How Non Whites Are Attempting to Undermine All White Achievements

Executive Summary

  • It has become common for non-whites to change history so that white/European based accomplishments are minimized.
  • What is curious, is this minimization is precisely what they accuse of whites of doing to them.


What has become apparent is that principly non-whites in the US have decided to create their own history that degrades white or European based origins of the US. These groups have been getting away with this because it is considered politically incorrect to challenge non-whites when they make these diminishing claims. Here is an example of one such claim taken from a commenter on an article.

Have you heard of colonization? Majority of “ethnic” nations cannot function properly because of western white influences stealing natural resources, implementing racist and colorist ideals, and disenfranchising millions of people of color. I’m glad you take solace in revisionist history, however understand that its not fact, western are not the best just the most violent, oppressive, and dominant.

That is a hypothesis, but where is the evidence. The evidence is that the most colonialized countries in Africa all have the best outcomes. Africans from less colonialized countries try to immigrate and do immigrate to more colonialized, such as South Africa. (see the article The Bias on the Real Problems with Africa)

And they migrated to an apartheid country from a black-run country. Africans and the disparosa who do not study history propose that every issue is related to colonialization, and they repeat things they have not researched to others.

Furthermore, the more colonialized an African country was, the less slavery exists today. See this article The Similarities of the Decline of Black US Cities and South Africa.

What Societies Accomplished the Most?

As for who is “the best,” that is a bit complicated, but there is no doubt that European countries and cultures have the accomplished the most and have produced the most intellectual property and created the best societies, societies that others want to move to. Remember that when the Europeans arrived in Africa, Africa had not yet invented the wheel. The only metal came from Arab colonized areas in the North East of Africa. As for white societies being the most violent, oppressive, and dominant, that is also contradicted by the information. African countries today are roughly tied with most of Asia and Russia (a white country) for the lowest press freedoms in the world.

White countries have more press freedom, which correlates with less oppression.

Again, the most colonized countries in Africa have more press freedom than those that were less colonized. The basic concept of human rights, freedom of speech, etc., are white or European concepts. And African countries have a hard time implementing them in Africa. Furthermore, Africans in other countries where free speech exists tend to try to reduce speech they disagree with, hence the need for those of African descent in the US to label anything they disagree with as “racism.” They tend to want people to be not only censored but fired from their jobs. Meanwhile, they claim the right to make any claim, with or without merit, against whites, but no one has the right to make a counterclaim without the term racism being used.

As for violence, whites are more organized and have more technology and therefore have a higher capacity for violence, but that does not make whites more violent. If your technological proficiency is lower, then your capacity for violence is lower.

Things That are The Province of Whites Have a Racism Problem

This video explains that in any area which was created by whites, if the area continues to be white, then the item is called out for being “too white.” There are no claims that basketball is “too black” or Samba dancing is “too Latino” and have race problems. 


Audits are simply a way to obtain a rubber stamp from an entity with credibility. The executives of the audited company control the auditors. When there is a conflict, the auditors do not alert authorities, they exit the account, and leave the account to be transferred to a new auditor, which must then relearn the issues. The auditors have no fiduciary duty to any anyone but the executives that approve their invoices.