How The ACLU Supports BLM After Its Charity Fraud Has Been Unveiled

Executive Summary

  • Black Lives Matter has been exposed as a highly corrupt fake charity.
  • This does not appear to bother the ACLU, which continues to support BLM.


BLM has been increasingly found to be running a charity scam. However, the ACLU continues to support this rogue charity.

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What Is BLM?

BLM is a professional grievance organization with mentally unbalanced and corrupt leaders that are substantially most accurately described as an anti-white and anti-male organization. They use blacks’ police shootings by white police (unconcerned if the killings are justifiable or not) as a PR stunt to raise money.

Black Lives Matter As Yet Another Corrupt Black Run Organization

The following video does a good job laying out some of the broad outlines that we will further get into in more detail in the article.

The best way to describe this is mass corruption.

The ACLU Endorses BLM

Observer this quote from the ACLU.

The BLM movement’s unrelenting work on the issue of police corruption, helped incite the release of four unprecedented U.S. Department of Justice reports that confirm the widespread presence of police corruption in Baltimore, Chicago, Ferguson, and Cleveland. – ACLU


How is BLM going to “fight police corruption” when it is itself more corrupt than any US police department? Is there a police department that does not publish where the taxpayer money goes?

Does the ACLU still think, as it did back in 2018, that individuals should be giving money to BLM?

Also, the BLM appears to be aligned with BLM in more ways that one. For example it was the ACLU that sued to have retail theft less than $950 decriminalized.

The term “smash and grab,” has come into common usage because of the rise of these crimes. Nearly all of these thieves are black. 

Police union leaders are blaming the ACLU for the recent smash-and-grab robberies that have plagued California ahead of the holiday shopping season.

“When society removes accountability for bad behavior, criminals get emboldened to commit more crimes, drug addicts thumb their noses at mandatory treatment and vandalism and petty theft turn into riotous looting and murder,” the president of the Los Angeles Police Protective League, Craig Lally, told Fox News.

“One does not need to be clairvoyant to have predicted that in California the ACLU’s Proposition 47 would turn a family trip to the mall or a Home Depot into a dangerous gamble for our residents.”

Under Proposition 47, passed in 2014, shoplifting charges regarding the theft of $950 or less were lowered from felonies to misdemeanors.

“Californians have an historic opportunity to bring about needed and long-overdue criminal justice reform by voting Yes on Proposition 47,” ACLU NorCal wrote in a post in 2014.

“San Francisco voters were lied to by the ACLU. Voters were told that prosecuting thieves was really a racist attack on people of color whose only real crime was poverty. So Proposition 47, the so-called Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act, lowered felonies to misdemeanors for theft of goods valued at $950 dollars or less,” San Francisco Police Officers Association President Tony Montoya told Fox News Digital. – Fox News

Is the ACLU like BLM in favor of generalized chaos?

Like the ACLU, Jane Fonda, in a picture from Harpers, loves BLM.

But does Jane Fonda love how BLM keeps almost all of the money donated to it?


The issues regarding BLM’s corruption are not being covered in the establishment media and they continue to receive support from the ACLU.

This means that the ACLU does not perform analysis before endorsing organizations. Why the ACLU thinks that donors should still give to BLM, when BLM follows no charity rules and looks to be close to losing its status as a charity is odd.

Furthermore, the ACLU pushed for Proposition 47 to be passed by telling massive lies about what its impact would be. Curiously, all of the individuals who have using smash and grab techniques to steal items from retail establishments appear to be black. This means that the ACLU is increasingly looking like an organization that supports unlimited black rights over all other races in the US — just like their “sister” organization BLM.