Conservatives Don’t Get Race is More Important Than The Economic System

Executive Summary

  • Conservatives like to propose that the only difference between countries is the economic system used.
  • This article shows that race, rather than the economic system, is the most crucial variable.


Conservatives and economists place an enormous amount of emphasis on the economic system selected. To both economists and conservatives, the only thing that explains the difference in the economic success between countries is the economic system, when a country does poorly economically, both of these groups blame socialism.

This article covers and supports the view by American Renaissance that race is a more important factor.

The Argument for Race as the Primary Determining Factor

The following video explains this argument.

This is one of the most insightful and bravest hypotheses that I can recall viewing or reading. The view is also incredibly rarely pointed out. However, it is supported by the data points of outcomes around the world and within white countries. 

We were told that white cities could become black, and they would have the same outcomes. 

The American Renaissance Hypothesis

If the American Renaissance hypothesis is true, it means that we are trying to control the wrong thing. That is, we see the economic system as superior to the race and the culture of the people that make up that society. We are constantly told by conservative commentators that Democrat-run cities have terrible outcomes. And many of them do. However, Democrat-run cities also happen to often by non-white. Therefore, is it the political party administering the city, or is it the race of the city?

Blacks have blamed schools for failing them. However, when Detroit was predominantly a white city, it did not have the problems. Documentaries on cities like Detroit seem obsessed with not pointing out what blacks have done to cities. The only thing that is pointed out in this video is white flight deprived the city of resources. 

However, was it just resources, or also white culture and ways of being? Secondly, the video points out that factories left Detroit for the suburbs, but why did they leave? Why would companies move if they were satisfied with the environment where they were? Again, this is not addressed in these videos.

The best time for blacks in Detroit was from the 1930s to the 1950s, when the city was between 7% and 16% black, respectively. This was the time when many blacks in Detroit were entering the middle class. However, Between 1950 and 1970, the black population went from 16% to 43%. A major reason for this was whites moving out.

When blacks began to arrive in Detroit in 1920 in large numbers, they were lifted up by manufacturing jobs in Detroit, but they worked in factories entirely built by whites and built cars designed by and engineered by whites. As the black population swelled in Detroit, with constant new arrivals from the South, Detroit began to take on black culture.

See this quotation.

From the 1940s to the 1970s a second wave of black people moved to Detroit in search of employment and with the desire to escape the Jim Crow laws enforcing segregation in the south.[160] However, they soon found themselves once again excluded from many opportunities in Detroit—through violence and policy perpetuating economic discrimination (e.g., redlining).[161] White residents attacked black homes: breaking windows, starting fires, and detonating bombs.[162][161] An especially grueling result of this increasing competition between black and white people was the Riot of 1943 that had violent ramifications.[163] This era of intolerance made it almost impossible for African Americans to be successful without access to proper housing or the economic stability to maintain their homes and the conditions of many neighborhoods began to decline. In 1948, the landmark Supreme Court case of Shelley v Kraemer outlawed restrictive covenants and while racism in housing did not disappear, it allowed affluent black families to begin moving to traditionally white neighborhoods. Many white families with the financial ability moved to the suburbs of Detroit taking their jobs and tax dollars with them. By 1950, much of the city’s white population had moved to the suburbs. – Wikipedia

Here is the question. Why couldn’t blacks sustain themselves in Detroit without whites? Notice the article states that blacks could not sustain themselves — by why not? They had a large black population. Why not have an economy that is based upon blacks selling and providing services to other blacks?

It is stated in the quotation that the Shelley vs. Kraemer case allowed blacks to move into white areas — but this led to a complete departure by whites from those neighborhoods — which led to Detroit to decline.

Normally, the standard view would be that those whites that moved were wrong to do so. We cover this in the article. Was it Wrong for Whites to Engage in Redlining?

However, the turn of events makes it appear as if blacks are living off of the society that whites created., and which it is impossible for blacks to recreate without them.

Secondly, if it is true that racism is what holds blacks back, then why do blacks seek so strongly to move next to whites? In each case, the only option that blacks appear to have to improve their lives — is to be allowed to access things that whites built up. However, the problem is that the reputation of blacks is that they tear down things that whites built. They massively lower trust in the neighborhoods they move to.

The reaction to blacks moving to Detroit did not become a major issue until the blacks reached a certain threshold. This indicates that blacks were changing the environment in Detroit in a way that suited blacks, but did not suit whites.

Every year, the white population declines in South Africa, and the black population increases. Take a guess what this means for South Africa as a country?

One of the major victims of the black takeover of South Africa has been the power utility Eskom. After decades under ANC rule, Eskom is now filled with corruption and in great decline as a utility. We cover the corruption in Eskom in the article How Deloitte, McKinsey, the Guptas, and SAP Ripped Off Eskom.

The Limits of White Societies to Function With High Percentages of Non-Whites

We are learning that white societies can function with a small percentage of non-whites, but they begin at higher levels of non-white populations. However, non-whites never reach a point where they stop. The intent is always to bring more non-whites to that area, and this eventually degrades the area. In 2010, Detroit (not the suburbs) was 10% white. By this time, the city had essentially collapsed, and for some time, blacks had been migrating from Detroit. Detroit is now in a type of federal receivership.

Does anyone really think that Detroit would have fallen as it did if blacks had not migrated to the city?

Best and Worst Run US Cities

The following are the top-rated cities, according to WalletHub.

That these cities all have in common is they are predominantly white. Now let us look at the worst-run cities. 

What do we see again? Yes, these cities are predominantly black (with the exception of Stockton, CA — which is predominantly Mexican.

Both of these contrasting lists of cities all function within the US system — that means they all follow an approach of capitalism with some social services. The same system is being used (with some state differences in the policy), but vastly different outcomes.


Conservatives and economists are so politically correct — they cannot admit the differences in economic outcomes that correlate strongly with race. Therefore, they are forced to look for other factors to blame, when the actual factors are staring them right in their face. Republicans love this because they can blame degraded cities on “Democrats” rather than pointing to race.

This is also why the idea is that a white population can be switched out for a non-white population, and the outcomes will be the same is very obviously false. However, it can’t be said.

This has been part of a long term pattern of attempting to divorce the historical success of white countries from whites. This connects to the concept I cover in the article How Non Whites Are Attempting to Undermine All White Achievements.

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