How Many Sex Slaves Did Islamic Leaders Have?

Last Updated on July 27, 2021 by Shaun Snapp

Executive Summary

  • What is hidden from most people is that Islamic leaders routinely had an enormous number of sex slaves.
  • Muslims would like this to be forgotten and to not be associated with Islam.


Muslims frequently lie about Arab involvement in sex slavery. However, how sex slavery is one of the primary reasons that Islam spread so successfully. Mohammed hit on a foolproof way to continually recruit and motivate Islamic soldiers and leaders, and this was to offer a religious justification for slavery and sex slavery.

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How Many Sex Slaves or Concubines?

The number of sex slaves maintained by Muslim leaders is often beyond belief as the following quotation explains.

One Umayyad ruler, Abd al-Rahman III, was known to have possessed more than 6000 concubines.

The Ottoman rulers would keep hundreds, even thousands, of concubines. Female war captives were often turned into concubines for the Ottoman rulers. Ambitious slave families associated with the palace would also frequently offer their daughters up as concubines.

Slave traders would abduct and sell Circassian girls. The Circassian and Georgian women were systematically trafficked to eastern harems. This practice lasted into the 1890s.[99] Fynes Moryson noted that some Muslim men would keep their wives in various cities while others would keep them in a single house and would keep adding as many women as their lusts permitted.

Since the late 1300s Ottoman sultans would only permit heirs born from concubines to inherit their throne. Each concubine was only permitted to have one son. Once a concubine would bear a son she would spend the rest of her life plotting in favour of her son. If her son was to successfully become the next Sultan, she would become an unquestionable ruler. After the 1450s the Sultans stopped marrying altogether. Because of this there was great surprise when Sultan Sulayman fell in love with his concubine and married her. – Wikipedia

This created a great conflict between the wives of these Muslim leaders and their wives, as is explained in the following quotation.

Examples of Wives Punishing the Slave Concubines

Ovington, a voyager who wrote about his journey to Surat, stated that Muslim men had an “extraordinary liberty for women” and kept as many concubines as they could afford. Akbar had a harem of at least 5000 women and Aurangzeb’s harem was even larger. The nobles in India could possess as many concubines as they wanted. Ismail Quli Khan, a Mughal noble, possessed 1200 girls. Another nobleman, Said, had many wives and concubines from whom he fathered 60 sons in just four years. Francisco Pelseart describes that noblemen would visit a different wife each night, who would welcome him along with the slave girls. If he felt attracted to any slave-girl he would call her to him for his enjoyment while the wife would not dare to show her anger. The wife would punish the slave-girl later.

Muslims receive our Golden Pinocchio Award for lying about Mohammed and Islam’s position on sex slavery. 


There is no way around the fact that Mohammed and Islam have been staunchly in favor of sex slavery. Muslims enslaved most people in human history, and slavery allowed Islam to spread through conquest so successfully. Then the most powerful men in the Islamic world often had enormous harems of sex slaves.