How Islamic Sex Slaves Received Their Freedom by Giving their Master A Child

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Executive Summary

  • In Islam, sex slaves could receive their freedom by giving birth to a child from their master and rapist.
  • This provided an incentive to have sex with Muslim invaders.


Muslims frequently lie about Arab involvement in slavery. However, how slavery is one of the primary reasons that Islam spread so successfully. Globally, outside of Southeast Asia, the primary method of conversion to Islam has been through conquest. Mohammed hit on a foolproof way to continually recruit and motivate Islamic soldiers. This was to offer a religious justification for slavery and sex slavery. Mohammed added an extra twist that created an incentive for sex slaves to have sex with their Muslim masters.

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Freedom for Slaves That Bore Their Master a Child

Because bearing her master’s child could lead to freedom for a slave-girl, some female slaves had a motive to have sex with their owners. (emphasis added) This angered the master’s wives who would often punish such slaves.

The female slaves were traded as chattel. Because female slaves were traded among men and many of them had been owned by up to thirty men consecutively, they had a great deal of knowledge about sexual intercourse and were able to tutor elite adolescent males about sexual techniques.

Slave women did not veil and like prostitutes were exempt from a lot of the gender restrictions upon upper-class women. While free women were regulated by higher standards of modesty, most Islamic jurists stated that female slaves were not required to cover their arms, hair or legs below the knees. Some did not require them to cover their chest either.

If they were unattractive the captors would keep them as servants and if they were beautiful the captors were allowed to keep them as their concubines. The captors were also allowed to sell her. Due to this some female captives committed suicide.

The most highly desired slave-concubines in the Muslim world were not African women, but white girls, typically of Circassian or Georgian origin. However, they were very expensive. – Wikipedia

Muslims receive our Golden Pinocchio Award for lying about Mohammed and Islam’s position on sex slavery. 


There is no way around the fact that Mohammed and Islam have been staunchly in favor of sex slavery. He also created a mechanism to promote sex slaves to have sex with their masters.