How Islam is a Socialization System for Creating Psychopaths

Last Updated on February 1, 2022 by Shaun Snapp

Executive Summary

  • Islam is a highly controlling religion that socializes its followers to be psychopaths.
  • We cover how Islam works to do this.


  • In analyzing Islam, it became apparent after a while that there is something very wrong with how religion undermines the development of rational thought processes and leads very directly to psychopathy.
  • Naturally, the outcome of Islamic training will have a different effect on different people, as socialization works in concert with its natural biology, but its basic teachings exterminate any potential for independent thought and promote widespread abusive personality disorders and abusive behavior.
  • Islamic education and training are extremely problematic for the development of well-balanced citizens.

In this article, we cover why this is the case.

See our references for this article and related articles at this link.

“We Are Going to Slaughter You”

I found an article about Islamic education and psychopathy, as I noticed psychopathy in multiple aspects of Muslim behavior.

In this video, Muslims in an ISIS camp in Syria expect to be treated well and will say that this or that is “not fair” and non-Muslims while stating that extreme violence against non-Muslims is justified as it is in the Koran.

Normally when this type of extreme hypocrisy exists, it is categorized as psychopathy. However, this type of behavior is normalized in Islam. 

The Excitement of Taking Sex Slaves

At the 8:30 mark of this video, Muslim men are shown talking about the Yazidi slaves that they will take. They talk about how many slaves they will take, and then laugh about it. This is, of course, psychopathic behavior, as these men will sexually abuse these women. It is legal under Islamic Sharia to rape any non-Muslims. The idea that it is legal to rape people who do not share your religion is of course psychopathic — but it is part of Islamic law.  

The rest of the video deals with Yazidis negotiating with Muslim men to release Yazidi women, the men clearly not seeing anything unusual with their behavior, and deriving amusement with the women about the terms by which these Yazidi slaves will be released.

The Long History Of Islam Supporting Rape

All of this is part of a long-established pattern of Islam that supports rape as is covered in the article How Islam Constantly Endorses and Enables Rape and Rapists.

Furthermore, a major motivator for the spread of Islam has been promoting the rape of non-Muslims as is explained in the article Mohammed Stated That His Followers Can Rape POWs In Front of Their Husbands, and the article How Many Sex Slaves Did Islamic Leaders Have?

The Muslim Concept That Uncovered Women Can Be Raped

The entire topic of covering women is in great part because the laws against rape in Islam are so weak, and the uncovered woman is considered sexually available as is explained in the article The True Meaning of Covering Up Women in Islam.

The Analysis Of Islamic Teaching By a Dutch Psychologist

Nicolai Sennels is a psychologist with extensive experience counseling Muslims.

His quotations on this topic are fascinating.

As a psychologist in a Danish youth prison, I had a unique chance to study the mentality of Muslims. 70 percent of youth offenders in Denmark have a Muslim background. I was able to compare them with non-Muslim clients from the same age group with more or less the same social background. I came to the conclusion that Islam and Muslim culture have certain psychological mechanisms that harm people’s development and increase criminal behavior.

Observation #1: Sennels On How Islam Normalizes Violence

Muslim culture simply does not have the same degree of understanding of human development as in civilized societies, and physical pain and threats are therefore often the preferred tool to raise children. This is why so many Muslim girls grow up to accept violence in their marriages, and why Muslim boys grow up to learn that violence is acceptable. And it is the main reason why nine out of ten children removed from their parents by authorities in Copenhagen are from immigrant families. (emphasis added) The Muslim tradition of using pain and intimidation as part of disciplining children is also widely used in Muslim schools — also in the West. – Israel National News

This means that Muslims in Denmark are imposing enormous costs on Danish society. It also contradicts Muslims’ claims that Islam has nothing to do with the negative aspects of behavior displayed by Muslims.

This brings up the question of how much Islam degrades parenting.

Furthermore, what is notable is that Sennels is not interviewing members of ISIS. He is interviewing common criminals in Denmark.

Observation #2: Sennels On Muslim Brainwashing

Combined with countless repetitions of Quranic verses in Islamic schools and families, all this makes it very difficult for children to defend themselves against being indoctrinated to follow the Quran, even if it is against secular laws, logic, and the most basic understanding of compassion.

And as we know from so many psychological studies, whatever a child is strongly influenced by at that age takes an enormous personal effort to change later in life. It is no wonder that Muslims in general, in spite of Islam’s inhumane nature and obvious inability to equip its followers with humor, compassion and other attractive qualities, are stronger in their faith than any other religious group.

What Sennels is pointing out is that Islam interferes with the development of compassion. Sennels describes Islam as brainwashing which is applied on the part of parents. Parents naturally think they are providing values, but in fact, they are undermining the development of their children.

Observation #3: Sennels On The Muslims Promotion Of A Lack Of Impulse Control

Not only does a traditional Islamic upbringing resemble classical brainwashing methods, but also, the culture it generates cultivates four psychological characteristics that further enable and increase violent behavior. These four mental factors are

Lack of self-confidence
No sense of responsibility for oneself

When it comes to anger, Western societies widely agree that it is a sign of weakness. Uncontrolled explosions of this unpleasant feeling are maybe the fastest way of losing face, especially in Northern countries, and though angry people may be feared, they are never respected. (emphasis added)

Observation #4: Sennels On The Muslim Promotion of Intimidation

In Muslim culture, anger is much more accepted, and being able to intimidate people is seen as strength and source of social status. (emphasis added)

We even see ethnic Muslim groups or countries proudly declare whole days of anger, and use expressions such as “holy anger” — a term that seems contradictory in peaceful cultures.

Aggression and violence are accepted in Islamic culture. In Western culture, people with temper problems or overly dominating are considered “meatheads” or “morons” or “thugs.” However, these same characteristics are esteemed in Muslim societies. All of this is describing a barbaric society. However, the western PC culture does not accept categorizing barbaric cultures as barbaric.

Observation #5: Sennels On The Muslim Problem Dealing with Criticism

In Western societies, the ability to handle criticism constructively if it is justified, and with a shrug if it is misguided, is seen as an expression of self-confidence and authenticity.

As everyone has noticed, this is not the case among Muslims. Here criticism, no matter how true, is seen as an attack on one’s honor, and it is expected that the honor is restored by using whatever means necessary to silence the opponent.

Muslims almost never attempt to counter criticism with logical arguments; instead, they try to silence the criticism by pretending to be offended or by name-calling, or by threatening or even killing the messenger. (emphasis added)

This is easily observable in comment sections on Islam, where Muslims routinely lose their mind, threaten and hurl insults at those that critique Islam. A high percentage of Muslims support violence as punishment for those that critique Islam.

Observation #6: Sennels On The Passive Fatalism of Islam

The third psychological factor concerns responsibility for oneself, and here the psychological phenomenon “locus of control” plays a major role. People raised by Western standards generally have an inner locus of control, meaning that they experience their lives as governed by inner factors, such as one’s own choices, world view, ways of handling emotions and situations, etc. Muslims are raised to experience their lives as being controlled from the outside.

Everything happens “insha’ Allah” — if Allah wills — and the many religious laws, traditions and powerful male authorities leave little room for individual responsibility. (emphasis added)

This is the cause for the embarrassing and world-famous Muslim victim mentality, where everybody else is blamed and to be punished for the Muslims’ own self-created situation.

This is true. This psychopathy should be able to do things, even destructive things — but not be held accountable for those things.

Observation #7: Sennels On How Muslims Are Taught Muslim Superiority

Finally, the fourth psychological factor making Muslims vulnerable to the violent message in the Quran concerns tolerance. While Western societies in general define a good person as being open and tolerant, Muslims are told that they are superior to non-Muslims, (emphasis added) destined to dominate non-Muslims, and that they must distance themselves socially and emotionally from non-Muslims. The many hateful and dehumanizing verses in the Quran and the Hadiths against non-Muslims closely resemble the psychological propaganda that leaders use against their own people in order to prepare them mentally for fighting and killing the enemy. Killing another person is easier if you hate him and do not perceive him as fully human.

The core of Islam’s teachings is psychopathic. All non-Muslims are to be subjugated. This also means that when you talk to a Muslim, they see you as less than them but are hiding this fact. It is not possible to get an honest explanation from Muslims, as they are taught to lie to all non Muslims, which is covered in the article The Islamic Requirement to Perform Taqiyya and Lie to Non Muslims.

Islam goes beyond superiority to claiming that non-Muslims must be humiliated and dirty and satan worshipers. Rape of non-Muslims is part of the domination of the “kafir,” or the concealer. Non-believers are not just non-believers, but they are concealers of the truth and need to be punished for this concealment.

Imagine how we would view other religions that thought it was moral to degrade and rape anyone of a different religion? However, PC culture has us being made to accept Islam and to never critique Islam.

Observation #8: Sennels And The Inevitability of Violent Conflict With Islam And Muslims

The problem with Islam and Muslim culture is that there are so many psychological factors pushing its followers towards a violent attitude against non-Muslims that a general violent clash is — at least from a psychological perspective — inevitable. With such strong pressure and such strong emotions within such a large group of people — all pitched against us — we are facing the perfect storm, and I see no possibilities of turning it around. For people to change, they have to want it, to be allowed to change, and to be able to change — and only a tiny minority of Muslims have such lucky conditions.

Observation #9: Sennels And The Ignorance Of Islam In Western Governments

Far too many people underestimate the power of psychology embedded in religion and culture. As we have already seen, no army of social workers, generous welfare states, sweet-talking politicians, politically correct journalists or democracy-promoting soldiers can stop these enormous forces. Sensible laws on immigration and Islamization in our own countries can limit the amount of suffering, but based on my education and professional experience as a psychologist for Muslims, I estimate that we will not be able to deflect or avoid this many-sided, aggressive movement against our culture.

I do believe that we, as a democratic and educated society can become focused and organized concerning the preservation of our values and constitutions, can win this ongoing conflict started by the often inbred followers of Sharia. The big question is how much of our dignity, our civil rights, and our blood, money and tears will we lose in the process.

Well, this statement is akin to “a storm is coming.” Observe that there is no Muslim country that could defeat a Western country. However, through the immigration of Muslims, western countries are reducing the future prospects of their own citizens by allowing the immigration of what amounts to barbarians into their countries and then coddling them and then reprimanding and limiting the speech of the domestic non-Muslim citizens of the country.

Essentially the western societies have enabled the mass immigration of a culture they did not understand. And Sennels is saying there is now no way around the conflict. Every year more Muslims come to western countries, and every year, due to their high fertility rates, the percentage of Muslims in these countries increases.

Observation #10: Sennels On How Islam Creates Monsters

The cultural and psychological cocktail of anger, low self-esteem, victim mentality, a willingness to be blindly guided by outer authorities, and an aggressive and discriminatory view toward non-Muslims, forced upon Muslims through pain, intimidation and mind-numbing repetitions of the Quran’s almost countless verses promoting hate and violence against non-Muslims, is the reason why Islam creates monsters.

This is pointing the finger directly at the religion. This same topic is well explained in the following video.

As the video explains, a major part of Muslim psychopathy is to lie about being continually victimized.

  • What is curious is immediately apparent is that while Muslims not only do not display sympathy for the innumerable victims of non-Muslims, they create fake victimization stories about themselves.
  • Repeatedly, when a Muslim performs some violent act in European countries, the concern listed by Muslims is not for the violent act, but that the violent act will lead to “Islamophobia.” That is, there is no unjustifiable act against the kafir, only the issue of potential blowback on Muslims as their religion is increasingly viewed accurately by non-Muslims.
  • Muslims have a great capacity for expecting sympathy from outside of the Muslim community, but virtually no ability to provide sympathy. Every time a Muslim atrocity against a group is brought up, Muslims will either deny it or say that the perpetrators had “nothing to do with Islam,” or misinterpreted Islam.


These quotes are from a person with in-depth exposure to Islam and comparing Muslims versus non-Muslim.

The quotes are fascinating because it is a candid analysis without concern for political correctness.

No doubt a liberal would consider the comments bigoted. However, that liberal did not spend time in prison interviewing men from different religions, that liberal does not have a degree in psychology. It is not able to provide the insights of Sennels. All that liberals can do is repeat that this or that analysis is (FILL IN THE BLANK). This requires no thought and no domain expertise. Sennels analysis, while politically incorrect is providing both.