How The Fake Progressive Media Gaslit The Public On The Dangers of Covid Hospitalization Protocols And Deaths

Executive Summary

  • Progressive media outlets have repeated the false claims by the medical establishment.
  • A second significant role of progressive media has been to critique the public.


In an October 2021 article in the progressive outlet Mother Jones, they presented both false information and the view of the corrupt medical establishment on the effectiveness of the US covid treatment protocol.

Our References for This Article

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False Framing or Claim #1: The Mother Jones Article Begins By Presenting Accurate Claims Of Protesters As Conspiracy Theory

Greg Johnson is standing on the corner of State Street in suburban Salt Lake City, Utah, holding a neatly stenciled sign that says, “COVID-19 Protocols Killed My Uncle.” Behind him looms the Intermountain Medical Center, the largest hospital in the region. Johnson is one of about 30 people who’ve come to protest Saturday because they believe that the hospital is murdering people with the coronavirus by putting them on ventilators, injecting them with the anti-viral Remdesivir, and refusing to give them intravenous vitamin C or the deworming drug Ivermectin. – Mother Jones

Everything Greg Johnson just stated was true. We verified this is precisely what the US covid treatment protocol often does in the article How The US Covid Treatment Protocol Maximized Hospital Admissions and Deaths.

Remdesivir is a hazardous drug that kills a significant percentage of those that are placed on the drug. This is shown clearly in the article How Gilead Brought Off the NIH’s Support of Remdesivir.

Finally, Vitamin C and Ivermectin are more effective against covid than Remdesivir, which can be verified in the article Why Are Some Natural Supplements Treatments Against Covid?

False Framing or Claim #2: ICUs Are Filled Because of Covid?

Only 66 percent of Utah residents over 12 have been vaccinated, which is on par with the rate nationally, but that figure drops closer to 30 percent in many rural counties where cases have been spiking. Hospital ICUs have been running at capacity since the late summer, as the number of patients being treated for COVID has jumped 300 percent since June. Just in the week ending October 15, 75 people in the state succumbed to the virus, and the Utah Department of Health estimates that in the past month, unvaccinated people in the state were 12.6 times more likely to die from COVID than vaccinated residents. – Mother Jones

Mother Jones leaves out that ICUs are often over capacity because private hospitals have cut capacity, and they cut capacity right through the pandemic.

This topic is very well explained in the following video.

This reduction in capacity is never covered by the establishment or progressive media. Private hospitals are never held accountable for profit maximization, and instead, the blame is placed on patients. 

Secondly, hospitals don’t do much for patients that have covid.

Their protocol which the corrupt NIH has given hospitals includes Remdesivir and ventilators, has a high likelihood of killing patients, which the hospital will then count as a covid death. They even withhold anti-inflammatories, designed to maximize hospital admissions, as is covered in the article How The NIH Maximizes Covid Hospitalizations By Not Recommending Anti-Inflammatories.

The statistics on deaths from covid is entirely unreliable as the tests for covid do not work with much accuracy, as is covered in the article Understanding The PCR Test and How There Was Never a Reliable Test for Covid, and the health authorities have been falsifying the differences between the vaccinated and unvaccinated since the beginning of the pandemic. The CDC went so far as to change how “being vaccinated” was counted so that deaths from the vaccine could be tabulated as covid deaths, as is covered in the article How The CDC Rigged the Count of Adverse Reactions From The Covid Vaccines With A 14 Day Lag. The CDC has provided guidance that no matter what a person dies from, if they tested positive for covid, they have the cause of death listed as covid. Each covid death brings more revenue to the hospital from Medicare. This is explained in the article How the Deaths from Covid 19 Was Irresponsibly Exaggerated.

The statement about most deaths being from the unvaccinated cannot be true, as it is clear from the studies submitted to the FDA by Pfizer and Moderna that the covid vaccines do not work, as you can read in the article How Effective Are The Covid 19 Vaccines?, and in the article How The Covid Vaccines Damage The Body.

In addition to online databases, safety issues with vaccines have come in from whistleblowers worldwide. And the FDA has nothing to say about this. As is stated in the video, the objective is to sweep the adverse reactions to the vaccines under the rug. Throughout the pandemic, the FDA has suppressed the information about the safety problems with the covid vaccines, as is covered in the article How The FDA Did Nothing to Verify the Long Term Safety Of The Covid Vaccines.

False Framing or Claim #3: Mother Jones Proved Where The Deaths Are Coming From?

The deaths, however, aren’t changing the minds of the most committed anti-vaccine activists and others involved with local “patriot” groups. After successfully fending off most mask mandates in schools and elsewhere, they’ve turned their focus to the hospitals, where unvaccinated people have been turning up with COVID and discovering that the hospital won’t give them the malaria pills or horse dewormer they think will save them even as they reject proven therapies.

Johnson, an electrical engineer who works in the medical field, says he’s about to lose his job because he refuses to get vaccinated. He has never been to a protest before, but he heard about this one from People’s Rights, the group founded by the far-right activist Ammon Bundy, who’s now running for governor of Idaho. Johnson says that a month ago, he was golfing with his unvaccinated uncle, Dale Grant, a week before Grant was hospitalized with COVID. He says doctors gave his uncle Remdesivir, which Johnson believes destroyed his kidneys. Grant’s son demanded that the hospital give Grant intravenous vitamins, but by then, Johnson says, it was too late. Before he got COVID, Johnson says, his 82-year-old uncle was as “healthy as an ox.” – Mother Jones

Johnson is very likely correct on the topic of his uncle. That is what Remdesivir does. Remdesivir is so bad for patients’ organs that the treatment duration was cut down from 5 days to 10 days. Remdesivir is the approved treatment because Gilead Science paid off the FDA and NIH members to approve the drug. The financial conflicts between those on the approving committee for the FDA are clear and published.

As for the deaths, we dispute the causes of these deaths, and mother Jones thinks they are covid. The reality is that the average age of death for those listed as dying from covid is 81.5, which means the virus is weak, as is covered in the article How The Average Age of Mortality from Covid is 81.5.