What is the Problem with Failing to Address Lower Average Black Intelligence?

Executive Summary

  • Blacks in the US have lower average intelligence than the rest of the population. This issue is often sidestepped because it is politically incorrect.
  • What are the implications of this low average intelligence?


It is politically incorrect to state that blacks have lower intelligence than any other racial group, and it is politically correct but accurate. Not addressing this reality is a problem for blacks because it creates unrealistic expectations of what they can accomplish, and it is preventing blacks from addressing issues, such as the poor performance of blacks in schools in non-black countries because they consider themselves to have equal intelligence to other groups when they have been proven to not. It also hinders policies that could be developed to match blacks’ needs, rather than assuming that blacks are the same as anyone else.

This article will cover this problem and why this lack of willingness to face this reality leads to the overuse of the charge of racism and how black intelligence compares.

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Reviewing the Reality of Black Intelligence Versus Other Groups

The following is an excellent explanation of black intelligence and what the US will not admit.

This brings up why so many resources are being invested in blacks in the US. Blacks continually state that their schools are failing them, but they were fine when they educated whites and not blacks.

  • Every single area in the US that has become more black has seen its intelligence scores decline.
  • Teachers report enormous problems in teaching black children. And these aren’t just intelligence problems, but impulse control problems.

It is interesting because technical writers and intellectuals generally have an IQ in the 130s and above. However, notice how tiny the black population is at this level. What is considered “smart” among blacks is an IQ of around 105.

This is covered in the following quotation.

In 2017 in Baltimore there were thirteen high schools in which not a single student tested proficient in math. Customarily this is blamed on poor schools, but every aspect of the Baltimore system, from the mayor to the students is controlled by blacks, and the per-student expenditure is high.

Similar results from other cities–Detroit, Chicago–are common, normal, expected. – UNZ

This same school district did not perform like this when Baltimore was predominantly a white city. The schools only became poor when the cities turned over their demographics from white to black.

It seems as if blacks ruined the performance of Baltimore schools.

Low black and Latin American IQ scores bring down the US average IQ, as their numbers are significant as a percentage of the population. The US’s average IQ is 98. Asians bring up the IQ scores, however, overall the US IQ has been in decline due in most part to demographic change.

Reviewing IQs in Africa

Blacks don’t only have low IQs on average in the US, and Sub-saharan Africa has the lowest IQs in the world.

2006 estimates by Lynn and Vanhanen.

Notice how sub-Saharan Africa stands out for its low IQs. The overall average is around 70. Blacks in the US have higher IQs than this — roughly 85. However, blacks in the US are first mixed with white genes, and secondly, they are educated in a white system, more or less. The more black the concentration, the worse the education — which is why blacks in the US continually want to get to more white schools and why whites want to get away from blacks in their schools.

If a school a large black proportion of its study body is either black or Hispanic — it is guaranteed that the school will rank as a bad school.

Blacks and Nobel Prizes?

Blacks living in all countries have won a total of 11 Nobel Prizes. However, once one removes the prizes for peace, one is left with only four total Nobel Prizes. And of the four, only one, for economics is outside of literature, for anything remotely technical. Let us compare this to white societies. The Netherlands has a population of 17.5 million has been awarded 19 non-peace Nobel Prizes. This means that a country with a population of 17.5 million has won 19/4 = 4.75 as many Noble Prizes a the entire combined international black population, which is close to 1.2 billion people.

Blacks have won the fewest Nobel Prizes of all groups. This is lower than the next lowest group, which is Arabs. However, blacks generally think they have historical parity with European countries, even though they have produced only a tiny fraction of the intellectual property. This shows that blacks not only have low IQs, but they have deficient levels of intellectual accomplishment.

For example, blacks worldwide add close to nothing to intellectual property. In the US, they now produce negative intellectual property, including things like black-centric history, which is false history, proposing that math be changed so that 2 + 2 can equal 5 or 6. Critical Race Theory, which blacks developed, states that what is true or what is rational is a “white” idea. All statements and assertions are simply about obtaining power.

What Can Be Observed About the Low Intelligence Level of Blacks But Never Said

While scientists know what is going on with black intelligence, they are not allowed to say it, which is covered in the following quotation.

A storm, methinks, is just over the horizon: The genetics of intelligence, perhaps of behavior. Geneticists know that intelligence is largely genetic. They know better than to say so. But research advances rapidly. Laboratories close in on the responsible genes. Things like genomic-sequence correlation proceed apace. Within ten or fifteen years, I will guess, the genetics of IQ will be firmly established. If the results turn out as seems likely…then what? What does a pseudo-democracy do when clearly stratified by intellectual capacity?

The mainstream media seem to sense the danger. We see descriptions of genetics as “pseudoscience,” hear muttering about ”scientific racism” and eugenics and just like Hitler. This is the bleating of child minds. Genetics is absolutely mainstream science. Following the field requires some knowledge of biochemistry which requires some knowledge of organic chemistry which requires some knowledge of general chemistry and some knowledge of eighth-grade algebra. Since few, even among the bright, wield these credentials, the public can still be told that genetics is racism. This won’t last.

The growing panic surfaced in the recent stripping of honors from James Watson, co-discoverer of the DNA helix. His sin? He said that the measured gap in intelligence between blacks and whites is genetic. For this he was silenced. It is science by fiat, Lysenkoism.

The hostility to genetics springs entirely from the fear that Mr. Watson will be proved right–that it will show blacks to be less intelligent than whites. Of course the politically correct don’t really believe in the intellectual equality of the races. If they did, they would welcome genetic research as a way of establishing the equality. You do not fear investigation unless you suspect it will give the wrong answer.

A similar though smaller gap is suspected between whites and Latinos. For this there is evidence,and counter-evidence. A gap seems to exist between whites and various Asians. We shall see. But the black-white gap is the bombshell. Here the evidence is overwhelming, and there is no counter-evidence. Thus the furious repression. – UNZ

Are Blacks at Fault for Their Lower Intelligence?

The persistent explanation of lower average black intelligence has been that whites are at fault (for not teaching them in the school system) or that blacks are at fault. What is undiscussed is that blacks have never added anything to white education. The involvement of blacks in the development of education typically means providing inflated grades for blacks and otherwise undermining white education. Blacks cannot make additions to white methods because they never would have invented education in the first place. Education did not exist anywhere in Africa before the arrival of Europeans.

Much of IQ is genetic. There is a debate as to how much. There are differences in IQ by global region, with blacks being the lowest. Like the US, for instance, blacks have the lowest IQs of all racial groups within a nation. Black areas in the US are notoriously in disrepair, and the worst-managed cities in the US are always black-run cities.

IQ and Temperature or Climate of Human Evolution

One of the great differentiators in how races score on IQ is the temperature of their environment.

This is explained in the following quotation.

Is intelligence dependent on the climate?

Since 1991 there has been the presumption that persistent heat affects the IQ over generations. It was initially assumed that living in lower temperatures requires a higher physical fitness and causes higher social demands. Richard Lynn, a professor at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland, also assumes that the colder temperatures increase the brain volume. Whether brain size is at all related to intelligence, is controversial.

In general, a hot climate is considered a disadvantage for the development of intelligence. The reason is nowadays primarily seen in the high physical energy demand and the resulting stress. – World Data

Therefore the issue is the rejection of biological facts, not either blacks or whites.

However, as it is genetic, one can say that it is not “the fault of blacks” that they have lower intelligence, but not much can be done about this. The US education system keeps coming up with new approaches to education because blacks don’t “learn like whites.” Yes, this is because blacks are not white. There are roughly ten groups between blacks and whites, and blacks can aspire to or look up to Arabs.

The fact that blacks have such a lower intelligence and that they have been indoctrinated with so much “black pride” may indicate that blacks, more than other groups, suffer from The Dunning Kruger Effect (that is where the person knows so little about the subject they overestimate their knowledge level as they cannot appreciate how little they know) far more than other groups. There is often less dispute when a person of another group is determined to have a lower-than-average intelligence. However, when blacks are told they have a lower intelligence level, the first response is often “racist” thinking. But the reason that blacks have a reputation for being unintelligent is that they are foolish. Blacks reinforce the “stereotype” when they speak, write, or express ideas.

People Who Disagree With Blacks are “Ignorant”

Curiously, blacks who consider it offensive to point out the low average intelligence of blacks don’t seem to have a problem calling other people unintelligent with far more hostility than I have presented here. I have been called “stupid” “ignorant,” and “dense” for proposing that one cannot find a prosperous black society or city worldwide. However, I do not score a 70 to 85 on an IQ test, so why would there be such an impulsive response to my statements of fact. Under this idea, people with a tested 70 IQ do not have a lower-than-average IQ. If blacks score the worst in IQ tests and worst in school, why is it okay for blacks to call people ignorant but not wrong to call black people ignorant?

Although black IQ is very low, some blacks are very intelligent. One example is Thomas Sowell. However, these blacks have massive problems with other blacks and are accused of “thinking white.” so blacks have a way of punishing the few blacks that do well on intelligence tests. 

When Math is Racist

Math has also been called racist and a white man’s construct. Blacks have proposed that because Europeans greatly furthered math, it must be racist. And because blacks perform so poorly in math tests, they presume the tests have been biased against them, even though some non-whites like Asians score higher on average than whites on these tests. Again, whenever blacks come up short in almost any area, the item is called racist. Blacks have every high level of sexually transmitted diseases versus any other group, with roughly 70% of all the cases of gonorrhea in the US, while having only 13% of the population  — however, is that racist or due to black behavior?

When Science is Also Racist

Science is also racist. Can you guess why? Well, very few black scientists and blacks have made so little in the way of contributions to science that if the black population’s contributions were removed, we would not notice. In several countries, including South Africa, there has been a proposal to “decolonize science.” However, what does “decolonize science” mean? Science is an invention of white countries (primarily). Anyone can participate — if they follow the rules of science. But one cannot take the colonial countries out of science. This means stamping out science and returning to pre-scientific ideas, which is happening in many African countries. They want to reject science while keeping their iPhones, which they don’t even seem to know was invented by whites.

What Happens When You Decolonize Science?

Black rule and black idiocy have ruined South Africa. South African universities are now a joke; corruption levels have skyrocketed, as has violence, which happens when blacks take over a society. They also talk about decolonizing science, which means going back to witchcraft. This is explained in the video at a South African university.

The black way of thinking is to not look at the evidence and make things up to see if you can bluff the other party. Blacks not only have zero to offer white societies in terms of thought, but their contributions are also harmful, as they undermine rational thought.

Black Scientific Ignorance

Many Africans are so divorced from a science education that they do not understand the connection between science, technology, and digital devices. Africa is a hotbed for scientific ignorance, like eliminating your body of AIDS through sex with a virgin, conjuring lightning bolts to strike people, or other types of magical thinking that are prevalent in Africa.

Africa is the only country where people rape babies to rid themselves of AIDS. 

In explaining a scientific idea to Africa, I was told the following..

“It is some white man bullshit.”

Sadly, this is the view of many Africans of science. There are no universities of note that do science outside of white-controlled countries like South Africa and Africa. And now that South Africa is no longer politically controlled by the white population, science publishing will soon be dead. No advanced society can survive under black rule.

Why did the world think blacks could manage a society built by whites? Due to rapes by exclusively blacks on trains, vandalism, and theft. 

The Impact of Infectious Diseases on the Evolution of Intelligence

One paper proposes that the need to fight infectious diseases reduces the ability to evolve intelligence.

In this study, we hypothesize that the worldwide distribution of cognitive ability is determined in part by variation in the intensity of infectious diseases. From an energetics standpoint, a developing human will have difficulty building a brain and fighting off infectious diseases at the same time, as both are very metabolically costly tasks. Using three measures of average national intelligence quotient (IQ), we found that the zero-order correlation between average IQ and parasite stress ranges from r = −0.76 to r = −0.82 (p < 0.0001). These correlations are robust worldwide, as well as within five of six world regions. Infectious disease remains the most powerful predictor of average national IQ when temperature, distance from Africa, gross domestic product per capita and several measures of education are controlled for. These findings suggest that the Flynn effect may be caused in part by the decrease in the intensity of infectious diseases as nations develop.

Lynn (1991) and Rushton (19952000) proposed that temperature and climate provide important Darwinian selective pressures for intelligence, with cold climates selecting for higher intelligence, because low temperatures provide more fitness-related problems for humans that must be solved through cognitively demanding means, and through more complex social organization.

The worldwide distribution of parasites is well known. Disease-causing organisms of humans are more prevalent in equatorial regions of the world and become less prevalent as latitude increases. Ecological factors contributing to this distribution include mean annual temperature, monthly temperature range and precipitation (e.g. Guernier et al. 2004). Similar trends of parasite distribution have been shown in other host species (e.g. Møller 1998). – Parasite prevalence and the worldwide distribution of cognitive ability, The Royal Society Publishing

We see this conclusively in the map of IQ.

Notice the differences between North and South Asia, for example. There is no single indigenous South Asia country with a high IQ, and the North Asian countries have the highest IQs in the world. (Singapore is an exception, it has been located in South Asia for a while, 70% Chinese).

Having Realistic Expectations of Black Outcomes

Suppose blacks have lower average intelligence and higher impulsivity than all other races. In that case, they cannot be expected to function the same way as races with different environmental pressures that shaped their intelligence. It is not the blacks’ fault that they have lower average IQs, but it also does not mean that they can be expected to act or behave or pattern after whites.

At least, not the great majority of them.

No accounting is being performed in US policies for this reality. The current strategy is to provide long-term subsidies to blacks, telling them the only thing holding them back in society. This is false. This comes from a rejection of biology, and the belief that biology is a small factor in human societies, and societies or socialization are the primary factors. This is also a view held by those with the slightest understanding of biology.

Why Is the Focus Equivelance With Whites?

Blacks have the worst intelligence scores, the worst impulse control scores, and the highest rates of violence in the world. Black societies are the worst-performing societies in the world. And they were the worst-performing before any interaction with Europeans, so they can’t blame this performance on Europeans.

Given all of this, on what basis do blacks claim to have equivalent capabilities to other groups, much less white societies that have created the majority of the technology in the world and have societies with the best outcomes in the world?

Country Civilization Scoring

This is the scoring and their relative levels.
Country StandardLiterate Culture?Fatalistic?Score and Country Class
Western EuropeYesNo1
Eastern or Southern EuropeYesNo2
North AsiaYesSemi3
Southeast AsiaSemiYes5
Pacific IslandNoSemi6
Latin American and CarribeanNoYes8
African Country + > 20% of Pop. = IslamicNoYes11

Here is our ranking of civilizations. Blacks hold the two lowest scores, blacks are the next to last, and Islamic blacks are in the bottom position. Notice the number of levels between white civilizations and black civilizations. 


The following are the adverse outcomes of not addressing lower black intelligence levels. The fact that white liberals can’t see this does not say good things about their intelligence, either. But white liberals don’t live in reality and pick and choose what to believe in not based upon evidence but based upon what their “tribe” tells them to believe.

Item #1: Overallocating Resources into Black Education

By not confronting black intelligence, the US system continues to educate black children. This is an educational investment that black families could not do and is a subsidy, which — given the low IQs of blacks worldwide, will have a low return on investment. Furthermore, the more blacks attend school with other races, the worse the outcomes will be for non-blacks. I attended a school that had busing, and the blacks had no interest in learning, and they hurt the experience for all non-white students.

Item #2: Not Realizing the Cause of Black Behavior

By not addressing lower average black intelligence, we look for solutions to black dysfunction that leave out their lower average intelligence as the cause. This is done because it is politically correct, not rational. Blacks cannot behave the same as other groups because they do not have the same intelligence level. We will look for other areas to explain black behavior if we can’t recognize this. And blacks will continuously be using racism as a crutch to explain why they can’t meet white standards. Martin Luther King said that he wanted to live in a country where his children were judged by their character’s content and not their skin color. However, the problem is that skin color is a powerful predictor of intelligence and impulse control. Look at the IQ map of the world. It’s not just blacks, but all people who evolved close to the equator with lower IQs. Therefore, scientific evidence is that people should be judged by their skin color. Do darker-skinned people not like this? Yes. But does that change whether it is true? No. Darker people inherently know this, and even countries that are non-white people desire to marry people with lighter skin color. Whenever you see people of different skin colors married to one another, the one with the darker skin color is almost more wealthy than the one with a lighter skin color. As much as black NBA and NFL players talk about the evils of racism when choosing a girlfriend or wife, they almost always choose a woman with lighter skin than them. Declarations of racism are nearly always hypocritical.

You can probably tell who the man is in this photo. Can you guess which person brings more financial resources to this relationship by skin color? However, doesn’t Michael Jordan oppose racism? Well, not when he is the decision-maker.

This is Michael Jordan’s second wife. She is both younger but also even more light-skinned. She is Latin and not black.  

I have reviewed many photos of married couples, and there is a very strong and undeniable preference for successful black men to choose women with lighter skin. This type of match is far less common among average black men. White men can’t find women that much lighter-skinned than them. This is not just a situation where the woman is sometimes the same skin color as the player. They are virtually always very light-skinned blacks, white, or non-black. This is an apparent specific preference by black men for lighter-skinned women.

Curiously, this is never called racism. This is interesting as blacks continually critique anyone who shows a preference for non-blacks as racist.

Item #3: Constant Charges of Racism

Blacks are not being told honestly that their IQs are lower on average than virtually every other race. However, blacks expect equality — and as Liberals will not tell them the truth when they do not obtain equality, this causes anger and a need to attribute every inability to obtain equality to “racism.”

Item #4: Immigration Policy

We are not changing the immigration policy of the US to exclude blacks.

  • More blacks are being brought into the US from primarily the Caribbean — when it has been shown that the existing blacks do not work in the US society. Why would more blacks be a good fit?
  • Europe is similarly bringing in or accepting large numbers of blacks from Africa — who have little hope of fitting in with European culture. Additionally, they bring in Arabs — who have a lower IQ on average than whites and Asians but higher than blacks, they still too low to be an active part of a Western Civilization. Arabs, along with blacks, rejected rationalism. In Islam, and nearly all Arabs are Muslim, rationalism was explicitly rejected in around 850 as it was viewed as a gateway to atheism. Islam explicitly denies cause and effect, stating that any support of cause and effect denies the will of Allah. The writing by Mulsim scholars since this time is apparent on this topic. Neither blacks nor Arabs have any connection to Western Civilization, and these countries are not considering the long-term ability to assimilate these individuals.

Item #5: Reproductive Policy

When blacks decide how many children to have, they do so because blacks have the same intelligence level as all other groups. They presume that, eventually, the societies in which they live will accommodate their children. In Africa, Africans dream of their children moving to Europe, a society they could never have built on their own — but they still think they deserve to live in it. In every white society, blacks have immigrated to damage that society and the blacks end up on a permanent subsidy from whites and others in that society.

Africans will always have a problem contributing to Europe as the Europeans have, and this means the degradation of Europe. Blacks have a higher population growth than all other groups in the US but Arab Muslims and Latin Americans. Both of these groups also have lower IQs than whites.

US blacks are not aware that the vast majority of their living standard is based upon living in a European-based society and on technologies and societal inventions. Their culture contributed nothing to any of this, and that never existed in Africa and probably would not even be known if it were not for outside cultures (freedom of speech, the invention of the wheel, written language, constitutional government, books, education, the scientific method, mathematics, etc..).

Item #6: Not Addressing African Overpopulation

It should not be surprising that the race that scores the lowest in IQ also has the most significant resistance to using birth control. A lower intelligence appears to be stopping Africa from using birth control to prevent a population tsunami, as is explained in the following video.

Item #7: Immigration Policy: A Problem Which is About to Become Far Worse

Africa has a rapidly growing and out-of-control population boom cannot be accommodated by African infrastructure and the low African government competence. Many of these Africans intend to immigrate to European-based countries. These things are easily managed with birth control — but in many African countries, birth control is considered a plot by whites to “exterminate” blacks. In one report, the UN stated that educating Africans on birth control and funding programs “diminished the humanity” of Africans.

These African immigrants do not understand and do not care that mass immigration to Europe from Africa will ruin Europe. African countries do very little to prepare their citizens to live in an advanced society like Europe, but all Africans believe they have a right to live there. They also think that they have the same intelligence level as all other groups, and the appalling performance of Africa is due to factors that have nothing to do with them — and that they are victims of “bad governments.” These bad governments have nothing to do with black or African governments, and blacks cannot manage anything in any country. 

What It All Means

Low black intelligence is a fact. Low black intelligence is not unique to blacks, as all groups that evolved closer to the equator have lower intelligence than those that evolved further from the equator. Blacks have low intelligence but score low in impulse control and are more prone to violence than whites, which became very far from the equator. This is a biological reality. Blacks know that they cannot do anything or create anything, and they have figured out that they will act as parasites in white countries, primarily through race scamming and talking about how not allowing them into this or that white item is racism. Blacks have no other way of improving their condition than scamming whites to let them parasitize and tear down their societies. Blacks in the US are now in the process of migrating from cities that were ruined by blacks and black management (Detroit, St Louis, Baltimore, etc..) to areas where there were historically very few blacks, like Phoenix. Why? Because blacks know what blacks do to cities. Blacks have several euphemisms for this — like “safety” and “good schools,” but what it means is moving away from blacks.

Not confronting blacks on their lower intelligence and their deficient intellectual contribution level in Africa and in all of the countries they have immigrated to may feel good in the short term. Still, it has very problematic long-term consequences.

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