Black Lives Matter as a Scam Organization

Last Updated on August 23, 2021 by Shaun Snapp

Executive Summary

  • Black Lives Matter’s background and what they stand for are not sufficiently researched by those that support the movement.
  • We cover the scam nature of BLM.


As I write this, Black Lives Matter is more popular than either political party in the US. However, while BLM has received an outpouring of support after the George Floyd murder, what BLM stands for is not well understood by most of those that support the organization or by corporations that write checks to BLM. BLM is a group that is is dedicated to agitation and presenting selective incidents (while ignoring others) to present a false story about police violence and to use known false information to gain power, raise money, and undermine not only the US but European based societies with false claims of institutional racism. This article will get into the details of who runs BLM and what their orientations and goals are.

Our References for This Article

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Understanding the Background of Black Lives Matter

The video explains the extreme feminist anti-male background of the BLM founders. This video describes why BLM does not seem to care about black lives unless it can be placed within the context of black oppression. And that they actively look for police killings of black men to fundraise and raise their profile. It also explained Black Lives Matter’s complete lack of interest in the black population’s actual mortality causes and rates.

Corporations Doing Their Research on Black Lives Matter?

The fact that so many corporations have leaped to provide financial support to BLM without looking into BLM’s background says a lot about how little corporations care whether the BLM assertions are true. Corporations should also probably review what BLM calls for.

According to The Spectator, the following are some of the demands/goals of BLM. Let us evaluate each target to determine its feasibility.

BLM’s Demands

Demand #1: Abolish the Police

BLM wants to abolish the police

How is abolishing the police going to work?

Police indeed should be reformed. They have far too much power, and police unions protect officers rather than hold them accountable. However, there is really no place where police are not required.

One way or another, no matter what they are renamed to, there is going to be a policing force.

Abolished police typically end up being replaced by private security. 

Without police, individuals have to either settle their disputes — which means the individuals most effective with violence — or that have the most significant amount of support (such as gangs), have disputes determined in their favor.

The CHAZ experiment of trying to live without police and “policing themselves” failed. It led to untrained and unqualified individuals carrying around assault rifles and doling out justice as they saw fit. One man who was attacked stated he would sue the city because the police did not intervene, even though he was part of this experiment that denied police entry to the area. Other lawsuits are being filed against the city by businesses because the City of Seattle was derelict in its duty.

This video describes the classless environment that led to an extra-ordinary violent crime level in CHAZ. 

In Seattle, CHOP was a short-term experiment without police, as the police were told to vacate for politically correct purposes. It had the highest per capita level of violent crime in the US in the few weeks it existed. This man’s son was killed — and there were no protests. BLM does not care about black deaths unless they can leverage the death for political purposes. Why is this young boy so much less important than George Floyd? Because his killer was black — and so nothing politically can be gained from promoting injustice. Therefore, BLM stays silent. BLM’s concern for justice is when a black person is killed by a white person or a white police officer. 

Now that CHAZ has been disbanded, the City of Seattle has a lot of graffiti and property damage the taxpayers will have to pay to fix, they have many lawsuits that will take years to work their way through the courts — and we learned what we already knew. Police — like firefighters are an important component of neighborhoods. What would have been interesting is if a major fire had broken out in CHAZ. Would the CHAZ protesters have brought their own fire truck also? How good is their firefighting training?

This is a scene from the movie the Gangs of New York. It shows fights between rival “fire departments.” Having privatized or “self-fire fighting” rather than a single taxpayer-funded fire department does not work out very well. Groups of thugs punching each other, and the leader negotiating with the homeowner for how much they will pay to put out the fire tends to get in the way of actually putting out the fire. 

*BTW, this is the ultimate dream of conservatives. You pay for everything — private schools (AKA “school choice), private police (AKA high-end security for the rich, corrupt police that must shake down the population for bribes as in Latin America). Pay to access to enter public parks, toll roads, private health care, private child care –, but you still pay the same level of taxes. However, those taxes go to subsidies for multinationals. This is what conservatives call “small government.” I cover this in the article What Do Conservatives Mean When They Say Small Government?

The Problem with the Mismatch Between the Behavior in Black Neighborhood Versus the Expectation of Policing

Areas that are well balanced with a good culture can have deficient levels of policing. However, black neighborhoods are the exact opposite of this. Cities with a high proportion of whites or North Asians (but not South Asians) of the US and Europe do not have the same fractious relationship between police and the population. And it has further been shown that black police use the same tactics against black criminals or suspects as white police.

Due to behavioral problems, black areas will require more police and more aggressive policing than white neighborhoods. This is accounting for poverty, often proposed as the source of all violent crime but is demonstrably not.

How Much are More Violent Black Areas?

This is filmed in a black area of Chicago — one of the murder hotspots in the US. BLM is cautious never about discussing black on black violence or anywhere else in the US. 

As we cover in the article What is the Most Predictive Variable for the US Murder Rate?, the highest correlative factor for the murder rate in US cities is the proportion of that city that is black.

Read the article. We tested for both income level and gun ownership, and they were almost immeasurable factors.

The actual predictive factor was the percentage of blacks in the population.

Demand #2: Dismantle Capitalism

BLM wants to ‘dismantle capitalism’

It is difficult to argue that capitalism is not out of control. Corporations are not run for the benefit of “shareholders,” companies like Starbucks and Apple pay close to no tax, workers’ rights are continually being eroded, and Private Equity has run amock. The US also does not enforce its own antitrust laws that are on the books. One industry after another has been monopolized.

The list goes on and on.

However, what does “dismantling capitalism” mean?

Does that mean shared control over the means of production? It isn’t easy to see how any of the BLM founders have the background to recommend an alternative economic system. It seems that BLM has lofty goals, but they do not know what is to replace what they seek to dismantle.

Demand #3: Climate Change is Racist

BLM says climate change is ‘racist’

Less of a demand than a statement, but it translates to allowing non-whites to immigrate to white countries to escape environmental damage to their countries.

Indeed, blacks in Africa and other non-white people generally face more negative consequences from carbon emissions. And white societies indeed create a disproportionate quantity of emissions. However, this is not due to racism but because white and Asian societies are more developed than African or Latin American, or Arab societies.  When people in developed countries burn fossil fuels, they don’t do it because they are racist. The US is now only roughly 60% white, which means that is a large percentage of the population is burning fossil fuels. Are they racist also?

Indonesian farmers burn forests, which also contributes to carbon in the atmosphere. Are they doing this because they are racist against whites — or is it to obtain farmland? 

Reducing emissions and living more lightly on the land is critical to the continuation of the human species.

But again, how are any of the BLM founders in a position of experience to propose what the adjustments to the management of the ecology should be?

Demand #4: Abolish All Prisons

BLM wants to abolish prisons

It should not be much of a leap to say that this is not going to work out. All countries have prisons. The US has far too many people in prison, as the following graphic shows.

The US’s incarceration rate is off the charts. 

I feel like a broken record, but what is the BLM founders’ experience in incarceration and prison reform? There are far more knowledgeable groups — like Prison Policy, that have the domain expertise and years of research into BLM’s topic.

Why are we listening to a group that has no background studying or researching the topic?

Demand #5: Abolish all Borders

BLM wants to get rid of borders

This will mean non-whites are essentially taking over white countries with immigration. No borders are precisely what most Latin Americans want to escape their countries that are run by Latin American culture and move to a white-run country. This, of course, would ruin those white countries for whites and for non-whites that already live in the US. The world has a massive overpopulation problem, and a high percentage of people want to leave their present countries. The US cannot absorb all of these people.

Also — how are borders enforced with “extreme violence” as stated by BLM?

If the immigration is primarily non-whites to white areas — and white areas are racist, why do so many non-whites want to immigrate to those areas?

Demand #6: Unemployment is Violence

BLM says unemployment is ‘violence’

This is part of a long term pattern to classify anything you do not like as violence.

It also changes the meaning of the term. To transgender people, being “misgendered” is violence. They also state that.

Demand #7: White Silence is Violence

“White silence is violence”

“Violence” is the new toy word of many victims status-seeking. Violence is a physical action, but many can constantly desire to move new things into the violence category. According to transgender, misgendering someone is also violence. It is hard to take this one seriously.

Demand #8: White Suffragettes Were Racist

“BLM condemned the suffragettes”

Suffragettes were white supremacists, according to BLM.

The argument is centered around the fact that black women were excluded from the US and the UK’s suffrage movement. However, the societies of the UK and the US were more segregated at that time. And black women received the right to vote through the efforts of white women and legally at the same time as white women — although there were still voting restrictions on black in general. BLM seems to leave that out of the equation.

This is a pattern by BLM to try to categorize as many things as possible as racist.

BLM has a highly expanded definition of racism. Any area where blacks are not equivalent is categorized as racism. For example, scientific discovery must also be racist as whites have the most scientific accomplishments, while blacks and Hispanics and Arabs, would have to have the least.

This seems like a joke, but in fact, this exact thing is proposed.


BLM is a professional grievance organization with mentally unbalanced and radical leaders that is substantially most accurately described as an anti-white and anti-male organization. They use blacks’ police shootings by white police (unconcerned if the killings are justifiable or not) as a PR stunt to raise money.

The Washington Post aired this segment, which has interviews with young black protesters. The protesters are going off the George Floyd incident — and are so young they have no ability to think critically or perform research. Their logic was that if black people are shot, then it means that there is systematic discrimination. They point to Trevon Martin, who was killed in 2012 in an alternation — but not by a police officer. Black Lives Matter encourages entirely non-statistical thinking in its followers.

Black Lives Matter is lead by adults, but they distribute false information to the young, who have no way of validating what is true.

The Capabilities of Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter does not know how to implement the goals that they layout as part of their platform. And their goals would lead the US to become a lawless third world nation that would worsen the conditions of blacks and every other person in the country.

They are also not experts in anything but gaining media attention for themselves. In the example fo prison reform, they would be perhaps the last organization anyone should listen to on what to do with prisons as their simplistic answer is to “abolish prisons.”

The group’s anti-male agenda and hostility to two-parent heterosexual parents would further exacerbate the problems with families and even increase how men are undermined in society.

  1. They are against nuclear families and see men as extraneous to families.
  2. They seek to make single mothers lead households as the new normal.
  3. They do this even though the research is conclusive that this leads to adverse outcomes for children.

One of feminism’s primary accomplishments has been to undermine men, deny male contribution, and normalize single-parent households by creating structures where women can obtain compensation for their children from men or the state while minimizing men’s input.

Feminists and lesbians (lesbians tend not to like men) would like Father’s Day to be “Single Mother’s Day.” Feminists like to pretend that women make great fathers and enjoy promoting single parenthood. Single mothers are “so brave,” according to the current zeitgeist. This, of course, protects the child from “toxic masculinity.” 

How Blacks Have Led the Charge in Undermining Traditional Families

Of all the US racial groups, the black culture has gone the furthest in undermining men. Blacks have the highest percentage of single-parent lead households in the country.

And we can see the outcomes.

Naturally, this leads to fewer black men wanting to participate in families.

  1. This leads to more overall problematic outcomes generally, but to more violent young men specifically.
  2. This leads to more harsh techniques deployed by police against more violently predisposed black men.

Black Lives Matter would lead to even more of the problems they ostensibly at least protest against.

What feminists do not want to hear is that male participation in child-rearing is critical to good outcomes for children. No, this is considered to “undervalue” the contributions of women. The influence of feminism on children has been devastating, and black culture in the US leads all other cultures in diminishing the role of fathers. Black areas also have the worst parenting outcomes but don’t expect feminists to back off their assumptions. 

The question is, why does none of this information get published in mainstream media outlets. Why does Black Lives Matter receive such uncritical coverage when they are so flawed as an organization and have such a shallow knowledge base and such disreputable motivations?

After the George Floyd incident, multinational corporations have been donating and showing their allegiance to Black Lives Matter, choosing virtue signaling over concern for what is true. Whites that have aligned themselves with Black Lives Matter have given their support to an organization that they do not understand and hates them for being white.

The best way to describe this is mass idiocy.