How Blacks Constantly Blame Their Cultural Dysfunctional Outcomes on Whites

Executive Summary

  • Blacks in the US have a long history of blaming the outcomes of their behavior on the broader white society.


One of the rhetorical techniques used by blacks is to deflect any analysis of the dysfunctional black culture onto whites. This way, blacks, or the majority of blacks (because, as you will see, not all blacks do this), are able to remove responsibility for their own behavior.

The Male Gaze or the Black Male Gaze?

In the video below, a black woman tries to generalize the black male gaze, which is how blacks present women in black media with all males.


This is black culture, and the media is directed towards blacks, but a comment on the video commingles black culture with Western culture.

I also think Western culture entirely ties showing skin/nudity with sex. They generally can’t look at a body and not sexualize it. I mean look at how people treat breastfeeding women.

To which another commenter stated.

That’s a bit to generalized. I’m European, and here it’s really based on the context of the situation. It’s really common to be nude in SPA areas especially saunas or public showers and changing rooms in indoor swimming pools etc. I’ve never felt uncomfortable or sexualized in a situation like that and I honestly felt the same as if I’d been wearing a bikini. No one really looks at the others in close detail. Topless sunbathing is also more common here.

The video narrator, Grace Days, seems very muted on black women being walked on leashes by black men. Is this part of Western culture or part of black culture?  Black culture is the only culture I have ever seen walk women on leaches in their videos. Blacks will excuse this…as long as it is black. As long as a white person does not comment on it. Non-black videos are nothing like this. Black culture is the most disrespectful culture in the US against women. What other culture repeatedly refers to their women as bitches, hoes, side pieces, etc..

There is no other culture with lyrics like

“He wants my pussy, I got his dick, etc.”

Look at Megan Thee Stallion. What is that “female” culture to sing

“I am gonna fuck your man….ha ha ha”

And then a tongue pops out, making a gagging sound? Do whites or Asians or anyone else sing about those things? Of course not; this is black culture. No other racial group/culture puts things like this in their songs. However, when there is a critique, it is against “Western culture,” not “black culture.”

Western Culture Versus Black Culture

What this second commenter wrote is not something many blacks want to hear. They prefer to commingle “Western Culture” with “Black Culture.”

However, is twerking part of Western culture or black culture? Twerking originated in Africa but is now very popular in the US. This is BLM’s twerking tribute to Martin Luther King.

Is this part of Western culture because no white person does this? So, no, again, this is black culture. (it is often more playful in Africa, as seen in the following video.

Observe that this type of dance has been made more sexualized in the African American version. There is nothing playful about African American twerking. It is a 100% sexual dance. 

BLM Blames White Society for Black Oversexualization

Here is a ridiculous quote from BLM on this twerking stunt, which the narrator of this video also lampoons.

Twerk on Washington is a declaration of freedom and healing. Advocating for decolonization of oversexualized Black women’s bodies to reclaim an ancient sacred dances of liberation and wellness. The shame of traditional African practices is not ours. Trauma is kept in the body, shake it off. – BLM

This quote is entirely illogical (as are nearly all comments from BLM) –, and as the commenter in the video points out, over-sexualization of black women’s bodies is predominantly performed by black women and black men. Black women are not often considered sex symbols by whites in the US (exceptions like Tyra Banks or Beyonce), but generally not. For example, you will rarely see a white man dating a black woman in the US.

So here we have blacks blaming white society for something that is predominantly on the doorstep of blacks. Let us be specific: The US is increasingly becoming less white. Not everything in the US can be said to be Western Culture.


Blacks, or many blacks, are on a continual mission to externalize the dysfunction of their own culture to other groups, predominantly white.

This illustrates a primary aspect of black culture: it is unconcerned with accuracy but very focused on race scamming. The intent is to make white societies feel ceasely guilty and externalize the responsibility for their behavior to other groups.