How The BLM Chapters Accused The BLM GN of Being Corrupt

Executive Summary

  • BLM is so corrupt that its chapters have disavowed them and asked for donations to go directly to the chapters.


BLM is a highly incompetent organization that cannot follow through on its objectives. It is so corrupt, and it kept most of the money it was given with donations.

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What Is BLM?

BLM is a professional grievance organization with mentally unbalanced and corrupt leaders that are substantially most accurately described as an anti-white and anti-male organization. They use blacks’ police shootings by white police (unconcerned if the killings are justifiable or not) as a PR stunt to raise money.

The Chapters of BLM Are Now Not Associated With BLM

The BLM chapters, which are regional BLM organizations, appear to be in open rebellion against BLM because the BLM does not provide the chapters with any funding. At the BLMChapterStatement website, it states to not donate to the BLM Global Network but to each individual BLM Chapter. This is very odd as it seems that while the chapters share the BLM name, they are no longer connected to the main BLM organization and believe them to be scammers.

See the following screenshot, which tells readers to only donate to the BLM chapters.

Each BLM chapter has its own logo.

This quote describes the fight between BLM GL and the BLM Chapters.

My criticisms did distinguish between BLMGN and those local based BLM chapters who have been genuinely struggling on the ground to meet the challenges of organizing the communities against the system’s abuses, but were not receiving support or resources from BLMGN. BLMGN had been and continues to rake in massive sums of money (tens of million of dollars), which has not gone to BLM chapters nor suffering communities or families. This money remains unaccounted for, except that BLMGN leaders have achieved immense personal celebrity and wealth on account of pretended leadership of and identification with the victims of police terror and the mass resistance against these horrendous abuses. In fact BLMGN’s self-appointed leader Patrisse Cullors has been recently exposed in numerous media outlets for purchasing four luxury homes.

Recently several community-based BLM chapters have taken a stand against BLMGN and its corrupt leadership, recognizing the need to publicly distinguish themselves and the work of those truly committed to serving the masses in the oppressed communities from BLMGN. – Rashid Mod

And this quote.

When BLM IE (Inland Empire) first started, we were originally known as the Black and Brown Underground (BBU). In 2015 we were approached by an individual named Patrisse Cullors, who offered us an opportunity to join the Global Network and organize as a Black Lives Matter chapter. After hearing her proposal, we believed that our work, direction, and principles aligned and agreed to join the network; renaming ourselves Black Lives Matter Inland Empire in the process. We were told that the organization we were joining was decentralized and leaderless, but we quickly discovered that was not the case. The Global Network is a top-down dogmatic organization that promotes certain chapters that choose to align with their direction and sequester the ones that don’t. For us locally, that chapter has been Los Angeles.

For years, the leadership of the Los Angeles chapter has aligned with the Global network and One United Bank to impose on various chapters, particularly ours. We believe that while doing this they received substantial donations and funding, despite them continually soliciting the community for donations. Together, the Los Angeles Chapter along with the Global Network have consistently tried to strong-arm other groups and have worked to undermine a grassroots movement by capitalizing on unpaid labor, suppressing any internal attempt at democracy, commodifying Black death, and profiting from the same pain and suffering inflicted on Black communities that we’re fighting to end. In spite of being ostracised, receiving no financial support, and the maltreatment from both the Global Network and Los Angeles Chapter we’ve maintained our composure while working to the benefit of our community and victims of state sanctioned violence.

Clearly, we do not have the same beliefs or sense of ethics. We no longer feel, as we initially did, that our politics align. As a result, we are announcing that we are no longer associated or connected to the BLM Global Network. As an attempt to distance ourselves, we have decided to rename part of our organization The Black Power Collective while we restructure.

The use of the BLM name, which we believed was intended to unify our struggle, has been commodified and debased. It is now being used to sell products, acquire book deals, T.V. deals, and speaking engagements. We have no interest in these pursuits, and we are opposed to the movement to substitute Black capitalism for white capitalism. It has become clear that the Global network and certain figures have platformed our struggles with the sole purpose of exploiting our labor.

Furthermore, the issue of greatest concern for us is the relationship between the Global Network and the Democratic Party. This is hypocritical at best, as the Democratic Party has historically rejected and ignored BLM’s demands and has made it clear that they are pro-police, pro-prison, and committed to capitalism. From Obama’s support of police and his double-cross of Erica Garner, to “Top Cop” Kamala Harris’ denial of justice for Matrice Richardson, even going back to the 1994 Crime Bill authored by Joe Biden along with the Prisoner Litigation Reform Act that stripped basic human rights from countless Black people—the Democratic Party has literally created the conditions that led to the formation of this movement. Even now, the Demoractic party continues to support imperialism, killing African heads of state, bombing Somalia, abusing immigrants (including those of the Black diaspora), and spreading the U.S. military throughout Black and Brown countries around the world. This is a party that is a threat both here and internationally. To ally with them is to ally against ourselves.

The BLM10 statement calls out the lack of financial transparency and power moves by Patrisse Cullors and others. The actions demonstrated by the Global network have provided proof that the Global Network is essentially a steering committee acting in the best interest of various fractions within the Democratic Party. Additionally, the creation of the Black Lives Matter Political Action Committee is a violation of our collective agreement. This agreement was composed of two rules: 1. We do not work with police, 2. We do not endorse politicians. We had hoped that those rules would protect our struggle from being corrupted by the nonprofit sector or absorbed into the Democratic party. However, it now appears that the same fate that many activist groups before us fell victim to is the same fate that the BLM Global Network are destined to face. They have not only aligned with a political party, they’ve used the finances they acquired from a massive uprising during a global pandemic to create the aforementioned BLM PAC.

We believe that all finances should be clear and transparent to the Black community. We also believe they should be controlled by chapters that adhere to a democratic structure along with community checks and balances. Leaders that appoint themselves can no longer serve or be seen as leaders. We can not accept charismatic figures imposing themselves as dictators, nor can we support personality cults. In the spirit of Audre Lordre and Ella Baker we believe that, ‘’…the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house” and that “…strong people don’t need strong leaders”. To that end, it is imperative that we engage in the struggle with our own tools and work to build a stronger people.

We would also like to address the violent rumor-mongering directed towards a member of our group who was maliciously accused of being a member of law enforcement. These slanderous accusations came from a leader of BLM LA and a figurehead of the Global Network. These accusations were nothing but an attempt to duck accountability for the way members of national leadership have treated victims of police brutality and a violation of their own policies. The bullying and attempts to silence smaller chapters and individuals who speak up must end. – LeftOutMag

These have to be some of the strangest quotes I can recall reading for any charity.


Black Lives Matter is in complete disarray. BLM is no longer associated with its chapters which have to “fend for themselves” when it comes to raising money.

BLM Global Network relies upon the BLM chapters to do the labor-intensive work of organizing protests/riots however it hoards the money for itself and it must know that the BLM chapters have a far lower ability to raise money. BLM is well known for expecting people to work for free for BLM, while the top individuals at BLM hoard many millions of dollars.

All of this is a positive thing in that BLM will have much more difficulty in organizing protests/riots in the future. As the BLM protests/riots caused two billion dollars in property damage, none of this property damage paid for by BLM, this is encouraging.