How BLM Categorizes Critiques from Black Families About Non Payment as Oppression from the Establishment

Executive Summary

  • BLM has a pattern of categorizing all criticism as the establishment seeking to undermine them.
  • How accurate is this claim?


BLM increasingly receives criticism from many different sources. These sources range from state authorities to black families that state BLM raises money using deaths in their families and then keeps the money for themselves. None of the stories about BLM distributions match with those that are supposedly the recipients. In order to deflect these criticisms, BLM categorizes them as because of the establishment.

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Family Members of the Deceased Calling Out BLM

Although her dispute involved the Los Angeles branch of Black Lives Matter, she named Patrisse Cullors and other activists at the national tier in the public letter that she wrote with Samaria Rice in March 2021. “We never hired them to be the representatives in the fight for justice for our dead loved ones murdered by the police,” the mothers wrote. “The ‘activists’ have events in our cities and have not given us anything substantial for using our loved ones’ images and names on their flyers.”

The day after Simpson and Rice released their letter, Abdullah posted an Instagram video saying that the cause of Black Lives Matter was under threat. “We are all part of a movement that is having an effect, that is in the midst of toppling the evil that is white supremacy,” she said. “And we are winning. And so when they come for us, when they try to criminalize us, when they try to threaten our safety, and when they try to discredit us, that’s because we’re winning.” She didn’t name Rice or Simpson, but some interpreted it as a direct response, and Simpson took offense. No one could oppose the racial-justice movement, Abdullah said at another point, “unless they work for the state or are driven by ego.” Three weeks later, Simpson went to a Black Lives Matter event in downtown Los Angeles, where she shouted profanities and homophobic slurs. “Black Lives Matter is crooks!” she yelled. – NY Magazine

BLM is not only toppling white supremacy, they are also keeping the money they promised to give to families and have a system of insider-controlled consulting firms that bill BLM hundreds of thousands of dollars in single transactions.

BLM could have addressed the criticisms of the black families, however, it would have been impossible for BLM to do so, as BLM cheated them. This is how BLM is now well documented to behave. Hence, rather than make the situation right, they chose to claim victim status.

Pending Name Change to Green Papers Matter?

Observing BLM’s obsession with hoarding donations and transferring them to BLM insiders, we have mused that BLM might want to change its name to Green Papers Matter.


Patrice Cullors has stated that all criticism of BLM, including the requirements by states that BLM complies with reporting requirements that apply to all charities, is a racist plot. And that some of these racists are blacks, who are “lying on” her and BLM for no reason, even though these complaints seem to come from 360 degrees with virtually everyone BLM deals with — many of them being black.

Cullors has further stated that only conservative media have been covering the corruption at BLM and therefore it is all false.

Finally, BLM states that criticisms from families for which they raised money in their name and who never saw anything from BLM are part of the establishment trying to unfairly oppress BLM.