Even With Higher Average IQs, North Asians Produce Far Less IP Than Whites

Executive Summary

  • North Asians do very well in US universities, but this does not allow them to produce original work.
  • North Asians in the US and elsewhere constantly copy white IP.


North Asians are the top-performing race in the US academically. However, for all of that academic success, Asians create low intellectual property levels, which reinforces the low IP creation in their home countries.

North Asian IQs Do Not Correlate With Intellectual Property Creation

The highest scoring race in IQ tests in the world is North Asians. However, They are not even close to whites regarding original thinking or intellectual property development.

Using the Nobel Prize as a Proxy for IP Development

Asia has an enormous population at 4.46 B, or roughly 60% of the world population. However, North Asia which includes North Korea, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and China, contains the following populations. The populations of these regions are the following according to World O Meter.

  • China 1,448,908
  • Japan 125,818,570
  • South Korea 51,344,788
  • North Korea 25,973,860
  • Taiwan 24,890,788
  • Hong Kong 7,602,835

That is 2.37 billion people; however, while more than 1/4th of the world population, this region is only responsible for 49 or 3.7% of all Nobel Prizes.

Southeast Asia barely exists in the Nobel arena at .5% of all Nobel Prizes. Southeast Asia has a shocking total of only two non-peace Nobel Prize winners (and 5 Peace Nobel Prize Winners). Every winner of the Nobel Prize for Indian extraction won when India was under British control (2) or when the Indians immigrated to another country (5).

Nobel Prizes in White Societies

And the picture changes if peace prizes are removed from the calculation. If the peace prizes are removed, these regions rise to 91%.

  • United States = 332,488,264
  • Canada = 37,996,663
  • Western Europe = 196,623,518
  • Eastern Europe = 292,684,408

This is around 960 million people. This is out of 7.9 billion.

This means that 12% of the world population is responsible for 89% of the Nobel Prize awards. However, North Asia has 2.37 B/960 M = 2.46 times the population. However, they only have 3.7%/91% = 4% of the Nobel Prize production. This is an extraordinary gap in intellectual property production. North Asians are roughly 1.5% as innovative as white societies.

To see all of the Nobel Prize winners in an easy-to-review and filter format, see our site whowonnobelprize.com.


What is also curious is that this enormous gap in intellectual property development is entirely undiscussed. Asians discuss how well they do at school, but they don’t discuss the lack of their intellectual property development. School is not supposed to result in grades, or in school performance, but as an outcome after school. And North Asians have converted the US university system into one where they get above average grades, but they are not able to contribute intellectual property at a rate anywhere near their school performance.

As North Asians take up an increasing percentage of slots in US universities, each North Asian will produce far less intellectual property than white students who the North Asians are replacing. However, it is considered politically incorrect to state that the US is overinvesting resources into North Asian students. Therefore, it is unlikely anything will be done about this.