Are Racist Guns Responsible for the High Number of Shootings in Black Areas in the US?

Executive Summary

  • It’s time to face the fact that guns become more violent when kept in black areas.
  • This brings up the question of whether guns are themselves racist, which implicates gun manufacturing companies.


It is curious to view the reactions of blacks to shootings in black neighborhoods. The black victims’ description is one of “bewilderment” about what is happening or how it happened. The perspective seems to be. 

“These guns come into our neighborhoods and start shooting us.”

This brings up the question of gun racism.

What Happened to Philadephia?

The following is a news story on shootings in Philadelphia.

After seeing this segment, those interviewed’ reactions appeared eerily similar to other cities with a high population percentage.

This caused me to look up the increase in the black population in Philadelphia.

Notice how all non-white groups have increased, and the white racial group has dropped from 65.6% in 1970 to 41.6%. This is normally great news for a city because it means systemic racism and white supremacy are declining.

In the history of the United States, every city that has become less white has improved. Many people don’t realize this, and they buy into the myth that the opposite happens.

Doing Something About Guns

We need to do something about guns in Philadelphia.

For some odd reason, the guns pretty much stay in their boxes in white and Asian neighborhoods. However, guns don’t appear to behave the same way — and there is some strange variance going on when guns find their way into black areas. In black areas, the guns begin shooting off and in many directions. 

This leads to only one possible conclusion.

The Guns are Racist

Think about it, what else could be the explanation. Let us look at the facts.

  • Whites predominantly design guns.
  • Whites predominantly manufacture guns.
  • Whites predominantly sell guns.

This is an open and shut case. This also raises why we don’t have more diversity in gun manufacturing, designing, and sales.

Why are there no black-owned gun manufacturers? Glock is an Austrian company, which is white and racist. Can blacks really trust whites to make their guns for them? Clearly not. 

If you are black, you owe it to yourself not to be around a white manufacturer’s gun.

Seeing Racist Guns in Action

Let us see a few examples of these racist guns in action.

At this gas station, this nice man minding his own business when a racist gun came by and jumped into his hands and made him start shooting. The gun could have chosen anyone at that gas station, but it profiled a black man to use as its vessel. Afterward, the man said..

“I blacked out, and when I came to, the gun had made me shoot it seven times.”

In this woman’s words in her statement to the court.

I was coming up to the car to give directions to a bakery that has the best banana bread and cupcakes in town. Suddenly a white manufactured gun appeared in my dress that I had never seen before and made me start shooting.

I am now being held accountable for what my gun did, and that is racist. That was no my gun.

This is a chilling account of white racist gun violence.

How many of these testimonies are we going to continue to ignore?

White Guns Killing Black Children

Racist guns do not discriminate. They go right into black areas and shoot not only black adults but also shoot black children.

What is the Problem Racist Guns Have with Black Funerals?

Guns are so horrible and racist that they don’t even seem to respect black funerals. Black funerals have the most shootings versus any other racial group. When blacks go to funerals, they go there to pay their respects. They do not go there to be shot by white manufactured guns. Can’t these racist guns allow blacks to mourn without beginning a new round of violence?

It is a complete disrespect of black lives by white designed and manufactured guns, and it should not be tolerated.

How much more are blacks going to have to take from the racist guns of whites? 

Gun Racism Based Upon A Legacy of Slavery?

All of this is very obviously related to the legacy of slavery. The reason is that slave owners used to arm their slaves with guns constantly.

This is just another example of racist whites continually putting guns into the hands of innocent blacks.

Without addressing this legacy of slavery and the roots of gun violence in black communities caused by whites, their white guns, and their racist guns, we will never find a solution.

A Solution Through Education

The polling results conducted by Brightwork Research & Analysis demonstrated that around 92% of black respondents did not know white manufacturing firms produced their guns. 45% of blacks could not name the make of their gun. Clearly, we have a lot of work to do. However, through education, we can get blacks to understand that racist guns are the root of the problem. If they are around guns made by white companies, they need to get away from those guns before they cause the problems found in the videos above.

Secondly, many gun deaths can be avoided by educating blacks on the following critical points.

Hazard #1: Understanding What Guns Desire

Guns want you to shoot them as much as possible. Blacks may think a gun will shoot as many times as they pull the gun’s trigger (that is, the gun will behave as it does with whites or other groups), but the gun often has software that has other ideas.

Hazard #2: A Gun is Designed to Trick You

Guns will put themselves into positions around a black person’s body that make it more likely you will look like you are shooting them in a way they would not dare with a white or Asian person.

Hazard #3: Guns Can Loading Themselves

Guns can load themselves and also deactivate the safety. A black person may think they have an unloaded gun with a safety on, only to find out at the last moment that the gun is in just the opposite condition.

These are little tricks that white gun manufacturers put into the guns.

Hazard #4: Self Targeting Guns

Many guns today contain software that blacks are unaware of, making gun self-targeting. This needs to be regulated by the government because there is absolutely no reason to allow targeting software that deliberately searches out dark-skinned targets to be loaded into guns.

Hazard #5: Body Magnets Deep Inside the Gun

Modern guns have black body magnets in them. This means the gun will affix itself to black bodies (and only black bodies, the magnet works based on skin color and are coded at the manufacturer for black skin) without the person’s knowledge. Gun manufacturers hide this from authorities by hiding these high tech body magnets deep inside the gun.

This is exactly what happened in the case of the woman giving bakery directions in the video above. She literally had no idea she was armed until it was too late. At the opportune moment, the gun became activated and began targeting only the black bodies within the gun’s range.

The Combined Effect of Multiple Hazards

These issues combined mean that blacks may leave houses with a gun on their person, which loaded itself, that can then position itself on the victim’s body and can target other blacks and fire bullets at will.

Gun manufacturers like Glock, Sig Sauer, and Smith and Wesson have spent many millions perfecting these technologies because these companies are just that racist.


It’s time for us to realize that not only people but guns can be racist too. It’s also long past time to ban guns made by white manufacturing companies. Third, it’s time to have a zero-tolerance policy for racist guns. Finally, all other groups should give up their gun rights because of the problems that guns cause in black areas.