lynn’s (1991) review of 11 studies found a mean IQ of 70. A subsequent review of over two dozen studies by Lynn and Vanhanen (2002) found an average IQ of 70 for West, Central, East, and Southern Africa. Many critics claim that Western-developed IQ tests are not valid for groups as culturally different as sub-Saharan Africans (e.g., Nell, 2000). The main evidence to support a claim of external bias would be if the test failed to predict
performance for Africans. Even if tests only underpredicted performance for Africans compared with non-Africans, it would suggest that their test scores underestimated their “true” IQ scores. However, a review by Kendall, Verster,
and von Mollendorf (1988) showed that test scores for Africans have about equal predictive validity as those for non-Africans (e.g., 0.20 to 0.50 for students’ school grades and for employees’ job performance).

The culture-only hypothesis is disconfirmed by the differences on culture-fair and reaction time tests. Nor can the culture-only model easily explain why the East Asian average IQ of 106 is higher than the average White IQ, including on these same speed-of-processing tasks. Within the United States, the mean Black–White group difference in IQ has not changed significantly over the past 100 years despite significant improvements in the conditions of Black Americans.

By adulthood, East Asians average 1 cubic inch more cranial capacity than Whites, and Whites average 5 cubic inches more cranial capacity than Blacks. These findings on group differences in average brain size have been replicated using MRI, endocranial volume from empty skulls, wet brain weight at autopsy, and external head size measures.

The results showed that the children of Black parents of IQ 115 regressed toward the Black average IQ of 85, whereas children of White parents of IQ 115 regressed toward the White average IQ of 100. The converse occurred at the low end of the scale. Even stronger support for the hereditarian position came from sibling data. The regression lines for both Blacks and for Whites showed no significant departure from linearity throughout the range of IQ from 50 to 150. – THIRTY YEARS OF RESEARCH ON RACE DIFFERENCES IN COGNITIVE ABILITY

The following quote is very typical of interpreting the black-white IQ gap.

What is generally undiscussed is the many measurable differences between the races. These differences that have been tested are shown in the following table.

Evolutionary selection pressures were different in the hot savanna where Africans lived than in the cold northern regions Europeans experienced, or the even colder Arctic regions of East Asians. These ecological differences affected not only morphology but also behavior. It has been proposed that the farther north the populations migrated out of Africa, the more they encountered the cognitively demanding problems of gathering and storing food, gaining shelter, making clothes, and raising children successfully during prolonged winters (Rushton, 2000). As these populations evolved into present-day Europeans and East Asians, the ecological pressures selected for larger brains, slower rates of maturation, and lower levels of testosterone—with concomitant reductions in sexual potency, aggressiveness, and impulsivity; increases in family stability, advanced planning, self-control, rule following, and longevity; and the other characteristics listed in Table 3. The fact that the three-way pattern in IQ, brain size, and other traits is not unique to the United States but occurs internationally is consistent with a single, general (genetic–evolutionary) theory, whereas culture-only theory must invoke a number of highly localized, specific explanations.

One theory of human evolution argues that the farther north the ancestral human populations migrated out of Africa, about 100,000 years ago, the more they encountered the cognitively demanding problems of gathering and storing food, gaining shelter, making clothes, and raising children successfully during prolonged winters. (This is not the only theory of human evolution, nor do all who endorse it concur with our interpretation.) Ecological pressures selected for larger brains, slower rates of maturation, lower levels of sex hormone, and all the other life-history characteristics. – THIRTY YEARS OF RESEARCH ON RACE DIFFERENCES IN COGNITIVE ABILITY

Yet even with all these demonstrated differences, it is expected to read a quote on closing the black-white IQ test score gap.

Closing the black-white test score gap would probably do more to promote racial equality in the United States than any other strategy now under serious discussion. Judging by the currently available statistical evidence, eliminating the test score gap would sharply increase black college graduation rates, making them nearly equal to white rates. – Brookings Institute

One striking thing is a strange obsession with the “black-white” IQ test score gap. However, why concentrate on only this gap? Blacks have an IQ test score gap not only with whites but with all other racial groups. Africans have some of the lowest IQ scores in the world. Furthermore, African societies have also had the lowest technological development globally, with written language and the wheel being absent from black Africa before the arrival of the Europeans. Why would a race without written language be considered to close the gap with a race that had written language for thousands of years?

  • Country IQ
  • Japan 106.48
  • Taiwan 106.47
  • Singapore 105.89
  • Hong Kong 105.37
  • China 104.1
  • South Korea 102.35
  • Belarus 101.6
  • Finland 101.2
  • Liechtenstein 101.07
  • Germany 100.74
  • Netherlands 100.74
  • Estonia 100.72
  • Luxembourg 99.87
  • Macau 99.82
  • Cambodia 99.75

Interestingly, those countries that score the highest on IQ tests are from Northern Asia, and then the next group is Northern Europe. Why is there no discussion of the IQ gap between blacks and North Asians?

Secondly, all people closest to the equator score lower on IQ tests than those from the northern latitudes. Just review the map. People in China have an average IQ of 105, while people in the Philippines have an average score of 86.

Why is there no discussion of bringing “closing the gap” between China and the Philippines? Furthermore, does it escape the attention of these authors that the IQ scores roughly map to the latitude of where people evolved? How difficult is that, exactly? It is demonstrated by just reviewing the global map.

Therefore, articles from where I obtained the quote from the Bookings Institute begin their discussion on the topic as if global IQs do not follow this obvious pattern, and they lie through exclusion by failing to mention that blacks in Africa have the lowest IQs in the world. They also create false hope by doing this. However, why is there no international program under the UN to increase IQs in Africa and close the gap with Northern Europe or Northern Asia?

What is the Appropriate Comparison Group to Blacks in IQ?

The next group up from Africans in IQ is not whites but people in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. What is this bizarre obsession with performing every comparison between blacks and whites when there is so little in common between blacks and whites? It is anti-intellectual, and this is an illogical framework the supposedly intellectual Brookings Institution falls right into.

Something else left out of these analyses is they assume that black IQs can be raised without any cost to non-black students. I attended a bussed school. Virtually every non-black student at my high school would agree that the blacks brought to my school (the school was roughly 1/2 black) degraded the educational experience. The only thing the blacks in the school were good at was athletics. They not only brought poor academic interest and performance, but they also brought a “thug” culture to the school. This meant that safety was an issue at my high school when it was not before blacks were brought to the school. Eventually, all non-white students stopped attending the school (it took several years), and it was all black the last time I checked. The non-blacks were run out of the school by the “bad money” of black students. Blacks not only want a subsidy from others to help them raise their IQs, but they also want non-blacks to support their cities. They claim the right to ruin the cities they occupy. The list of demands on the rest of society is quite long. I will return to the problem of educating blacks by allowing them to invade white universities and the negative implications for whites and other non-blacks in the article.

Therefore, these articles on increasing black IQs presume that the rest of society has an unlimited tolerance for having their outcomes reduced to having black IQs increased.

The Problem With Not Addressing Low Black IQs

I covered this in the article What is The Problem With Not Addressing Black Intelligence. When blacks are invited to be part of the discourse on topics such as BLM or reforming prisons, the significantly lower IQ of blacks usually is not understood as the backdrop to their statements. Blacks will routinely debate me online as an intellectual equal when they cannot correctly punctuate their sentences or create a cohesively logical paragraph. The original comment that got this article started is an example of this. It was so illogical and disjointed I had to discard much of it. The only accurate claim to fame the vast majority of blacks I have debated is that at some point, they will call me a racist and then say something like “all white people are racists” or some other similar impulse control issue statement. They will then say something about slavery — usually not knowing that slavery was universal (so not just black) until around 200 years ago and was not questioned until what is referred to as the abolitionist movement in the beginning in 1830 in England. The anti-slavery movement began only in European countries but then spread.

How Much Do Blacks Suffer From Discrimination?

Any group with an average IQ of 75 will have fewer opportunities than those who do not have this liability. Furthermore, low IQs are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the problems with blacks. Blacks have all manner of other negative behavioral patterns which are cultural and which I included in the previous list. This makes blacks even less appealing to work with and integrate with than if they were only dull.

How Much Do Blacks Discriminate Against Others?

The commenter stated..

As stated, they’re have been MANY blacks who were highly educated, not fitting the stereotypical “ghetto” black person. STILL were discriminated.

And many blacks who have not been intelligent have been the beneficiaries of affirmative action programs. So, the discrimination has gone both ways. Furthermore, the number of intelligent blacks is far below the number of “highly educated” blacks because affirmative action results in blacks obtaining degrees they could not otherwise obtain. I research many fields, and I can say from reading that it is infrequent for blacks to be prominent in substantive fields. This comment also ultimately leaves out the tiny percentage of blacks that fall into the intelligent category.

Secondly, what evidence is there that blacks are less discriminatory than other racial groups? For example, when blacks have taken over cities (Detroit, Baltimore, South Africa, etc.), they have been discriminatory against all other groups. As a second example, black discrimination is a significant reason that South Africa is in steep decline. The ANC has removed technologically knowledgeable whites from their water and power infrastructure and replaced them with very poorly educated black South Africans. What started as a “Rainbow Nation” quickly turned into blacks marginalizing whites and pushing South Africa to the highest levels of corruption in the nation’s history. The wealthiest people in South Africa are now the top politicians in the country.

“The whole state has been criminalised,” Mary de Haas, an expert on KwaZulu-Natal’s political violence, says. “We had corruption, but we have been criminalised in the last 10 years . . . there are all sorts of mafia and criminal networks that would jump on this bandwagon.” – Martin Plaut

Blacks don’t seem to realize that the infrastructure in South Africa has nothing to do with them. It was imported entirely from European culture. The number of civil engineers in the country has declined tenfold since the end of apartheid.

The universities in South Africa are no longer respected because they have also been placed under black management, and therefore, they have withered since the ANC came to power.

See if this following quote brings up any images of what recently happened in the US.

Many universities were forced to suspend academic activities, the riots caused hundreds of millions of rand in damage, and led to violent confrontations between students, police and private security guards, as well as to arrests of many students. – CMI

Yes, this is the pattern of blacks worldwide. Riot engages in property damage and looting to force “reform,” a euphemism for preferential treatment.

It quickly became obvious that in academia to criticise in any way the new government was a ticket to career marginalisation.

For the past 26 years, South African academics, on the whole, have been timidly tip-toeing around government, fawning for favour, desperate to signal their ideological virtue. As a result, there is a void in critical thought and discussion at our tertiary institutions. Simultaneously, the stifling effect of these academic apparatchiks has been compounded by a Western epidemic of political correctness and the growth of identity politics, which has further sapped critical vigour. The result is an Orwellian world where social media hit squads and faceless critics abuse and vilify, increasingly decreeing what can be researched, how and by whom — as well as what the desired conclusions should be. – Martin Plaut

The ANC’s black leadership has broken the independent link and reduced the freedom of speech of academics. It is part of black culture to deny what you don’t like, and blacks are particularly susceptible to making up inaccurate and not adequately researched histories. One book written by a black author stated that because the Port of Liverpool had ships that eventually transported slaves to the New World, 1.5 million slaves were imported to England during the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

This is false.

Slaves were carried on British ships, but not to Liverpool. I received negative feedback for my article Did African Americans Enslave Liberian Africans? from black commenters. Their view is that anything that undermines their narrative that the only slavers in the history of the world were whites and the only people ever to be enslaved were blacks should not be published.

And this is another issue — blacks, by and large, only support the freedom of speech of blacks — at least on topics related to race. If you check with CRT, it proposes ending the freedom of speech of whites and only allowing freedom of speech for black and brown people.

It is fair to ask whether South African universities can continue in anything like their previous form under black management, which is hostile to free thinking and generally pushes thought control.

The Evergreen State University insanity is an example of what happens when black culture becomes the dominant culture. At the beginning of this video, the students are chanting, “black power, black power..”

Can one chant “white power, white power..” or would that lead to negative repercussions?

Analysis of What Happens With Black Culture Takes Over Your University

In the Evergreen State University riots, there was a lot of screaming, emotions, and false claims made by students who knew close to zero about history. Many of the blacks are not speaking standard English (which brings up how they graduated from high school to get to Evergreen), a black student reads a letter and stumbles on the word “allegations.” These students have had very poor parenting, as they shout down people who are decades older than them.

This is all the manifestation of black culture. It is the culture of entitlement without effort and a display of the Dunning-Krueger Effect. And the non-black students that doing things like cursing at and physically threatening the university staff is an acceptable way of behaving at a university. At one point, the school’s president is told by a student.

No you shut the fuck up George, I don’t want to listen to a goddam thing you have to say.

What planet did these students grow up on that they think it is customary to speak to the president of your college in this way?

People are told to..

Sit your ass down!

I reviewed the video, and it seemed as if no sentence could be uttered by a student without some hysterical voice inflection or the use of the word “fuck” or “fucking.” And what the students have to say is virtually content-free. There is no connection between their statements and the primary issue that started the riot, a topic I will get to shortly. This all looks like a bunch of children who do not know the boundaries of behavior and were raised by single mothers — which is usually the case in black families. And the black students are the absolute leaders of this riot. Other races are going along — but in each outburst, it is the blacks leading the charge.

These students have not been around long enough to know much, and in the time they have been alive, they have put little effort into learning. None of these students appear to be suitable, at least at this point in their lives, to participate in a university experience. Furthermore, why are you spending time at the university if you think your knowledge is superior to the professors? This behavior goes beyond an assertion of superior knowledge, and it is about humiliating the staff at the university. This is part and parcel of a core feature of black culture, which is thuggery. You can see in the video that the students tell the school president to keep his hands at his sides when he speaks and then berate him when he does not follow their commands. And some of the students doing this are white. One white student gets into the president’s face and, mirroring the behavior of the black students, begins screaming at him and using f-bombs. It is difficult even to comprehend his complaint due to his disjointed statement.

One wonders why the president does not simply call the police and have the students removed and expelled, black and white alike.

This faculty member was berated out of the room for pointing a finger. Anyone who disagreed with the black agenda and this mob was shouted down. At one point, a black student says..

This is what we have to put up with George.


I felt like he threatened her.

What was the treat exactly, people pointing fingers while being shouted down? He had no time to respond before being shouted down.

He should have kept his arms at his side when speaking. All of this, of course, would increase adherence if the whites on campus were put in some restraints….perhaps shackled while speaking to make up for the “legacy of slavery” that was universal among all races.

All Whites Need to Stay at Home?

This entire protest started because several faculty and students refused to have a ‘no white people” day at the university, which would have forced all whites to stay home that day.

That was the root of the debate: whether the non-whites on the campus could force all whites to stay away from the college for a day.

This video explains that Brett Weinstein, a professor of biology, refused to stay away from the university during a day of “nonwhiteness.” Therefore, these non-white students’ oppression is that a professor would not follow their white person ban. Because of this, Weinstein was called a racist and a member of the alt-right. 

As I noted, many of the people acting out are white or Asian, etc.. Still, they are led and egged on by blacks who have a culture of being unruly, violent, and making false claims combined with having a victim identity. There is no educational experience that is improved by including blacks. All others suffer from black inclusion in their education. And then the higher the percentage of blacks, the more out of control the educational institution will become. Blacks want to attend universities founded and run by whites. However, no group wants to attend black universities. Why is that?

The reality is that the more influence blacks have on a university, the more restricted thought will be, and the more unstable the university will be. This is the same thing I experienced in high school; everything degrades. This is the point left out of armchair intellectuals’ projections of how to integrate blacks into universities better. Black culture is a threat to any white-established and maintained university. Blacks show very little interest in what is true — therefore, they are not even a fit for universities. The point is to get degrees so that they can learn the terminology — but then corrupt it and undermine white institutions.

Similar Unruly and Destructive Behavior of Blacks in South African Universities

Evergreen’s experience is a duplication of the experience in South Africa.

Since the takeover of South Africa by the black ANC, something very similar has happened in South African universities. A thuggish mentality has taken hold. This is expressed in the following quotation.

That said, at the core of many of the disruptions at the former white English universities is a kind of gangsterism masquerading as progressive politics. It is a vile, in-your-face hooliganism that conjures up the language of radical politics but is, in fact, nothing less than a tsotsi element that one Vice-Chancellor called this behaviour.

Where does this hooligan behaviour come from—that beats up other students, violently disrupts university meetings, assaults members of staff, spews forth anti-Semitic and anti-white froth, and gratuitously attacks the dignity and integrity of leaders? There is no question that the on-campus behaviour seeks to mimic the off-campus behaviour of political parties, to begin with. The ongoing fracas in Parliament, broadcast for all to see, is the model on which some of these youth base their on-campus tactics. Often the students involved in the more violent confrontations come from political movements and community contexts where intellectual disagreement and tough debates are not enough—it must escalate into physical confrontation and verbal abuse.

All kinds of figures are therefore invoked in these angry flashes from Biko to Fanon to Cornell West but unsurprisingly not King or Ghandi or Mandela. If Mandela gets any mention at all, it is as a sell-out, the man who led South Africa into a soft transition that left white privilege undisturbed and black poverty undiminished. It is this instant re-interpretation, and dismissal, of Nelson Mandela that is the most marked feature of the new anger. – Martin Plaut

The author above seems to ask “where this is coming from continually.” I have an answer. The answer is that this is black culture.

The quote continues.

A very good example of how promising universities decline slowly over time as a result of chronic instability is the University of Zimbabwe—they met their “transformation” targets quickly, one could say, but they failed to sustain and build the kind of cultural and intellectual capital necessary for creating top class African universities.

People who refer to Zimbabwe never seem to recognize that Zimbabwe had a roughly 14-year head start on South Africa. I predict we will see the same thing in South Africa as in Zimbabwe. South Africa’s universities are in the same inexorable decline due to the infusion of black students and the universities being under “black management,” which marks South Africa’s power and water utilities.

Add Arson to That Protest

Blacks in South Africa also have a curious way of protesting issues on campus, including setting buildings ablaze.

Protesting students at the North West University Mahikeng campus have set fire to the science building.

University spokesperson Koos Deganaar says a group of students, believed to be Economic Freedom Fighters members, disrupted the Student Representative Council inauguration ceremony today.

Violent clashes between the group and private security companies have been ongoing throughout the day with officers using tear gas and rubber bullets to try and disperse the crowd. Deganaar says some students have been injured and others have now set fire to property.

“There was some vandalism at our staff cafeteria and now they have started to burn the science centre on campus.” Earlier, there were reports of private security officers firing live ammunition at students. – EWN

I never protested in college — however, if I had, I doubt that my protests would have included bringing a can of gasoline to the campus and then lighting up a building. What would I be signifying with that action? That the building is not sufficiently fire retardant?

What does this remind one of?

A police car was set ablaze during the 2020 BLM riots. Can anyone guess the single racial group in the US that sees a connection between protests and arson? 


Black culture is dysfunctional, and it is damaging to everything it touches, and this includes educational institutions. The more blacks that are allowed into a university, the more blacks and black culture will express themselves in these institutions, and the more negative the outcomes for both blacks and non-blacks.

At a high enough level, such as in South Africa, the educational institution will have its mission redirected away from education to black issues and undermined by unruly black behavior. On the spectrum between emotional and rational, blacks are far toward the emotional end, with only a few blacks showing analytical capabilities or the ability to demonstrate objective thought. Rational thinking cannot be enhanced by incorporating emotional thinking but by rejecting emotional thinking.

The objective of increasing black enrollment in universities means degrading the educational experience for all other students, and as in high schools that are bussed like mine was, it will push the educators, who are usually not black, away from both these schools and (if the problem is prevalent at other schools where they would seek employment) from choosing education as a profession.

When blacks get faculty positions in universities, they, in most cases, immediately begin race scamming and polluting the academic literature with false scholarship that has no concern for what is true and takes some racial angle.