Due to Black Takeover of Atlanta it is Turning into South Africa

Executive Summary

  • Blacks are in the process of turning Atlanta into a predominantly black city, which as with other cities will ruin the city.


Atlanta has been one of the few cities in the US that had a large black population but which was able to keep from dropping into the abyss. However, as the black population has continued to grow, Atlanta is now entering a new phase.

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What Happened to Buckhead?

The following quote describes the problems in Buckhead, which is an upper end area in Atlanta.

Last year, the rising crime pushed residents in Atlanta’s wealthiest suburb to announce they planned to secede from the city last year, and even introduced a bill in Georgia’s legislature to de-annex the suburb.

The leader of the movement, Bill White, the CEO of Buckhead City Committee (BCC), said they wanted to create their own police department as crime skyrocketed throughout the area – where the average house price is $1.4 million.

‘We are living in a war zone in Buckhead,’ White told Bloomberg Businessweek. ‘Shootings and killings, it just never ends.’

White, who officially filed to secede from the city in June, had slammed Atlanta city leadership, including Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, accusing her of ignoring the soaring crime and presiding over a demoralized and underfunded police department.

If the bill passed, White said he expects the new city of Buckhead to be up and running by June 2023, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

But earlier this month, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports, their efforts to secede from the city were quashed when both Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan and House Speaker David Ralson announced their opposition.

The break would have harmed the city of Atlanta financially, as Buckhead would take around 90,000 citizens with it, which is approximately one-fifth of the population, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. – American Renaissance

I lived in Buckhead in the 1990s, and I don’t recall any violence. We did have a problem with blacks coming over to the Lennox Mall, which created a very hostile atmosphere and ruined the mall. They addressed that by closing a MARTA train station.

The Closure of Bars and Nightclubs

Sometime in the 2000s, black violence in Buckhead’s nationally known bar and nightclub area causes them to complete all the bars and nightclubs and convert them into a luxury shopping area. However, the nicer parts of Atlanta have been constantly at battle with the encroaching black presence, which brings the same things it alwasy does. Blacks call this racism, but without keeping blacks out of parts of Atlanta, the results are predictable. Once blacks take over an area, the area becomes hostile to non-blacks. This can be viewed as a type of informal redlining. Once areas become black, whites and all other groups don’t want to live there. An even blacks begin moving out, which is now happening in Detroit and Chicago.

A question might be why blacks won’t simply stay in black areas and why they always have to infiltrate and eventually take over white areas. There are no nice black areas in the US. This brings up the topic of why blacks can’t create anything nice on their own.

White Parts of Atlanta Trying to Break Off From Atlanta

The black city of Atlanta wants to keep Buckhead becaise that is a lot of tax revenue. What appears to be happening is Atlanta is moving into its death throws. This is when a black population has overrun a white city.

The Massive Increase in the Black Murder Rate

Observe the following statistics.

In 2019, before the “defund the police” movement, 7,777 black people were murdered, making up 53.5% of all homicide victims. That was already bad, but in 2020, both of those numbers rose; 9,941 black people were murdered the year George Floyd died, accounting for 55.8% of all murders. That is an additional 2,000 black lives lost to violent crime last year. In contrast, only 60 unarmed men were killed by police in 2020, and only 18 of those were black. – Washington Examiner

How Blacks Present All Black Shootings by Police

Black people and BLM normally present all murders of blacks by police as unlawful killings. BLM makes sure to leave out the story or even make up stories regarding the deaths of blacks at the hands of police.

Long after “Hand Up, Don’t Shoot,” was discredited (in that it never happened and Michael Brown rushed the police officer) BLM continued to repeat the lie. This demonstrates that BLM and many blacks do not care what the facts of each case are. They determine that police of guilty without evaluating the facts. 

Of roughly 325 blacks killed per year by police, only around 18 are unarmed. Why are these other 300 or so blacks armed? BLM never addresses that issue. BLM has a point that even when police are at fault, for any race, it is rare for police to be prosecuted. However, our view is that all lives lost must be counted the same way. A black person killed by a police officer through either an error or malicious intent is not somehow 25x worse than a black person murdered by another black person. However, when the topic is black-on-black violence (which BLM wholly ignored), suddenly, the conversation seems to pivot to there being too many guns in society.

Who Has a Problem With Guns, the Overall Country or Blacks?

The most significant problem managing their guns is blacks. As gun ownership is far higher among whites than blacks, and violent crime is far higher among blacks than whites — it impossible to say that the issue is simply the guns.

The Double Standard Applied by Blacks When It Comes to Violent Acts

Observe that when police often kill violent criminals, the police are to blame. However, when blacks kill other blacks, suddenly the perpetrator is forgiven, and the gun or inanimate object is blamed. This shows a constant problem with blacks in that they demonstrate low levels of objectivity. This should be a serious concern among non-blacks, as it means when dealing with blacks, one can expect lower levels of objectivity than when dealing with other racial groups. It is not just a few blacks that show this tendency. It is many or the majority of blacks that seem to provide their views as well as all-black organizations like BLM, NAACP, etc…


Atlanta has always had to control its black population to keep Atlanta from becoming a Baltimore, St Louis, or Detroit. However, it is now losing the battle. For those whites living in Atlanta, it is time to consider moving. As soon as blacks take over a city, they make the city intolerable for anyone but blacks. And in fact, it becomes intolerable for blacks as well, who then seek to move to white cities.